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  1. I have an idea. As it is quite common these days to make stupid people famous, he might have been awarded the "celebrity" status for being a 10 time loser in the TV-show "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?"
  2. Lupatria

    45 ladyboys arrested on Pattaya beach

    Hey guys we're set for our Saturday night out!
  3. Peter Isely, co-founder of SNAP a network of victims, said the Vatican has profound knowledge of around 5,000 clerics who abused children. But that won't keep “Francy”, self-proclaimed God's representative on earth, from traveling through the world, kissing minors on any possible occasion tzzzzzzzzzzzz
  4. Don't miss a real time update texted and send via phone, from our reporter at the scene in his car while stuck in traffic jam, caused by hundreds of cyclists.
  5. Lupatria

    Miss Universe Thailand Will Be A White Elephant

    And the committee's members voted 51:49 not to dress her in a military uniform Phew that was a close call
  6. My ex had a similar fate, she was found in a rice field and even today aged 45 the "family" demands pay back to them for their charitable deed.
  7. I'm surprised. So it's not only those pesky farangs who trample on Thailand's cops squeaky clean reputation.
  8. Tzzzzz meanwhile uncle Tu is desperately looking for skilled workers
  9. Like granny always said: "if you don't know the game, don't enter the field".
  10. Lupatria

    Agriculture initiative up for approval

    Beware! For a given reason, we announce this week’s new entries to the list of the indexed T-shirts:
  11. I learned something from this: When your family is knee deep tangled in fishy business, gather members of your village and loudly assail your direct neighbors for not cutting the lawn.
  12. Anyone else they forgot to hand out an invitation to the trough?
  13. Lupatria

    Grab launches tourist discount

    Discount for tourists? Did anyone call up the local cabbies yet to keep their weapons ready?
  14. If the "Kru" in Kru Ju Taksaporn Yodthong stands for teacher, I'm frightened too.
  15. Now I wait for the moralista to claim it happened only because the boys attended their first sexual education class and thus this kind of education needs to be suspended like the condom vending machines in universities.