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  1. why are they getting so smart now? Because the are the only beneficiaries of the local education system. They call it 'Mosquito 4.0'
  2. Lupatria

    Court Verdict On Prayuth’s Coup Due Next Month

    It would also be the first time if he becomes a coup-maker on an inactive post.
  3. Thai students have to answer in the O-NET exams. The question most talked about this year appeared in the Health Education exam which M.6 students took just took on 19 February. Q2: If you have a sexual urge, what must you do? a) Call friends to go play football. 10 boys! It only happened because the goal keeper didn't show up
  4. Lupatria

    Phuket City of Gastronomy event June 1-5, 2018

    Clean up expected to be finished after the next election.
  5. Lupatria

    Blown pump fuse blamed for sewage spill

    Time for a new heroic soap opera. Title: "The Myth of Maintenance"
  6. It happens at Bangkok's Surasak BTS station every day twice. While the cops take a nap in their aircon booth 50 m away.
  7. More a plot for a Mickey Mouse episode your kids will tell you it is unrealistic.
  8. Beware of your neighbors! Must have been a tip off by the old cleaning lady.
  9. Didn't Buddha teach the sacrifice of privileges?
  10. Sometimes education pays- even here
  11. At least they are not fighting for free and fair elections.
  12. ...and there is already a stampede of regular cops applying for positions with the immigration police, because it is much more convenient (air conditioned) and lucrative. Problem is, only a few will pass the required English test which is pretty tough.
  13. 1,000 of them joined because of complementary water, coffee, ball pens and the music.
  14. She should have switched to the Glyphosat and Paraquat business, it's much more profitable and legal. But maybe she can note compete with the 'influential' poison mixers running the show.