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  1. And the bloke on the bike just watched. Pathetic.
  2. Will this unfortunate teacher ever feel safe in front of a class again? I wish her a speedy recovery. Now if the teacher had been attacked in the USA it might have had a different outcome with a different weapon. RIP and a speedy recovery to those in Texas.
  3. I've no doubt the police confiscate and lock up Thai's motorcycles if the are not carrying the 'correct ' A license maybe?
  4. Gandtee

    Disgraceful Language for a Public Place

    I went to a family gathering where monks were chanting. The host's sister was wearing a tee shirt with 'NEVER MIND THE <deleted>' on it. Very appropriate I think.
  5. I hope he was smiling while kicking. We don't want him spoiling Thailand's friendly image.
  6. Gandtee

    Computer problem.

    For the last couple of days, when I try to go onto BBC News. Thaivisa, etc. from my bookmarks I get 'This site can't be reached. ERR connection timed out.' I'm on Thaivisa via going through it's news updates. I can't get BBC even via Google search. Any suggestions? Please make them simple as being well past my sell by date I'm no computer expert. Have I pressed the wrong buttons? By trying to put things right maybe I've made them worse. Windows 7 by the way, although it might have been upped to 10?
  7. There's no fool like an old fool. I still feel sorry for him though.
  8. Was the driver made to apologise on television for damaging Thailand's tourist industry?
  9. Perhaps cameras stationed to check those overtaking on unbroken double yellow lines might me more sensible in reducing accidents. But that would mean less bounty and only reducing death and injury.
  10. The Ambassador Hotel has a long pool as does the Eastern Star Resort Ban Chang .
  11. So sad. Thailand running before it can walk. I hope it's cleared up before 2019. My niece is getting married there. It will certainly leave a lasting impression on the groom's family, coming in from the USA, if it's not.
  12. He was out on a limb. Then twigged that he should get married and branched out.
  13. It is illegal. But, so what.
  14. I recently had my retirement visa transferred into my new passport at Jomtien Immigration. They told me to go to a British Embassy agency in Pattaya where I paid for a photo copied letter, even the signature, asking Thai Immigration if they would 'kindly transfer my visa.' It was all done very politely but I was under what now seems a false impression that it should be nothing to do with the British Embassy. Please correct me if I'm wrong.