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  1. You can't accuse Fulham chairman Shahid Khan of being indecisive - put him in charge of Brexit negotiations! Fulham have sacked manager Slavisa Jokanovic and replaced him with Claudio Ranieri, who guided Leicester to the Premier League title in 2016. Jokanovic makes way with the Cottagers sitting bottom of the Premier League table with five points from 12 matches. Italian Ranieri, 67, has been given a "multi-year" contract by the Londoners. "Making a change without having the right answer or succession plan was not an option," said Fulham chairman Shahid Khan. "So having someone of Claudio's calibre ready to accept our challenge was comforting but, most of all, essential. "Claudio is risk-free and ready-made for the Premier League, and particularly so for what we need at this moment at Fulham. "His recent body of work with Leicester City is literally legendary, and then you look at Claudio's experience with Chelsea and big clubs throughout Europe, and it's pretty evident we are welcoming an extraordinary football man to Fulham Football Club." Khan said he and his son Tony Khan, the club's vice chairman and director of football operations, spoke with a number of potential candidates over the past week. "It is an honour to accept Mr Khan's invitation and opportunity to lead Fulham, a fantastic club with tradition and history," said Ranieri, who spent last season in charge of French club Nantes. "The objective at Fulham should never be to merely survive in the Premier League. We must at all times be a difficult opponent and should expect to succeed. "This Fulham squad has exceptional talent that is contrary to its position in the table." Ranieri's first game in charge will see Fulham host Southampton at Craven Cottage on Saturday, 24 November. "I know this team is very capable of better performances, which we will work on straight away as we prepare for Southampton at the Cottage," he added. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/46205801?ns_linkname=sport&ns_source=facebook&ns_campaign=bbc_match_of_the_day&ns_mchannel=social&fbclid=IwAR2bKgJg9UZ_yELaRrQkmi_j9asecP85HU2MpshaflsrXQshTNdhNHlyGEs
  2. Typical Remoaner trying to put the blame on Westminster when the responsibility lies with the EU
  3. I was thinking more of Knob...... (maybe the same.........)
  4. Spot on.... There is, perhaps, also a third group - or maybe a sub-division of the first group - and I met some of them in the UK recently. They are remain voters who not only respect the outcome of the vote but are also deeply offended by the way the EU has acted in these negotiations. Like most of us there is little credit given to the UK government. However, it is the actions of the EU that they were most intent on talking about and a number of them said that if there was another referendum they would vote Leave.
  5. Jip99

    Sourdough bread... where's the good stuff?

    Do you have a link for those health benefits ?
  6. Jip99

    Executor of Will

    I would suggest that you ask the lawyer who you will need to use to obtain Probate. (I make the assumption that you are a westerner)
  7. More claptrap. Patriots don't have to be warmongers. A sensible military budget is what is required.
  8. YAWN!, after YAWN! after YAWN! This poster adds nothing to the discussions except self-pitying whinging...
  9. Why is it that I feel uncomfortable about the mother bowling up to Suvarnabhumi airport with 2 kids - one part-cripple (apparently on overstay) and a 4 year old - expecting to sail through immigration.