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  1. If you are stopped by traffic police @ Pattaya

    I was 108 in the queue.
  2. Tailored Shirts

    Thank you. I wandered into Suit Mark today. I found them very helpful and friendly. Got by with my limited Thai and their limited English. Asked the price for one shirt and was told by the lady 600 Baht.... that was my top line so I asked for 500 Baht each If I bought 10. After a quick discussion with her husband? they agreed. They had a better range of materials than my previous tailor on Second Road and I finished up ordering 12 shirts. First fitting on Friday.
  3. Foreign currency account kasikorn

    The Bangkok Bank product is the best I have seen. A friend speaks highly of Krungsri..
  4. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    China, of course, is also outside the EU. Production has followed cheap Labour areas since the dawn of man. Hmmm... dealing with China or the UK for high spec manufacturing. Well, Brougton is close to the Welsh border but I don’t think they produce fake eggs or stick melamine into food products..
  5. Maybe ask him to remove the freeze on pension increases for UK Expats in Thailand.......
  6. If if you are averse to traveling (twice) to Bangkok you can pay an agent to process for you.
  7. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Don't flatter him......
  8. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    A far more relevant statistic than simple debt/capita.
  9. I have no experience of any estate funds being remitted out of Thailand - every situation that I have seen has involved expats who have created wealth in their home countries and retired here.. There should be no legal issues in remitting estate funds out of Thailand once Probate has been obtained - it is the practical process that may be of concern to me. The general advice to have a Will for Thailand and a Will for elsewhere is sound. Having the assets relating to those Wills in those respective countries is equally sound advice. If you can't achieve that, and the assets warrant it, having the right Thai lawyer (and executor) is essential. It comes down to who do you want to trust your money to... For my UK Will the executor is my ex-wife...............I would trust her more than any Thai lawyer. She is also the arbiter of whether my Thai partner receives a payment from the UK - my death has to be from natural causes...