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  1. Yes, in order to leave no other choice to people than using thei service. They just want to take over the place as they did before
  2. Not me i stay clearly away from this madness which is especially an excuse to attack foreigners with iced water or even worse if you read other articles here ( urine ) Every event which fosters disrespecting people should be banned. There is nothing gentle in Song Kran.
  3. Inactive post should just be banned from the media. It means paid doing nothing or overpaid for the job right?
  4. Its a tourist area , tourist are supposed to take pictures
  5. Its because you did not pay attention to what happened in Europe. IF you let them come you will have more. The process hard already started. First they were only found in Bangkok , then a few in Pattaya. Quite a few more this year, and so on... Like Russian ladies that is not what i am looking for when coming to Thailand. Also hygienve wise , African ladies where the worse i have ever met
  6. Jet Scam , leading to expensive hospitals in case of accident. Rich people overall are over 40 and not JetSki fans so if this is the way to attract high end tourism i am skeptical. Besides Asian dont like the sun beams so it does not target Chinese either.
  7. I won't change anything for the best a, at least.
  8. Maybe not easy as you think. Think about a day with heavy traffic then suddenly an accident happens and there is a traffic jam. Now everything is fine at immigration suddenly a computer fails. Its like a lane failing on a road. You can't predict the exact time a problem will happen , its only a probability since it does not seem to occur every week end. The only reasonable thing to do is having enough staff on a so called world class airport to be able to open extra lanes quickly. And quantum mechanics is actually making heavy use of probabilities ;-)
  9. Do you think he is here for nature or sex?
  10. You have just no idea of what you are talking about. Just try to cross the road in Pattaya the way you would do it in a world class resort like Spain. I hope you will survive the experience. The go to Malaga or Marbella in Spain and look how clean the footpath are compared to Pattaya when its not broken. Then ask the Spanish police about assistance and see how they smile and help you compared to the local police. In Thailand when waiters dont forget what you want , or make a mistake they tell you 'ok thats the wrong dish but can you eat this one also' There are just countless exemples , also refering to the many posts in this forum about things that happen here. Can you easily park you car in Pattaya. When do i park my car along beach road as a tourist? Or try Brazil , Italy , ... same. I have been there and quite a few countries also. You just have been nowhere else in the 'world class resorts' Thats impossible ,sorry about that.
  11. What you miss is that Russian also come here for long stay , and the governement is also fighting against this now. Russian now have access to Crimea so there are closer alternatives for short hollidays.
  12. You came a long way for Fish and Chips. Do you also find the best Coca Cola ever in Thailand which offsets the plane ticket cost ;-)
  13. Problem solver in Asia? You'll be searching for a while. I mean if its not about finding a hacked solution.
  14. Nobody wants to pay for quality so quality does not exist , hence no qualified staff. Be cheap , get cheap
  15. Yes , its better to die in dignity while the Bankster print fake money since now the monetary system only relies on debt. I mean if some dont play by the rules , other wont play by the rules. Maybe you are about to say beeing poor does not justify prostitution also. Sadly violent crime rate is highly correlated with poverty so no matter what ideology you are abiding to , maths are stronger than ideology.