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  1. What a welcomed opportunity to control and silence the media even more.
  2. Any chance to rent a shop at the terminal to sell life insurance and coverage of funeral costs?
  3. That's because nobody made illegal copies of his songs. The two that were on sale at one of the Sukhumvit vendors stalls, caught dust and were disposed in a blue trash can labelled general waste.
  4. Here is the good news for all those who will miss it, Glyphosate and Paraquat supply is not affected due to "government" OK based on Thai scientist's clearance certificate.
  5. Could be the job of Thai amateur surgeons of one of these unlicensed clinics...
  6. He probably ignored the warning: "finish your drink, I hear banjos!"
  7. Shouldn't it read: invites public to take part and conform?
  8. Here is hansom man at work: Dear Yum, can't wait any longer to receive your money and love you looong time. With love your Nigerian allround scammer.
  9. It gets even weirder. Shortly before, Musk mentioned in a tweet that the British diver was living in Thailand - calling it "suspicious". I wonder how the "authorities" here will digest this?
  10. Lupatria

    Phuket hit as Chinese cancel room bookings

    The only things the Army has under control in this country are the mechanisms to keep the trough.
  11. What specific value do school directors give to schools? Here an example how they start their daily routine, as long as they didn't get stuck in traffic at early hours:
  12. What could be expected when "amatuer doctors" snatched the treatment and claim to be capable to conduct the rehab?
  13. No problem, just stick to the approved method to pay them for their vote.
  14. Lupatria

    Thai Gov’t monitoring online information

    Pretty brave statement from a guy who spread fairy tales about his watches.