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  1. I got Married in 2014, and part of it was to prove 40.000 baht income or more pr month. This was amphoe pak kret nonthaburi that ask for it. The Danish Embassy know about this from other Danish people that have same problem before me, from other place in Thailand, And therefor have put my income in the paper saying i was able to Married and have a income "My amount pr month". So it is not new, Well not for me anyway.
  2. Thanks for that Infomation. Did mine 90 days online yesterday, And got Approved today (15 Dec 2016) And have problem print it. Look in this post and found you help. I have to try to open next appointment 4-5 times before open correct.
  3. Little "strange". When we move to Bang Saen back in 2015 i give Sri Racha TM.28 and TM.30, I was giving back TM.30, Not need. When we did my Married-Extension this year, I again have TM.30 with me, Again it was giving back to me, And was told no need to bring every time, This office don´t want TM.30.. Well next year when time come, I bring a TM.30 again, I want to be sure i have one, If they change there minds.
  4. At Nonthaburi Immigration (happy i move away), They 2 times we have to do Married-Extension there. 1 picture outside condo tower show condo tower name. 1 picture front of apartment door showing apartment number, where i live door didn't have number, so we have to print the number and put next to door. 1 picture sit on bed together. 1 picture in living room, have tv in it. As we was sitting on the couch and tv on the left side of picture, We have to redo that one, As in Thailand picture of living room and TV, people have to sit on the floor next to the tv. 1 picture of kitchen showing the refrigerator. We have to redo this one, As the wife and i was standing 1 meter away from the refrigerator, We have to stand next / up against the refrigerator. 1 picture from when we first meet in Thailand. 1 picture from wedding party, As we have no party, Immigration say okay for picture from pre-wedding pictures. 1 picture of wife family in our apartment. 2 pictures from 2 different vacation. We use from vacation / trip in Thailand. So a total of 10 pictures for Nonthaburi Immigration office. The second time we did the Married-Extension we have all the pictures ready, But that year, we get send home again, and have to zoom in 5-10% on 1 picture, and come back. So i am happy we move away. Si Racha immigration we give 6 pictures, And they didn't care that much about them.
  5. @Performance Let your wife find the witness, take her a few minute, max 30 minute. Many Thai are very open and social, love to "chit chat" and help out. If need little ekstra, Say you give some food when done with Immigration, Thai love food !!! The witness don´t need to be able to speak English, only Thai to the Immigration office. I never have problems find help where i live, but i am nice to the staff, give desert, open door, help the cleaning people with garbage, give little "bonus" to them all, around new year. Food, dessert, fruit and so on. Small stuff, but they all remember me. When Immigration come, They call your wife a few days before to set a date and time for the meeting. Again, Immigration are very nice about it, and ask when i be good you for the home visit. So first time Immigration come and people in our building hear it, 8-10 people come to help out. Kindly.
  6. I done 3 Married-Extension and have 3 home visit. 2 at Nonthaubri Immigration, and last one here at Si Racha Immigration (Chonburi). At Nonthaburi we live in condo, So we use office staff, the guard(s) or the cleaning people. At Si Racha Immigration we have to take witness to Immigration office. A few question to the witness about us, Them see us together, How long them know us, They know we live as married people and so on. Immigration take picture of witness ID-Card. maybe 5 minute. At Si Racha Immigration copy of witness ID-Card and house book. At the home visist: A few question for the wife and i, How long in thailand, How long together, when we start living together and so on. Take a few pictures in our place, a few pictures where 1 Immigration office is in the picture. And one outside condo tower with Immigration office. And now, one outside our house with Immigration office. Around 15-20 min. And when finish, more time for Chit Chat about every thing. It is very relaxing, And i have no problem with it. Do not fell " invasion of privacy " Si Racha Immigration told me, home visit every year, So next year again, and yes, They very welcome here.
