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  1. I'm from Russia. But as far as I know they will not approve my visa if I'm traveling in Thailand on a tourist visa (or a 30 day stamp). I would love to know other people's experience.
  2. That's a heavy investment for me at this time. I'm asking about Non-B - because it's a cheaper option...
  3. Hello! Are there any foreigners here who successfully applied for a USA tourist visa through the embassy in Bangkok? What kind of visa were you staying on in Thailand at that time? How did the interview process go? I'm currently staying in Thailand on a tourist visa, but I've heard stories that it's not enough to be able to apply in Bangkok. Should I upgrade to a Non-B?
  4. Hello! I live in Thailand for a long time with mostly 30-day entry stamps + 3 month visas from time to time. I would like to apply for visas to foreign countries from Thailand instead of going all the way back home. I've heard that I need a more "permanent" status, like a Non-B visa. I was wondering - is it possible legally to open a company (or join an existing one as a shareholder) and get a Non-B visa - without the need of getting a Work Permit? My reasoning is that a business owner (shareholder) doesn't have to work - you have the director and staff for that. So this way I don't see the actual need for a Work Permit. Am I right/wrong?
  5. I would recommend going with their basic modem and buy a private wifi router (check for amazon reviews first). The 3bb modem's wifi sucks donkey balls. I think that the main reason they're selling 200mb packages is because they expect noone to be able use that much because of how shitty the built-in wifi is.
  6. Yeah. This one is wonderful. But you need to have your computer directly wired to the router, or use a AC router to truly enjoy the speeds.
  7. We used way over 1 gb today on the 3bb line. And the test right now (23:55) showed no throttling whatsoever. But we have the 200 Megabits line (1200 baht per month). Probably it has no throttling.
  8. 1gb per day / month or per connection?
  9. Updated for April 2017:
  10. I have access to 5 lines from different providers (3 TOT, 1 CAT and 1 3BB). I've noticed that both TOT and CAT have been slow lately, so I decided to do a real test (with using a iperf bandwidth measurement tool). It is 9pm in Samui right now. Here is what I found out: TOT and CAT suck. Horribly. They take your money and give you shitty service. I started a iperf server in Moscow and ran a iperf client from each of the 3 TOT lines and 1 CAT line. Here are the results: They throttle local and international bandwidth to 1-2 megabits (that's 125-250 kilobytes per second) during peak hours. Even though though all of my lines are around 40-80 megabits. If you tried to run through both of them, you will get FAKE results. They want you to think that you have a fast line when actually you are throttled. I suppose that they whitelisted the speedtest servers so people wouldn't complain. 3BB on the other hand is awesome. They gave me solid 12 megabits to Moscow and that's consistent throught the day. No throttling. Verdict: If you need stable international connectivity, use only 3BB. Through away TOT and CAT if you have them.
  11. Posting this here so anyone who google this can read this. I can't say for the rest of Thailand, but here on Samui - CAT and TOT are basically the same. I live in a condo and we have 4 lines coming into our load balancer - 2 TOT and 2 CAT. 1. When the international speeds go down on TOT (happens sometimes during evenings), the international speeds go down on CAT as well. 2. In the last 2 days, I've noticed problems connecting to Europe. When the Europe connection goes down on TOT, it would go down on CAT as well. I would assume that they use the same international exchange somewhere in Bangkok. But from my point of view as a customer - there is no difference between TOT and CAT.
  12. You are wrong sorry. To get a transit visa in Singapore you need to leave to a 3rd country. The airline check-in desk will not allow you to board if you don't have a visa and have a return flight to the same country. You might also encounter problems at Singapore immigration. It's better to apply online for a normal visa a few days before.
  13. Ok. We just completed a visa run: Phuket - Singapore - Phuket. We used the lowcoster JetStar. At the Phuket airport the JetStar Airline lady at the counter asked us how long we're going to stay in Singapore (1 day) and which country we're flying to next (Thailand). Then she asked for our Singapore Visa. Which we obtained through a online agent earlier that day. I assume she wouldn't let us board without it. We arrived to Singapore and had absolutely no problems at the border. Since we had no luggage, we checked in online and simply printed our boarding tickets at the kiosk in the Singapore airport the next day. No need to go to check-in desk (and possibly be questioned about a thailand visa / onward flight from Thailand). Our whole visa run took less than 24 hours.
  14. I've read online that if you enter Singapore and get a transit visa in the airport, they will not allow you to board a plane back to the same country where you came from. Weird. Any info on this?
  15. Thank you. Can you share some info on Phuket? Do they ask people to show cash or what?