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  1. The SMS system simply relate to advice of a decision having been made....... same with the email advice. The tracking system allows you to follow the EMS progress from Bangkok to your home town - that enables you to go to the post office to collect your passport/papers without waiting for the postman to turn up when it suits them. As Old Git says, the passport is usually posted the day after notification of the decision having been made. I have seen one case where it was returned by the embassy to VfS and posted EMS the same day.
  2. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Obviously you mix with the wrong people.... whingers probably. That was not my experience in East Anglia, the North West and Nottinghamshire.... most people I spoke to were prospering with the only complainers being those dealing in property where rule changes were nothing to do with Brexit.
  3. Don muang airport car parking charges

    Parking at Don Muaeng is usually a bitch. I hope you have a small car.... There is the usual double parking that you see at Thai shopping malls.I prefer parking above ground in the small multi-stores some 2/300 metres after domestic departures. I would recommend that you speak with one the attendants to explain that you are only parking for 15 hours.
  4. Yes it is. Statistics suggest Thailand has the second worst road death rate in the world. Places like Saigon etc seem manic but they usually driver slower and suffer Les deaths.
  5. Is TVF exceptionally slow today?

    This forum needs some serious attention. Friends on mobile only have gone away
  6. Baked beans.

    Certainly less sweet than the standard Ayam beans.
  7. This doesn't sound like a disaster.... http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/justin-trudeau-theresa-may-canada-brexit-trade-deal-ceta-ottawa-a7954366.html
  8. He can't. Like many losers he can only resort to cheap - and meaninglessness - insults.
  9. Does that mean your leaving................................. ?
  10. Finally, you are grasping it....
  11. Stamp the new one. The old one can't used for travel.
  12. Strange how some us (52% of those who voted) have a completely different mental picture of that cat and mouse.
  13. Premier Prediction Comp

    Bugger! How the mighty are fallen....... get to the top, then a pants week of 9 points !!