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  1. cordaci

    Non O Penang.

    It doesn't mean that. I have always extended it by 60 days after the first 90 days ran out. i was talking about getting divorced after I got the visa...
  2. cordaci

    Non O Penang.

    Do you extend this visa after 3 months at local immigration? also what happens if say I want to extended it but I already divorced :)
  3. Just got one but payed roughly double the normal price at one of the agents. had no docs except my passport and marriage cert, no bank book or tamien baan.
  4. cordaci

    Broke In Thailand Living On $300 Per Month

    THe guy is legit, he has a blog on the poker forums. Wish him luck and hope he gonna make it, it isn't so hard as it seems. I live on 150 k bahts/month income only from poker btw and there are guys who make much more around
  5. Damn, she is fit, happy she got rescued Wouldnt mind boyfriend spending few more days in the wilderness
  6. cordaci

    Non O multiple, Penang ?

    Done this 2 months ago. Forgot my bank book at home just showed a bank statement for last six months showing around 100k/month income, no funds in the bank. Very easy.
  7. [email protected] Phuket and no mafia. Op i lived in both, currently in Samui. I find it more relaxed here also the scenery is better. We have some really awesome beaches around the island. Price wise they are very similar. Pretty much more expensive than anywhere in thai but still decent by western standards. Lamai for example has the perfect balance between hookers/nightlife/peacefull life.
  8. you will get the tourist visa, i had absolutely no problem
  9. Op you could train this train that just stopped here. Doubt you will have many problems
  10. Btw. Im in the train station now and 3 trains heading from south to bkk are 250 minutes late ) Mine only 45 mins so far
  11. Took the train 10 times during last year, mostly bkk-surat thani and st-penang. I am just waiting for the train in the station at the moment. Bored in surat thani station like a fat kid with a plate of carrots. They are gonna sell beer in the train when you are 1st class, they gonna come whisper if you want some Good cause you have the little sink you can pee in at 1st class, dont have to go 20 times to the bathroom. Also smoking in the bathroom of 2nd class is pretty standard, not so much in the 1st class carriage.
  12. Any more info on this ? Just bought train ticket to penang, I am on ED visa for 9 months but not gonna extend it anymore, looking to get a tourist visa from there. I also had 3 tourist visas from Penang before i got my ED visa.
  13. Got super drunk before christmas and bought ex falang gf bussiness class to come see me here in thai Obv massive regret next day when i woke up. Had the best holidays ever with her and thai gf sleeping same bed. So stop beeing a cheap <deleted> and buy your gf a plane ticket. Can prob find offers for like 500€ or so 2 way if you know where to look. Oh and stop listening to old rusty expats on tv lol. YOLO bro.