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  1. You have just notified all the Khmoys in Thailand to burglarize the residences of foreigners as they have no guns.
  2. dlgarno

    Americans! The Sausage King has done it....

    I would like to expand a little on the post I submitted on copycat Jimmy Dean pork sausage. When buying ground pork, look for mixture that has more fat content, especially for sausage as this brings out the flavor. In America we have a saying "Fat, dumb and happy" Thats me. Let me point out, my posts are or American readers. People grew up eating foods provided by their families, so we are what we eat. Thailand is a good example, for the most part Thai's eat thai food, understandable. This sausage is very good with sausage gravy and biscuits or just sausage patties in biscuits (american buttermilk biscuits).
  3. dlgarno

    Americans! The Sausage King has done it....

    I make my own, here is the recipe: http://www.anexpatcooks.com/recipe/copycat-jimmy-dean-pork-sausage.
  4. AUA is very good. All the teachers are native english speakers. They get to the level of writing essays. My wife went to AUA in Pattaya but Bangkok also has one. My actually enjoyed her classes. Not excessive in cost. Check it out on the internet for location or whatever.
  5. I have a mail Pug who is 10 years old and still virgin. He is a wonderful dog and would make some female pug a good partner. We want nothing for his service and will even transport him to the female in need of service.
  6. dlgarno

    Can't find divorce papers to re-marry

    Food for thought, maybe their is no real need to re-marry.
  7. dlgarno

    Looking for Milo in Jomtien

    Bob the former owner of the Hogs Breath Saloon in BKK is visiting Jomtien to meet up with some of the old time customers, he thinks Milo resided in Jomtien. Milo is or was a Motorcycle racer. We will be having a mini reunion in the first part of March. If anyone knows of him speak up. Tks
  8. dlgarno

    Super Bowl options

    Their is an outside bar on second road across the street from Mike's shopping mall on 2nd road. The name is Chik-N-Coop. You can give Coop a call at 0860716109.
  9. dlgarno


    Which Bangkok hospital are you talking about, I am guessing Koh Samui which will not help me much
  10. dlgarno

    hearing aid shop/repair ?

    Yes, their is one on central road. Part at TOT, walk out to Central Rd, turn right and it is about 100 meters on your right.
  11. dlgarno

    Pattaya - The City of Soberness

    Well I got a hangover, but I had to start at 5 in the afternoon.
  12. dlgarno

    Where to meet Caucasian women in Bangkok.

    Lots of unattached women working in the US embassy, as well as the UK, Australian and Canadian. You may even be able to hook with some dependent wife's who's husbands are down town working..
  13. Did the police locate the jacket of the individual in the store photo, in the house of the suspect?
  14. Calling all Americans!!!!!!!!I am American. I like American football. AS Oct 1 2011, True discontinued a contract which televised Football. American football is gone in Thailand. I cancelled my service with True.