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  1. Need a good neurologist in BKK

    Bumrungrad is very happy on taking money. We had an extremely negative experience with Bumrungrad. It's like visiting a bunch of doctors with totally different opinions. It's same as taking a chance in a casino.
  2. Just wanted to add to this news article from May 2017: At least one of the guys, Hilton Mhasvi, has been back home for quite a while now, according to his friend that just replied to me on Facebook. Well, it's good to know that criminals who steal after dark don't stay in jail for long. Makes me feel myself so much safer. Good job, Police. Good fuсking job.
  3. If someone can run a iperf3 on a server, I would be happy to add it to monitoring.
  4. Wow, you do have fast speeds in Bangkok. I prefer my way of testing, because: 1. Moscow is a fuсking long way away. Connection has to go either through Europe, or USA depending on the conditions. This way a lot of international exchanges are involved and it's easier to see how much priority each ISP has. 2. Singapore and LA/SF have much more relaxed throttling. I don't think they're quite informative on the actual international condition. Also, speedtest.net is a multithreaded test.
  5. What package are you on? Can you take a photo of your modem?
  6. Hello everyone, I live on Koh Samui and I am a web developer. I have servers in Moscow, Russia that I use to do a speedtest on every 120 seconds from each of the 8 fiber optic lines that I have access to (2 x 3BB, 3 x TOT, 1 x CAT, 1 x AIS). Just wanted to share with you my observations. What you see on the graph is the average speed of a 10 second download from my servers in Moscow (which have gigabit access to Europe). It helps me understand how congested are the international lines of each provider here on the island. Here are my observations for the last 4 months: 1st place. 3BB. 2-3 megabits per international connection per second. Almost never slows down during peak times. 2nd place. TOT. Sticks to 1.5-2 megabits. But has a nasty habbit of going down to 0.3 megabits during superpeak times (like christmas/new years holidays). 3rd place. CAT. Average at 0.6-0.7 megabits per second (they have capped the speed per international connection to 700 kilobits). RARELY goes higher (much higher) to 3-5 megabits. But that happens for 1-2 hours at a time. 4th place. AIS. Completely unreliable. Speed jumps all over the place. Can be fast (1.5-2 megabits). But can slow down to crawling 0.3 megabits. Will be happy to answer any questions.
  7. (add +4 hours to graph time, because the graphing server is in another timezone). Today was probably the worst day for TOT, CAT and AIS. And probably it has to do with so many new people on the island right now. As I'm speaking, TOT, CAT and AIS international speeds are incredibly slow (100-500 kilobits per connection per second). Info from 3 separate TOT connections, 1 AIS and 1 CAT. 3BB is the best as usual. Info from 2 separate 3BB lines. So basically, if you're still deciding on what Fiber Provider to go for - choose 3BB. It has shown stable results throughout the year and the international speeds are much faster than other providers. Other providers (from good to bad). 2nd place - TOT. 3rd place - AIS and CAT.
  8. But before, they will have to stay for at least 3 to 10 years in the IDC Jail in Bangkok along with their kids - as long as they will be trying to find the money for a ticket out, because Thai government doesn't want to pay for deportations. As usual, Thai media decides to conveniently leave this information out.
  9. Topic closed. Thank you for awesome advices. I ended up hiring a freelance notary from google maps. Risky, but at least his certificate looks alright.
  10. Hello! I am in Bangkok until evening today and need someone to help me out tomorrow (preferably a Thai person). The job is to take my documents to the ministry of foreign affairs (consular department). I was hoping to do it today myself, but turns out it's a government holiday and I already have a booked flight for tonight. Can someone meet with me today, go with me to a notary (to make a power of attorney) and take the documents to the ministry of foreign affairs tomorrow? I will be paying for this service, so name your price.
  11. Today was a bad day for TOT. International connectivity was almost unusable for at least 4 hours (confirmed on 3 separate lines). 3BB was fast as usual. CAT slow as usual.
  12. Does anyone have AIS Fiber?

    One of the reasons I'm also doing my test is to show how speed changes during time of the day. My tests run non-stop. You would not see that fluctuation on a regular speedtest. So, for example, if you did a regular speedtest on CAT, you might be lucky and hit the time when they give you maximum speed (10 megabits per thread). But most of the time the speed is slow (around 700 kilobits per thread).
  13. Does anyone have AIS Fiber?

    Speedtests are normally performed in several parallel connections (5+). They are also allowed to run longer. I've noticed that local ISPs tend to speed up connections that take longer than 10 seconds to run. This is why people are reporting high results on different speedtests (although regular internet browsing may feel sluggish). In my tests I'm drilling down do the basics - how fast a single connection can be within a 10 second time limit. This allows me to show the differences between different providers in terms of how fast a page load experience would "feel".
  14. Most people don't have the luxury of knowing how to set this thing up. The point of this thread is to show which ISP is better for basic browsing.