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  1. Gandtee

    The death of Walking Street

    Yes. Chinese tour groups who don't use the bars along Walking Street, but are herded to places designated by the tour organisers.
  2. This stinks! Although I love the stuff.
  3. A Shikra! One of them killed my caged zebra dove through the cage bars. The dove was rescued as a chick when it was being eaten by red ants..
  4. So what is it if it is not tamarind juice?
  5. Gandtee

    filter for raining water

    Catman? Or should it be Pratman? A wind up merchant.
  6. Gandtee

    filter for raining water

    Rubbish! I used rainwater for years and drank it. Not because I didn't have 'pot to piss in' but because we didn't have mains water.
  7. A dummy policeman? I don't believe it.
  8. She should make a complaint to the police
  9. So where are they? Another example of putting mouth into operation before engaging brain. This announcement is as much use as a one legged man in a backside kicking contest!
  10. Gandtee


    Any tips on where to buy molasses in Pattaya?
  11. Fake news. There are no Ladies in Pattaya.
  12. 'security camera footage is being reviewed to identify the truck driver in hope of finding the p***k. Nevermind ducks. You are innocent.
  13. Not really, but like the ones I previously posted on this forum. But of course your ones will suffice.The problem is getting people to use them. Old habits die hard.