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  1. Same. Same. Forget the stories of Thais only wanting the farangs for their money.
  2. Did my 90 days at Jomtien, Tuesday. Done in flash. No longer than two minutes and with a smile from the young lady officer. In and out like a fiddler's elbow. Well done Jomtien Immigration.
  3. Many years ago my wife told me "Not to complain to the Thais. Very dangerous. Tell me. I will do it." Good advice.
  4. Certainly, government officers should have their wealth examined after serving the country, and maybe during their service if shady dealings are suspected. This should also apply to members of the armed forces. But who would be the investigators? That's the problem.
  5. I appreciate what you say. I'm just curious about the actual route it takes.
  6. Are there any route maps of this new road?
  7. There are no excuses for the man. Knowing she was drunk and maybe passed out. How many times are we going to read of women getting drunk then going off with men they don't know? It's just asking for trouble.
  8. No doubt our illustrious leader will also come under the new ruling. It would be interesting to see his assets from before and since he claimed his position.
  9. Gandtee

    Thai driving now explained

    Slightly different but the quickest way to a divorce is to try to teach your wife to drive.
  10. I would suggest that if you copy the picture of Cow man gai on this thread to your camera if you have one, and show it to your vendor. Mee mai krup? If the answer is Mai mee, well hard luck. The vendor may point you to where you may buy it though. Here endeth the first lesson.
  11. So are you saying Television didn't help to produce the sort of crime and behaviour we see today? The language used today on TV would not have been allowed when I was a boy. We know children are led by example and the media companies have a moral responsibility towards that, and all adults come to that. It is not only parents who are responsible for raising the next generation but all adults. Perhaps us 'old farts' have had longer to assess the results of modern entertainment.
  12. Great stuff. Good luck lads! Love it.
  13. Well done lads. Keep on Rocking! Great stuff.
  14. A couple of times I recall when I made an idiot of myself regarding the Thai language. Once, showing off to my family on their departure from the airport, when I thought I had asked to check the bill in the restaurant. The waiter looked confused. My wife asked me what I'd said to him. She informed me I'd asked him to fill up my tank! The other time when I was trying to pull a bit of rank when trying to get my car unclamped in what must be the first case on Walking Street years ago. I told the cop at the cop shop desk that my brother in law was a police colonel. What I had told him was that he was a pineapple. The brother in law still tells his friends and has remained a pineapple ever since. For some reason, the fine went from Bt500 to Bt300 Most probably to get rid of me quickly.
  15. The latter I think. I've been married for thirty-one years and because my wife speaks and writes very good English we have conversed in that language. OK, I do have a few words to get me bye but regret not making the effort to learn Thai. The tones just beat me. One word with half a dozen meanings according to the tone. Someone said to me "yes he can speak enough Thai to get himself into trouble, but not enough to get himself out." Maybe I've used that as an excuse as well.