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  1. Hat Saeng Chan beach .....Its in the city of Rayong. But pretty anywhere is good Ban Chang, Mae Rumpung beach, or Mae Phim Beach. No traffic, green, isn't polluted any more than any other city and is a quite place.
  2. Soooo......why not wait and see Instead over 100 posts, most by you pontificating as to what if, maybe and so on. I believe that it is best to wait THEN you can tell us what the SPECIFIC impact is on expats repatriating.
  3. It is NOT my intention to have this thread closed (although that might be a good thing) but to keep you "honest" and to let other readers know that no bill has passed (perhaps never will).
  4. A "MOVING TARGET" is the only thing in this thread which is TRUE so far.
  5. I have a real problem with "might experience" and your pontificating as to what "might occur". That's a lot of what if's, and maybe's.....Why don't you just wait till something is passed, if anything, then start a new thread as to the "real" problems an expat WILL face if repatriating.
  6. Medicaid is a no cost program for the POOR and it is run by the States within Federal guidelines. Sooo.....Either program is no good for those abroad! Real or not, nothing is written in stone at this point.....These are just ideas at this stage. Really don't see the point why you want to pontificate so Much on a subject wherein nothings been done so far.
  7. Also you might want to look at to see if there any comps for sale in your neighborhood. I realize that there is only houses for sale and Thai's tend to overprice but its worth a look anyway[]=TH770701&district_code=TH7707&market=residential&property_type_code[]=BUNG&property_type=B
  8. I personally had Kaiser for my medical insurance. I have lived in Thailand for close to 15 years. Aprox 10 years ago I had done in Bangkok Hospital an angiogram which showed I had two blocked arteries. They told me I needed angioplasty (stents) for the two arteries which they wanted to do the next day. I was going back to the US for a visit so I told them to hold off until I got back. When I got back to the US I went to my Kaiser doctor who said "What's the problem? you still have one good artery." I told him that Bangkok Hospital wanted to operate the next day. He said OK I refer you to a heart specialist ...unfortunately one was not available for an Appointment for 3 months.I told him that I live in Thailand and couldn't wait. He then said that although he could not make an appointment sooner I could go to the administrative office and maybe if there was a cancellation I could get in. Which I did explaining, that "I live in Thailand", and got a call 4 days later of a cancellation. I met with the Heart doctor whereupon she said the same thing "I don't see a problem still have one good artery". Well I said in Thailand they wanted to operate the next day to which she replied "well in that case do you want me to set up an appointment for the operation next week!" ...I replied '"sorry, I 'm going back to Thailand. Can I set it up in 3 months when I will return" , She said OK Bottom line is that I got reimbursed for the angiogram when they knew full well that I lived in Thailand AND did the angioplasty ($70,000) for free.
  9. Then I guess under your definition of International travel that most of Europe is NOT international travel.
  10. Then I guess under your definition "crossing a ocean" that traveling in most of Europe IS NOT international travel.
  11. Not true....The US is HUGE. Has different cultures for different areas. Most areas are fantastic to live in for one reason or another. My reason for living in SEA is that my wife does not want to live in the US......OK with I moved here. 15 years and no regrets!
  12. Well ....I, for one, can give you one reason! COSTS! It just costs WAY more to live a comparable lifestyle in the US vs Thailand.
  13. First off....From the old Veterans (Vietnam) Census Stats and “I Served in Vietnam” Wanabees 1,713,823 of those who served in Vietnam were still alive as of August, 1995 (census figures). During that same Census count, the number of Americans falsely claiming to have served was: 9,492,958. So 80% of those people claiming to be veterans in Vietnam generally are not!
  14. Funny ....I've had the reverse observation ....My neighbor says he is a former British "special forces" . Now he teaches (10 years) as he doesn't have a pot to piss in.
  15. ????????????.....Are you asking "what is the fastest connection btw Don Mueng airport and BKK?" Because you add your return flight isn't for "3 days"????????. First off "What time of day is your flight from BKK?" if its at at 12:15 pm generally its about an hours drive. Anyway Taxi's are generally the fastest but if you have some need for speed I'm guessing a Helicopter is faster!