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  1. Are you Scottish by any chance ?
  2. Just had a month back there as part of a 10 week escape from Thailand. The snow on the Cairngorms at the end of March and walking the fells in the Lake District in June was worth the trip. Those events were split by 6 weeks on the Costa Blanca. A perfect split for me would be 3 months in the UK, 3 months in Spain and 6 months Thailand.
  3. the smart ones arrived in the 1990's...
  4. Jip99

    FINE for no helmet

    400 Baht. There is a tariff sheet on the wall at soi9 police station.
  5. Jip99

    Is there a law in Thailand about such behaviour?

    Same as my recollection.....commercial law.
  6. Only if you are a complete arse!
  7. https://www.thaiembassy.sg/visa-matters-/-consular/bringing-currency-in-or-out-of-thailand
  8. I disagree about Hoi An - mine, and other posters’, experiences are far more positive. Like the look of your recommendation though.
  9. Farce......is a word that springs to mind.
  10. Jip99

    Cured of drinking Chateau Chunder.

    At the new prices it is unlikely that I will continue to buy the wine boxes. I will seek alternatives.