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  1. Michelin - the NIDA of gastronomy.
  2. …and this clown gets his salary in a gift wrap?
  3. Only the fourth guy from the left had the guts to look up to the balconies where underage hookers and lady boys watch, and wait for the brass band parade to pass by.
  4. Due to the poor condition of the patient, however, further complications may occur at any time, necessitating further surgical interventions, and thus delaying a complete recovery...
  5. If you run over a kid while driving drunk, you'll get away with less. Regarding the identity of the woman: I'm sure it's my mother-in-law. The photo was taken by her husband, and posted on the web by my brother-in-law. Contact me for address and phone numbers. Btw. 5 years sounds OK to me.
  6. Lupatria

    Supreme Patriarch spared asset rule

    I already hear the oranges chanting in the temples: "Saved by the bell..."
  7. After their announcement Pattaya is prostitution-free there must be a surrogate source of income. In the unlikely event someone get caught in illegal activities they are working on solutions:
  8. ...and the restaurant car will be a 7/11
  9. Looks like a desperate attempt to get a photo session with Big Joke
  10. Lupatria

    Lessons Thailand can learn from Germany

    Too bad there are two major obstacles to adopt even some aspects of Germany’s Constitutional Court and learn a lesson: Thais don't take lessons or even advice from foreigners (see flood prevention) This is Thailand and all western systems don't work here, as long as they leave little room for corruption and nepotism.
  11. ...after we put our highly motivated, and qualified nurse sister "Endnow" (verbal translation) in charge:
  12. According to statistics of 2014, an average of 87 cases of sexual violence against women and children per day are reported in Thailand – i.e. one case every 15 minutes. Officially, the number for 2013 was 31.866. The number of unreported cases from the category Tyrannosaurus Sex is correspondingly higher! And to cope with the country's hub of hubs status, domestic violence increased by 30.8 percent between 2009 and 2012. Sorry, I couldn’t find newer stats. In a former post I mentioned Big Joke may declare Thailand a rape-free zone, looks like he found somebody else to do the job.
  13. Lupatria

    Migrant workers’ Bangkok brawl leaves one dead

    Probably both Myanmar and Thailand: Teacher probed after Buri Ram boy allegedly beaten