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  1. Where to buy Tadalafil ( Generic Cialis ) ?

    Don't know about Tadalafil.......but you can buy over the counter Sidegra (generic viagra) almost anywhere
  2. USA Tourist Visa

    13 years ago I tried to get my wife (she's NOT my wife by legal marriage but is my common law wife) a visa to which was denied . Back then they told you why ....Her passport is new, no entries made is passport, didn't have a job, didn't own property......all things that make immigration think she stay if let in the US. So....What did I do? 1. Traveled through out Asia bringing my wife ....showing she travels and always comes back! 2. Bought a house and put it in my wife's name....Again owning property shows a strong reason to return to Thailand. Re-applied for visa. Result was 1 year tourist visa! Traveled to the US with her 2 times during that 1 year visa .....always returning When that visa expired applied again and a 10 year visa was granted She is now on her second 10 year visa. Not sure what your problem is but don't think an attorney can be any better
  3. Ball park price to renovate dated condo

    Ahhhhh......Well the rest of the world is not as "clumsy" as you and your husband needing a "toe kIck". That is resolved by having a counter overhang of "2 inches". Anyway ...getting back to the topic...."how Much?"...The prices I show is if you want something Close to a western style kitchen it can be done ($50,000 baht). Concrete can be built up (to Standard Foreign height) and a 2 inch or 4 inch overhang counter top for the tall clumsy foreigner
  4. Ball park price to renovate dated condo

    Sounds like you rent....So why comment ...you won't be putting in a new kitchen soon.... As for the open shelves ...I find open shelves convenient for those items I use on a daily basis And as I said in my earlier post .....only posted show how much "it could be done for".....If you want a truly western kitchen, and I don't mean "European", you can spend up to 1 million baht or more. As for the toe kick ...each to their own
  5. Ball park price to renovate dated condo

    And who said they were "Truly western Kitchens"? I just showed examples of how you can do a kitchen for under 50,000 Baht! Want a western kitchen .....go to Home Pro and pick out one of theirs ..300,000 Baht Not much different (oh yeah ...has a "toe board".....yipppeee) and will be eaten alive by termites in 5 years! Go for It!
  6. Ball park price to renovate dated condo

    depends on how you do it!.... Attached are photos of a number of Kitchens I have done. Their are Q-con block covered with white tiles and plastic drawers and doors (cost 10,000). Granite top (approx 10,000 Baht). With cook top and vent (10,000 baht). Stove and installation are approx 15,000 Baht. Cabinets and shelves 5,000 Baht. total cost 50,000 for kitchen (less refrig)
  7. Ball park price to renovate dated condo

    I only know "new build"......which is 4 walls (or more for interior), roof, foundation, bathroom and kitchen....Basicly a house! .....ie $600,000 baht The price for a remodel .....You already have the 4 walls , foundation, roof, basic plumbing and electric .....you're just remodeling the amenities that you can SEE .....ie $100,000 -$200,000 Baht. Also if you're buying an old condo 60 meters....I would guess the price to be $6oo,000 baht to $8oo,000 possibly cheaper!
  8. Ball park price to renovate dated condo

    A ballpark figure for a 60 sq meter new build is $600,000 baht or thereabouts .....So much cheaper for a renovation Probably 100,000 to 200,000 Baht especially up in Chiang Mai.
  9. Mighty "picky" aren't we IF "these are not farangs bars" ....THEY should be!
  10. If the burn season doesn't improve....YES your life span will be shortened!
  11. Lazada canceled my order why?

    Safest is to just do "cash on delivery" for payment
  12. He's lacking in the Basic comprehension skills we all possess. Or in other words "he's a TROLL"
  13. Another OBVIOUS thing......YOU are a TROLL!
  14. Somewhat bitter post! It's OBVIOUS to those who can read .....No law has been cited or referred to SO therefore it MUST be company policy.....LEARN to read