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  1. Air pollution at Rayong ?

    Airbagwell.....YOUR the one that said Rayong is the worst polluted city in Thailand ....I'm just pointing out that your WRONG...See prior post! And again the stats I put forth DO NOT put Rayong in front for particulates ...Try Opening you eyes! Read the following Again ....as much as you might want the readings to be high for Rayong.....they're NOT....wish as you might....they're NOT Fact is they are the lowest of the three!
  2. Air pollution at Rayong ?

    Airbagwell you stated in a previous post that Rayong "is the most polluted city in Thailand" Well the AQI for Bangkok and Chaing Mai PROVE you WRONG. Look at the moment..... Rayong has the lowest readings, look at the averages ....Rayong has the lowest readings Open your eyes Airbagwell....Bangkok and Chaing Mai are worse on the AQI and I could add a number of other cities where the Air Pollution is Worse!
  3. Air pollution at Rayong ?

    An interesting post Airbagwell But you seem to be in denial of the fact that the Air Quality Index station for Rayong happens to be on Sukumvit and towards Mat Ta Phut (Very far away from the beach). So NOT indicative of ALL Rayong! You have presented generic facts about about the AQI and seemingly forgot to mention that Bangkok and Chiang Mai have HIGHER readings (ie much worse air Quality) than Rayong! So it would seem that Rayong is NOT the most polluted city in Thailand. You need to get your facts Straight and widen your scope of your experience here in Thailand!
  4. Air pollution at Rayong ?

    I have supported my arguments with FACTS....Have you not read my posts. There is something called AQI (air quality index)....it is presented HERE But as I have noted although the readings for Rayong are outstanding, there are only two places that monitor the air and they are on Sukumvit (inland far from the beach). If you believe that Rayong is a cesspool, as does Airbagwell ...That's your prerogative ....I have just presented the Facts that confirm Rayong as a nice place to live!
  5. Air pollution at Rayong ?

    Well.....since I live at GROUND LEVEL....I believe I'm safe from the pollution as I pointed out in my earlier posts. Additionally the AQI (air quality index) supports this
  6. Air pollution at Rayong ?

    Airbagwell ......you should read the OP again as the many incidents you note have NOTHING to to with the OP's request whether there is AIR pollution in Rayong , specific to his asthma. I noted the beach area was good because the Southeast wind pattern that blows whatever pollution comes from MapTa Phut is blown past the beach area. Also as you have so aptly referred to the AQ readings ....it must be noted that on most, if not all, readings have been in the moderate to better readings. Also it must be noted that these stations where the readings are taken are inland (Sukumvit) where the pollution would be pushed (ie ...the BEACH AREA if they had a station would be better!).
  7. Air pollution at Rayong ?

    HaHaHa....555555....An ever changing AQ....no wonder Airbagwill doesn't Post his sources! Just so the average Joe can read them selves http://aqicn.org/city/bangkok/ http://aqicn.org/city/rayong/ http://aqicn.org/city/chiang -mai/ It must be embarrassing to quote statistics that DON'T support what you say ....But clearly Rayong is in the healthy area with a reading of 40 at 4:00 pm and MOST of the last 48 has been at that or better. Also Airbagwill in misleading the masses you do not note the LIMITED stations for such readings. We'll just chalk if up to ....."you just don't know"
  8. Air pollution at Rayong ?

    He has NOT provided facts .....he has, though, provided articles that have been written in various sources that allege pollution in SOME parts of Rayong and Chonburi. Some of the pollution is of a temporary nature, if not all and the government is facing it because of the pressure from its citizens. In fact one source is that of a student doing a thesis in school.....NOT the academic source one would rely on. He has stated the first stage of the presence of pollution is a rash ....Well I have live in Rayong (ON THE BEACH) for over 10 years and NEVER had a rash of any kind...So Pollution????
  9. Air pollution at Rayong ?

    Some counter information......You just have to read the articles you cited that indicated the air quality on the beach was GOOD. AND again you fail to realize the RAYONG is a BIG area..."Thailandlife" is just an article wherein the bias of the authors is suspect. I am getting bored responding to YOU and as such have "ignored" you forever....good luck keyboard surfing looking in vain for articles that have little basis in fact to support your ambiguous thesis ...That "the WORLD is drowning in Pollution" ...except of course that little patch of paradise you call home which of course is pollution free, where ever That might be.
  10. Air pollution at Rayong ?

    Thanks for the research.....as it indicates the "beach" has good air quality And if you stay out of the water .....Again the "beach" is a good place to live! As opposed to you, who lives in Queensland ....You can post all you want but since you don't live on the front lines your information is FALSE news
  11. Air pollution at Rayong ?

    Airbagwell.......In the future you should give ALL references to other peoples materials the credit they are due. Such as your pdf report .....report it like follows" http://www.ijesd.org/papers/475-CD0149.pdf
  12. Air pollution at Rayong ?

    Still curious as to where you live? Must NOT be Thailand as all this pollution would have killed you be now. Also you write " pollution is invisible - the first you know about it is when you develop a rash or the police come round to tell you to close all your windows. " Since neither (the rash or police coming round) has occurred then I would be correct in saying that the pollution level is LOW. Have fun playing pigeon chess by yourself!
  13. Air pollution at Rayong ?

    YES! As always! This has been the FIRST time you have actually put in the information for the results to which you referred AND as the report reads " "The results showed that temporal variation of assimilative capacity of air pollution in the study area in which the highest carrying capacity was in November. This is due to the influence of the northeast monsoon resulting in high dilution ability of atmosphere during this time." So except for the anomaly of Nov. where the Northeast Monsoons are at work It appears Rayong is fairly good for a 3rd world Country.
  14. Air pollution at Rayong ?

    So where is the citation to the 2014 report! Please provide the site that provides such report. Yes!!!!! I would like to the report from 2014 but as always you have failed to provide the report or where it is I'm guessing you don't live in Thailand as your remark about my buying property? Farangs can't own real property in Thailand ....Polluted airspace ..YES