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  1. beachproperty

    First time going to vietnam

    Where ever you choose to go .....be aware.....that the Vietnamese love to honk their horns ALL the time (whether car or bike). With that in mind choose a hotel on a quiet street or get a room away from the street so you can get some sleep.
  2. Take a Thai (unless you read and speak Thai) with you and drive around the river or Near the University looking for rent signs.
  3. beachproperty

    Building regulations

    Depends on where you live. Where I live, Rayong, you can build to 2 meters if a door and windows, 1 meter if have windows, and 1/2 meter is no windows
  4. beachproperty

    Modern SALA or PERGOLA

    the unit poster shows is a custom unit. Concrete pad, custom sides or supports, and roof! 5x4 for 102,000 baht.....agree with Mogandavid....good price
  5. beachproperty

    Modern SALA or PERGOLA

    Weekend fair at Home Pro in Rayong
  6. beachproperty

    Modern SALA or PERGOLA

    Paid 35,000 baht for this sala
  7. What agency????? You do it online.....google visa Vietnam and the top one (exclude the ads) is the one eye used .....All they need is Your flight and passport details. Good luck ! enjoy
  8. I'm in Vietnam NOW. I applied online for the visa (approval within 3 days) and asked for Priority (extra $12). I'm a US citizen
  9. beachproperty

    any new strong anti inflammation pill ?

    Because he's a TROLL
  10. beachproperty

    any new strong anti inflammation pill ?

    The guys a troll.....a pill popping troll He just wants to know if there any drugs available at your local pharmacy.....Answer NO!
  11. beachproperty

    Buy a Prefabricated House around CM?

    Well then I think you're "Sh*t out of luck" because any prefabicated home that you can put up will take 2-3 weeks alone to find. Then another 2 weeks to (if your lucky) to bring to the property THEN another month (Again If you're lucky) to do a foundation and hook ups. Good luck
  12. beachproperty

    Buy a Prefabricated House around CM?

    Why not go with a traditional concrete and block builder ? Average cost per square meter is 5,000 to 10,000 baht. 5,000 baht sq meter is for the very basic and thai style house .....10,000 baht sq. meter is for a western style house (kitchen and carport included)
  13. beachproperty

    Best place to sell gold in Chiang Mai?

    Your best off selling gold in the same place you bought it (each place stamps their gold with a special insignia). Barring that you will get burnt on the price of gold
  14. $80,000 = 2,500,000 Baht ....."going north" to purchase the property. ?????? seems kinda of expensive for "Northern" property. Not so sure seller is anxious because he needs the money ....more likely he's anxious because he has a buyer (you) and wants to close as soon as possible before he loses his sucker
  15. beachproperty

    $$ How much per month to live in Samui $$

    $40,000 baht ...and that's barely making it! No girls