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  1. Sky high electric bill

    Well if you only want to power a few lights I guess your right BUT an aircon, refrigerator and few other appliances....Don't know where you come up with your figures but picking them out of thin air
  2. Looking for a ceiling fan in Prachuap town

    You can try Lazada......Payment on delivery!
  3. Sky high electric bill

    Guess you really didn't think about it.....He lives in a condo ..where's he going to put the panels, the inverter, and the storage batteries.....AND cost is way more than 200+k
  4. Sky high electric bill

    Not an expert on interpreting Thai Bills but it looks like it's for 3 months......20/06/60 to 20/09/60
  5. probably ....or What?
  6. I've been scammed......by the OP Oops ....did I just defame him?
  7. Soooo ....you were scammed Why not tell your story without "Naming names". If nothing else ...maybe...just maybe you'll be helping someone avoid the same scam in the future.
  8. Opening a Thai Bank Account- New Policy?

    Yes....adapt...OR try another bank
  9. Studying a masters degree part time in bkk

    It does not have to.....it is implied. Mahidol University is the number one university in Thailand. Mahidol University ranks 500-600 on a world ranking...(probably 600) Now this student is NOT even looking at Mahidol University ......so where do you think the university he/she is looking at ranks.... more than likely not even in the top 1000 This is my basis....... that a High School education at a good institution in the West is probably better than a master from a Thai university.
  10. Studying a masters degree part time in bkk

    Apparently I'm not the only one to think so! https://www.unicef.org/thailand/education_15799.html
  11. Obviously don't know where to look! Try http://www.ddproperty.com/en/property-for-rent?region_code=TH22&market=residential
  12. China Southern Airlines Complaint

    Thanks .....I will do!
  13. China Southern Airlines Complaint

    Good point! Its only been a week but the many emails I have sent have gone unanswered. .....so ....I guess I'll leave with that. Thanks for the good advice. I guess I just needed to hear someone say it.
  14. China Southern Airlines Complaint

    My complaint is "WHO do you complain to?"....Customer service is ignoring my complaint...delayed luggage ...I had to buy $500 worth of clothes as my bag was lost for 3 days....DID NOT KNOW I WOULD GET IT BACK.
  15. I have just flown China Southern Airlines to the USA (SFO). My luggage was lost for 3 days AND I had to spend the night in the Airport in China because my spouse is Thai (Couldn't get a 24 hr visa). I am trying (by email) to file a complaint but have been TOTALLY ignored. Has anyone else had this problem? If not , who did you email or deal with?