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  1. Where? At Sukhumvit soi 4, 6 and 8?
  2. Often there are unforeseen adverse circumstances e.g. if you reside in a rural area and there is neither an ATM or a motorbike taxi to find one in sight.
  3. Corruption’s escape routes closing one by one

    The problem is, some of them have a toll booth at the end allowing the influential to continue their journey.
  4. If 1.600 generals have an extended family circle of 62.5 dependent members, the figure may be true.
  5. No change in economic team: PM Prayut

    Never change a winning horse?
  6. Now, someone have to remove the price tags again.
  7. Sinister motive seen in move to empower Isoc

    An infamous Austrian, former greeting card designer, would be proud of the development. Wait until they read the chapter of his book, regarding concentration camps.
  8. Yeah! Give the guys at the helm the names they deserve and enhance your circle of friends in jail, while you wait for a positive response to your asylum application as a political refugee in NK. On the bright side: you won't share the cell with these pesky, greedy guys selling (child)porn CD's in the streets and markets.
  9. Were there any family members at the army's playground when he died? And where do the collected organs go, in the trash can or for sale on the very lucrative organ market? If this procedure is in line with the law, than it is a license for legal organ trade without need to have an organ donor card, or consent of family members.
  10. Police learn how to investigate, in Phuket

    So its clear- they sent them off to run without teaching them how to walk.
  11. Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful.
  12. Why? The country is already in the top ranks. Maybe the disciplines are worldwide not well recognized: Road accidents Road rage Illegal (unregistered) weapons Monk scams Corruption Oh and before I forget - fruit carving
  13. Isn't it a bit like stirs fears of expected daylight tomorrow?
  14. Illegal taxi and tour operators, bars and hotels, clinics, casinos, illegal fishing, deforestation, land-grab, fake cops and military. Isn't it good to know there is a complete legitimate government as a tower of strength, taking care of all this and bring happiness to the people?
  15. Thai masseuses warned about Korean sex networks

    I miss the argument: they are substandard compared with the local ones.