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  1. I guess the study is about big cities
  2. Pattaya Go-Go clubs and bars targeted in new crackdown

    Why would not a sex tourist be respectable? Do you know if your T-SHirt has or not be handcrafted by exploited childs in a third world country?
  3. City Hall quietly getting on with their job to improve Pattaya

    Just a new activity for tourists : Puzzle game. Grab a rock and try to put it in the right place
  4. A few years ago, cigarettes where prohibited in Bangkok. Then it all came back, ashtrays restored. So i doubt it will last for long
  5. PHOTOS: Torrential rain leaves Pattaya Beach Road flooded

    Congratulations , you've just reinvented the Bangkok's klongs . Does this solve flooding issues? As far as i know ... no You would be at or below sea level so not a great idea
  6. Walking Street bars agree to help pay for new sewer lines

    At least its pumping money , for sure :-)
  7. Let's call this man 'Honkey Kong'
  8. BTS fare increases - much more than public were led to believe

    And rich guys can take a cab or limousine , BTS looks so cheap why bother mate?
  9. Thai chef attacks foreign owner in Pattaya Soi 7

    This illustrates why 7-11 requires new recruits to give a deposit to get the job
  10. Thai youths batter Iranian tourist in Pattaya

    That's a pretty xenophobic comment i should say. Iranian killed less people in the world than US did so why so much hate? I am not Iranian by the way but looking at people mirroring the hate raised by mainstream medias makes me sick. If you walk in Iran you will be safe , will i be safe as a white foreigner if i go anywhere in New York? Met one once in Jomtien , he was polite and well educated , and not showing hate and open minded. Just try to see the worl by yourself instead of looking it the way your are told too.
  11. Grab Car has several variant. Anyway they dont want any system that would allow customer to compare price and create some form of competition between provider , be it legal provider.
  12. Army turns screws again on baht buses, taxis

    The bhat bus driver do not own their vehicle , they rent it to a 'corporation' for around 500-700 bhat a day . There few business nowdays where you dont have a pimp.
  13. Note that when its about finding cheap labor for dangerous or underpaid jobs , there is no human traffic. That's supposed to be a fair deal. All this is nothing less than hipocrisy
  14. How Much Spending Money Ensures a Good Vacation in Pattaya?

    There will always be idiots looking down on people with less money to spend. Do they also realize that richer people can look down on them also?
  15. Personally i go less to restaurant because i dont like eating a nice meal , possibly expensive its ok and having a bunch of people playing Line or looking at movies which spoils the athmosphere.