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  1. Lupatria

    Smartphone Driver License Not Accepted By Cops

    That's why you always need two brown envelopes to be on the safe side.
  2. Lupatria

    Local residents angered over open sewer stench

    Are they hunting now for farangs who filled their canal with all kinds of waste from their illegal food stalls and sweatshops?
  3. Now I wait for a group photo of the staff waiing and explaining, we had to sell sharks on the menu because the whale was to big for our fridge.
  4. Hooray, another lousy copy from the Big Brother in our motherland: How China Is Planning to Rank 1.3 Billion People
  5. Lupatria

    NACC pledges fight against graft

    Would be interesting to know how much the budget is they received for their Master Plan, and how much will be left of it by August 2019.
  6. And nobody told him: you can't grow up by hanging yourself on a rope.
  7. Lupatria

    Smartphone Driver License Not Accepted By Cops

    Again: artificial intelligence is no substitute for natural stupidity!
  8. He would even jump on a case of shoplifting a lipstick if he thinks it would boost his image and media presence.
  9. Before he even thinks about artificial intelligence, why not coming forth with measures to fight natural stupidity? If the latter is caused by evil spirits, these guys may help:
  10. There is no hocus-pocus here! Where is 4.0 when you need it? Lai tay - the sudden death in sleep The sudden death in sleep overtakes, without any warning, young, Asian men. In Thailand, about 5,000 young men succumbed to the "lai tay" between 1981 and 1997. Nobody counted the dead in the Philippines. The scientists puzzle over the sudden dying in the bedroom. Som .... Triamchaisri, a scientist at the Mahidol University Medical School in Thailand, suspects a gene as the culprit - the one responsible for controlling the sleep phases. She knows the sudden death in sleep occurs especially among Thais, Philippines and Laotians. For more info search Google: sudden death in sleep Asian
  11. And the Oscar for humanity goes to: CANADA! Let's wait for Big Jokes next press conference when he states he was the one who made this possible... On the downturn I fear this will worsen the situation of women in Saudi Arabia.
  12. These people are eligible to vote! That's a good reason not to have an election.
  13. And soon they will start making a movie of this wonderful story. Script and music by uncle Tu and directed by Big Joke.
  14. Lupatria

    Prayut prayers ‘spare’ Thailand from Pabuk

    The Vaticong will mobilise its troops when he claims to be the representative of God on earth.