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  1. Ok I’m ready to take the shitake for my comment, and being blamed as a Thai basher. As long as I don’t know the “mothers” situation and circumstances, I feel I have no right to blame her. But reading similar stories of dumped babies almost on a weekly routine, I blame the Thai society for restricting people from sexual education (deemed as immoral, e.g. no condom vendor machines at universities allowed). And I also blame the government for the lack of assistance, information, and providing social welfare in these cases, while the purchase of useless military toys to fill the pockets of some untouchables, under the lousy justification to prevent attacks from imaginary enemies, seems to have the priority.
  2. ...only in connection with consumption of your daily dose of Lao Khao!
  3. Anti-Islam extremist monk forced to disrobe

    He will have a bright career in Myanmar.
  4. So, sending refugees on boats caught in Thai territory waters back to the open sea is in line with all other ASEAN states?
  5. While foreign journalists on their way to war-torn areas (Syria) get arrested for the possession of a bullet proof west at the airport. This "we are Thai, we are the important people" mentality is (deleted) me off. Btw. isn't the trade of bullet proof wests illegal? Assuming that no temple would give out something for free...
  6. Does TAT stand for "The Alternative Truth"?
  7. Now I'm waiting for people calling for justice for the victim...
  8. Silence is golden. With his exorbitant ranking in NIDA's popularity polls I wonder what they are scared about.
  9. Prayut reaches out to Central residents

    After the frog whisperer's visit to Isan, and the unknown fate of the toad, I wouldn’t be surprised if some inhabitants of the area already left prior to the visit:
  10. Prayut reaches out to Central residents

    I don’t think he would be successful in this industry. Is there another debt-ridden rice farmer in the making? Not sure if the red shirts would welcome the new member.
  11. Prayut reaches out to Central residents

    Again someone probably has not understood the facts. To my knowledge, a referee is impartial. He directs a game according to previously defined rules (in this case, law and constitution) and not according to spontaneous ideas and rules to ensure that his favored team wins the game.
  12. Wanna go and buy shares in submarine tourism and discover the only spot where the shallow Gulf of Thailand is 68 m deep? https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/969855-thai-tourism-wants-to-open-military-facilities-to-lure-chinese-tourists/?tab=comments#comment-11640855
  13. In other words: it would only be possible if the price paid to party representatives is right.