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  1. Cantilever blind covers?

    My veranda cantilever blind needs the material replacing. Is there a shop that makes up these blinds in Pattaya still?. I bought replacement material some years ago from a shop on Sukhumvit Rd between Central and South Rd. Still there I wonder?
  2. Grip strength and ageing

    At aged 84 who cares? I don't sit on the floor very often, if at all and can still sit and rise from a chair unaided.
  3. Foreigner database to be ready in six months

    Let's wait and see? The next one, 90 days reporting?
  4. Yeah. Alright. The same punishment meted out to two mushroom pickers? Fifteen years in clink? If only.
  5. Facebook uproar over nude coffee shop waitress in Sattahip

    Where exactly is this shop?
  6. Why do I have the feeling that she is not female at all?
  7. So many Cambodians killed or injured in road accidents. Are Thailand's worst drivers selected to transport them at the lowest rate possible? Mind you. They have many to choose from.
  8. Surely the captain was aiding and abetting.
  9. So, again the order to stop re enactments is disobeyed. Dereliction of duty surely. Oh! I forgot where I am.
  10. 'Likely to be used by hotels?' So why are foreigners being ordered to report?