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  1. 2.G. Cell phones

    Does anyone know about 2.G. cell phones becoming u/s the middle of this year by DTAC . I had a call telling me this is going to happen; but when I called DTAC call centre they would not confirm this, so any knowledge of this
  2. Thai visa centre

    I have seen thai visa centre are advertising on Facebook retirement visa without Bank and pension funds and three day processing, looks a bit suspect.

    Yes it is still playing up no problem with my inter net speed but their is down so the trouble is their end not with True or any other supplier.

    I have had no problems with TV MUCHO until this week. Now it works alright in the mornings and day,but in the evening the problems start it takes along time to open and get on to streaming both live and catch up, and then there is a lot of buffering. On contacting them said check speed test, this on tv mucho speed test showed the the download speed as 1.5 also showed that the IP address had changed, IP. supplier T.O.T was perfect. And the next morning every thing is back OK until the evening. The last contact I had with TV MUCHO was they would look in to it. So is any one having a problem
  5. Download Speed

    A interesting problem. Last night I was having a problem with the Mucho TV site, the download speed from my supplier was a normal 36.5 but download speed from Mucho Tv was 1.15 while my upload speed was 16.4. I thought that download speed is all ways higher than upload speed, if that is so it is an interesting thing so any thoughts. By the way Mucho Tv said the fault was with my supplier
  6. 'The people have spoken,' says Zimbabwe's new leader

    Replacing Mugabe with that man would be like replacing Hitler with Himmler
  7. earth tremor maerim

    A 3.0 earthquake was reported in San Sai at 11.18 on the Earthquake web site but I never noticed it

    It looks there is trouble at mill on TVmucho when you open the site and click on to any channel and allyou get is this channel is not broadcasting now
  9. New Visa Agency at Promenada Mall

    Hardly a political correct statement are you saying that G4T customers are all tared with the same brush
  10. There is a good one on Moo2 norng jom san sai. If you are coming from TESCO- LOTUS MEECKOK turn left towards Sausage King if you know it or Laguna Homes keep on that road past Sausage King for about 1 kilo.and its on your right hand side just where they have started a new building site. They also will take care of your tax disc renewal for 50 baht.
  11. TV MUCHO

    I opened tv mucho about 15 mins. ago and opened OK but then buffering and froze, reopened just 5 mins. ago and now working OK . Using TOT also working OK at 8.0.am. this morning
  12. TV MUCHO

    Interested to know that anybody using TV MUCHO want are your opinion and comments on their system. I believe it is a good system when it is working, but that is not all ways the case
  13. Thai pop ups

    I am having a problem with pop ups Thai adverts will pop up, when opening chrome browser with out me even opening a site. And when I open certain sites such as you tube,bangkok bank, bangkok post and this site they appear to name a few. Facebook is no problem, have pop ups blocked and ad blocker on, also Mcfee virus protection and firewall protection both on. It looks as if some one has planted this on my laptop which is a Dell inspiron 15, call the support line who had not got a clue. So I would be interested to know any boffins out there got any ideas.
  14. LOS

    Thanks RichCor I found the problem a bad connection between the lead that goes in to the router and fibre oct. line when they installed the the system it was a bad job, I found out by shaking the wire so after 3 days and five calls maybe tot. will come and sort it.