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  1. fyrekrig

    Linux user in Phuket

    Hi. I am new to Linux and want to learn more. Like to hook up with pros and newbies in Phuket I live in Phuket Town/Panwa area. If anybody interested give me a shout!
  2. Phuket Immigration has again changed the rules regarding picture of applicant in front of registered address. Now they send an Immgration officer to check and take picture!! Will it ever end? We are retirees not criminals on parole!
  3. I tried to add photos. Did not work!
  4. We have six puppies from a German Shepard/Rotweiler mother and German Shepard farther that needs new homes. Please let me know if anybody interested. We live in Phuket
  5. fyrekrig

    Pets For Sale Or For Free

    Looking for german shepard or doberman mix (puppies) preferable in Phuket but will consider travelling.
  6. Sorry for this post. My firewall was playing up!
  7. fyrekrig

    Apple Os X On Your Pc

    not really, it took some effort to get my Nvidia card to work and as time goes by more and more of the intial hardware and driver problems are being solved. Lots of reasons to why I prefer XP.
  8. fyrekrig

    Tot Adsl Server Problems

    pomthai... my speed DROPS 60-70% resulting in speeds around 160-170 kb/s! Please PM me if you want to share more details of your TOT ADSL experience.
  9. fyrekrig

    Tot Adsl Server Problems

    Where in Phuket are you located? I have two TOT 512/256 accounts and are connected to the Ao Makham DSLAM. Last weekend the problem was somewhere on the link to Bangkok because I could ping my first hop. Then on monday afternoon I lost everything except my ADSL signal. After contacting TOT I was told the transmission was down from the Ao Makham exchange. Service was restored yesterday afternoon. However speeds are only acceptable during early hours of the day, after 10.00 and through the rest of the day my speeds drop 60-70%. If you think this is my first problem with TOT ADSL, think again. During the 3 years I have been a subscriber I have never had a full month of uninterrupted service. If it is not my lines or the DSLAM or the link to Bangkok it is something else that does not work. As for an emergency crew for the weekends, keep dreaming...
  10. fyrekrig

    Apple Os X On Your Pc

    I am sure some of you who visits this forum already know that it is now possible to run your PC either with AMD or Intel (X86) processors with Apple OS X operation system. For all of you who want to try it out head over to http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page. There you will find all the information and help you need. I have just set up on old harddrive with a dual boot of OS X (Tiger) and Vista. Everything works fine but when it comes to my daily work I still prefer my Windows XP.
  11. fyrekrig


    Lordful, can I suggest a few online stores you can trust and I dealt with over a number of years. The prices are a little bit higher than what you see at thanni.com but if you have any problem you are sure to get professional help. http://www.7daysit.com/home.php (Part of Com7 group) http://www.busitek.com/
  12. fyrekrig


    After weeks of trying they finally manage to come back with an one liner! "RMA pending" and refusing to give out a telephone number! What a company!
  13. fyrekrig


    Did you ever had to return any goods to them? Did you ever seek any support? Yes, they are really "weird" !
  14. fyrekrig


    Anybody happens to have a phone number to this online store? I have a RMA stuck there for one month now and they refuse to reply to my e-mails. No telephone number given on their web site! One can only speculate to reason for that. Whatever you do avoid this company at all costs!
  15. fyrekrig

    Purchasing Hardware Online In Thailand

    This is my recommendations for whatever it is worth. 7daysIT is excellent. Quick delivery and professional response in times of problem. Warranty and exchange of faulty products very efficient. This is what you would expect as they are the retail arm of distributor/agent Com7 www.thanni.com I have only used once and will NEVER try again. Despite preferred shipping companies listed on their web site , and requested with my order, they sent the goods with some obscure shipping company I had to track down myself after a long delay as they were not responding to my e-mails! When one of the part needed warranty repair it took a week to issue a RMA. Have not received the goods back yet!!!