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  1. Thai pop ups

    I am having a problem with pop ups Thai adverts will pop up, when opening chrome browser with out me even opening a site. And when I open certain sites such as you tube,bangkok bank, bangkok post and this site they appear to name a few. Facebook is no problem, have pop ups blocked and ad blocker on, also Mcfee virus protection and firewall protection both on. It looks as if some one has planted this on my laptop which is a Dell inspiron 15, call the support line who had not got a clue. So I would be interested to know any boffins out there got any ideas.
  2. LOS

    Thanks RichCor I found the problem a bad connection between the lead that goes in to the router and fibre oct. line when they installed the the system it was a bad job, I found out by shaking the wire so after 3 days and five calls maybe tot. will come and sort it.
  3. LOS

  4. Robs satellite tv

    In my first post I said I received a phone call but did not say who made the call. I tried to call the number but the number but no ring tone. The caller then only mentioned your firm by name so I assumed it was from you. I have tried to find out if it was pay pal but trying to get a straight answer out of them is like trying to get a answer is not easy as they just pass me on. So if I got the wrong end of stick sorry but less of the insults, mistakes are made
  5. Robs satellite tv

    Yes they did RSTV phoned from Manchester, I got the phone call not you.
  6. Robs satellite tv

    Has any one used this. It works for free but asks for donation,as I was using it I send a small donation then a few hours later I receive a phone call tell me they have sent me a form to fill in which will include a form about me tax status in Thailand. What concerns me is where they got my phone number and address from. I have since cancelled the donation as IT sounds a not kosher. I just wonder has any one else had any dealings with them
  7. ToT Internet

    I had the same thing yesterday at around 1.PM. it seems to happen quite often.
  8. Football fiasco: Two Britons, Thai accused of Premier League piracy

    Is pluse tv still working
  9. Immigration Promenada One Stop Service 2016-2017

    Nancy there is no such language as north american English
  10. Thaiexpattv

    It looks like Expat Premium have had it on their toes website cannot be opened.Lucky for me only lose 2 weeks viewing. I do not think they and Sky sports will be back.
  11. Thaiexpattv

    To me it looks like a crackdown on Skysports and their pay channels as all other uk channels can be seen.
  12. Thaiexpattv

    Plusetv only has limited catch up 24 hours
  13. Thaiexpattv

    Expat premium is not yet back. And thaiexpattv. has channels missing
  14. Thaiexpattv

    As they are not answering phone they could put something on their website their network status reports no problems something is going on
  15. Thaiexpattv

    Is any having trouble connecting to Thaiexpattv I have internet access but cannot open it. Also can not reach them by phone as they do not answer calls.