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  1. And his phone is 0964766064
  2. Does anyone know a good company in Koh Phangan which can fix our plastic roof? The winds blew it off and we need to get it fixed
  3. If anyone reads this, here is his location on Google Maps:,99.9906451,3a,75y,106.47h,76.34t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1soT530jWOdrXTVj6xgArtEQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en
  4. Who can we call so these guys won't bribe themselves out?
  5. Yep. Speeds are slow on both TOT/CAT. Now during daytime as well.
  6. Send them an email with your contract number and detailed explanation of the situation: contact at I had issues with their invisible proxy which would break my connections randomly and they handled it quite well - I don't have any more problems.
  7. Hello! I am looking to buy a company on Samui which has 4m capital. It's tax season, so perhaps someone might want to get rid of their own? :) I need it primarily for a Non-B visa for me and my girlfriend. Will consider all offers.
  8. iperf shows your upload speed to the international server. You need to do a reverse iperf (from server in france to 3bb at home) if you want to test the download speed.
  9. I'm Russian, got my Bangkok Airways Samui residence card a month back. My flights are now 2000-2750 baht to/from bangkok. Bookable via callcenter or directly at the office in the airport/chaweng. NOT via website (website shows no discount). The only requirement for getting the card is that you need to prove that you live on Samui for more than 12 months.
  10. I'm from Russia. But as far as I know they will not approve my visa if I'm traveling in Thailand on a tourist visa (or a 30 day stamp). I would love to know other people's experience.
  11. That's a heavy investment for me at this time. I'm asking about Non-B - because it's a cheaper option...
  12. Hello! Are there any foreigners here who successfully applied for a USA tourist visa through the embassy in Bangkok? What kind of visa were you staying on in Thailand at that time? How did the interview process go? I'm currently staying in Thailand on a tourist visa, but I've heard stories that it's not enough to be able to apply in Bangkok. Should I upgrade to a Non-B?
  13. Hello! I live in Thailand for a long time with mostly 30-day entry stamps + 3 month visas from time to time. I would like to apply for visas to foreign countries from Thailand instead of going all the way back home. I've heard that I need a more "permanent" status, like a Non-B visa. I was wondering - is it possible legally to open a company (or join an existing one as a shareholder) and get a Non-B visa - without the need of getting a Work Permit? My reasoning is that a business owner (shareholder) doesn't have to work - you have the director and staff for that. So this way I don't see the actual need for a Work Permit. Am I right/wrong?
  14. I would recommend going with their basic modem and buy a private wifi router (check for amazon reviews first). The 3bb modem's wifi sucks donkey balls. I think that the main reason they're selling 200mb packages is because they expect noone to be able use that much because of how shitty the built-in wifi is.
  15. Yeah. This one is wonderful. But you need to have your computer directly wired to the router, or use a AC router to truly enjoy the speeds.