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    iPhone 6/6 Plus in Thailand

    I can wait, in 2 weeks prices should go down. Last year I sold my iPad 4 (1 year old) in europe, and for the same price I bought new iPad Air in bkk. Maybe I will do the same with iPhone this year.
  2. skinny500

    iPhone 6/6 Plus in Thailand

    In few days it should be possible, to buy iPhone 6/6 Plus in places like Pantip Plaza (imported from Hongkong). Maybe even today or tomorrow. If you will see iP6 in Thailand , you can write about it here (where, what model, price).
  3. skinny500

    Nikon D810

    Of course you can link :) 105 000 thb is not so bad. Better then I thought.
  4. skinny500

    Nikon D810

    In 2 days Nikon D810 should be in shops. Anybody know price in Thailand?