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  1. casper54

    New Policy at CM Immigration?

    Go during high season and get back to us.
  2. casper54

    New Policy at CM Immigration?

    Yes, indeed. Let someone else deal with the nonsense over at Immigration. Life is too short.
  3. casper54

    Meeting decent ladies in CM??

    From another CM thread, an interesting place is http://www.chiangmaieroticgarden.com/ . The attached pic is from that site. It appears you can meet some decent ladies there.
  4. casper54

    Interesting hidden places Chiang Mai

    Might not be a bad place to meet decent ladies, as per another thread. From the website above:
  5. I’ve watched a 25 minute version of the video and a few things pop up. My take. Early on, The detective tells another cop that his watch commander has told him if the nurse doesn’t let him get the sample, she will be arrested. He says he has seen this type of thing before, but not taken to this level. The nurse is talking with her supervisor on speakerphone with the cop right there. The nurse shows the cop the policy that lists three exceptions to the prohibition of drawing blood from an unconscious individual, and none of them apply. The supervisor on the phone asks the cop why is he going to arrest the nurse. The cop replies because she is the one telling me no. The supervisor then tells the detective, twice, “you’re making a big mistake.” At that point, he arrests the nurse. He appears to be angry at the nurse’s supervisor who he feels is stonewalling him. After she is in the car, he takes her phone and tells her supervisor that she is in the car and they will be going to the command watch center. This appears to me to be payback to the nurse’s supervisor, with the nurse being a pawn. Another cop talks with the nurse while she is in the car. He explains that the hospital policy is against the law. He says something like “your policy conflicts with my law.” It looks like he was wrong, though, that the law had changed and the policy the nurse showed him was in accordance with the law, and that the detective and his watch commander are totally in the wrong. The police PR people now have a nightmare on their hands. Not only does the cop look bad, but so does the watch commander, and by extension the entire police department. The nurse now has an attorney representing her and the cop is keeping his mouth shut. Though she seems like a person who just want to do her job and is not in it for the money, I, too, hope that she sues the PD and pockets a fortune. Again, just my take.
  6. casper54

    What would you do....

    Not 7000%, 7,000,000%. Do the math.
  7. casper54

    What would you do....

    Please don't beat yourself up for mis-timing the markets. In this day and age 40%/year return is pathetic. I bought $1 of Bitcoin in 2010 at $.008 and now it's worth $62.5 Million at $4000 per Bitcoin. That works out to over 7,000,000% return per year. It's all in the timing, son.
  8. There is no one who dislikes the Orange Buffoon more than I do, but what you posted, craigt, is fake news. If you go to the link it refers you to another link and that link says nothing about Trump lying under oath to Congress. There is nothing on google that mentions Trump lying in sworn testimony to congress. In fact, Trump has never testified in front of Congress. There is enough about the Orange One that is true and bad that we don't need to make stuff up.
  9. Dude, this is a privately owned forum and thus no freedom of speech guaranteed. You're right, though, and they should really make it clear that Thaivisa is heavily censored.
  10. Oh, really? Think again. "This guy's going to get us all killed. There's nobody in charge. This man (Trump) has the nuclear codes," Moore, 63, told Reuters Television in an interview on Thursday. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-people-michael-moore-idUSKCN1AX2VI
  11. What is the topic? Anyway, read this. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-people-michael-moore-idUSKCN1AX2VI
  12. So what are your credentials in science?
  13. Trump wants to destroy the world through his stupidity.