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  1. Another plot to delay poll?

    And the news is???
  2. The well of 'inactive posts' never runs dry.
  3. Sometimes lightening strikes the right barn!
  4. Hey Cosimo, here's my advice: BRAIN - Don't leave your cozy home in Italy without it!
  5. What is the difficulty collecting alms and money without being stoned? And what "work" are you referring to? I don't think reports about 'High Times' at the temple are news anymore.
  6. ...and most of all ignore the 'selfinistas' taking photos and turn the other way! Respect young lady!
  7. Who is to blame, when two greedy parties fall for each other?
  8. As much as I respect what he is doing, I fear we may forget that he is actually taken away a job and responsibility from a Thai(government).
  9. There won't be any tourists. The area will be overcrowded by locals hoping to get a free skin bleaching.
  10. Last week we read more than 600.000 will lose their jobs due to automation. So, for more and more youngsters and underprivileged the solution to buy a pair of badly needed brand name jeans is: rob before you shop! That's the price of consumerism.
  11. Crocodile bites Phuket trainer during show

    Bystanders heard the croc whisper: "enough is enough!"
  12. They are just using the Thailand 4.0 program to upgrade the balcony jumps.
  13. About a million civil servants and army staff were ordered to join the “Thai Niyom” program?
  14. Maybe its the other way around once China's railway to the Indian Ocean is completed?
  15. You got no job? You lack basic common sense, and are a tried and true 'break failure enthusiast'? Congrats Somchai you are hired !