  7. First 3 years i was on ED-Extension in Nonthaburi. Immigration come to our school to see if we come, Immigration test us at the school, And this is back in 2011. Then we got Married in 2014 and i change to Married-Extension all so at Nonthaburi. First time i go there like 28 days before, Immigration check all our paper work, Say every thing okay, Come back aroun 7-10 days before, We Don´t do them so early. When we return Immigration ask why my income letter was so "old" (around 6 week) i say i was ask to come back. And i was told, income letter not more the 30 days, Remember next year i was told. Nonthaburi Immigration all so wanted bank book to support (prove) i send money into Thailand every month. The amount have to be minimum 40.000 baht per month. Nonthaburi Immigration all so do home visit every year, When they come they take picture in all the rooms with us. Ask a lot of questions, where we meet, how long together, when we start living like husband and wife, about my wife familie and more. 2 witnesses the give ID-Card and answer a lot of questions about us, how long the know us, if they know how long we stay together and more. 2015 at Nonthaburi every paper correct but they wanted 1 picture zoom little bit more in on the door number to the condo. Home visit Ask us a lot of questions again same as year before, this time only 1 witnesses ask a lot of questions. We move to Bang Saen later in 2015 so therefor here in 2016 my Married-Extension was at Si Racha Immigration. So nice here, Immigration so kind here, Very nice and polite people we talk to here. Here they want us to bring 2 witnesses to Immigration, No problem for us, But we have to return as we didn't know before we go there. Immigration very relax about the paper work, fine fine, That okay, No problem and so on. We return later with 2 witnesses, Immigration ask them how long they know us, Answer around 4 years, Thanks that all. He he to bring 2 witnesses for that, fell a little "Stupid", But no problem. Home visit, I was told normal they come same day as one apply, But the women was not free before Sunday, So was it okay to come on a Sunday she ask, Sure no problem for us. She come and take 1 picture with us outside our house, when the house number is on the picture, that all, take not more then 1 minute total. Sure Immigration office, my wife, and our neighbor start chit chat after that for around 45 min. he he Bonus for me at Si Racha Immigration, I was told when i turn 50 year (very soon) i can change my Married-Extension to Retirement-Extension, No problem, Easy for me, easy for them. I ask same at Nonthaburi Immigration before we move and was told i need to leave Thailand and get a new NoN O before apply for a 1 year Retirement-Extension, Because i have change reason once from ED-Extension to Married-Extension so i was not able to change again. So i are very happy here at Si Racha Immigration, And Online 90 days works here all so, Report online morning, have new slip evening, Very fast service for 90 days online here.
  8. Phone the Immigration office and ask them. The one time mine (Nonthaubri) didn't come back in time, My Thai wife phone them and ask. And Nonthaburi Immigration look in the IT system, and told her they post it day before we call, so on the way. It can give you some peace in mind to know every thing is fine... Kindly.
  9. Since we start to book in my Thai Wife Name, She show her Thai ID Card when we come to hotel, And that is. I have not show my passport the last 2 years this way, all over Thailand we have gone. But if OP don´t have Thai wife / GF he can´t do this...
  10. If it was me, I find on the internet print able consonant & vowels table. So you can lean how to write them, and getting to know the names of them. Everyone can do that them self. I know not everyone like to sit and write over pre-printe letter, But i think it is the way to do it, It work for me after all... But it is good and fast way to learn it. All so the flashcard with consonant & vowels is very good for your memory, Many game can be play. So it can be fun and you learn same time. Maybe learn to put the consonant into the correct group (Lower - mid - high) all so easy to learn you self, and make write / read easy. If you don´t have to learn that first with a teacher. There is no need to pay someone for this part. It only take time, practice and some memory to get that. When you get the hang of it. Go to a Real school / Universitet at look for a a Real teacher to help you out. I am sure someone like to make some ekstra money. Kindly.
  11. Google it and one can read many page write up to 70%, 40 - 70 %, 50 - 70%. And number can go down the longer time it go. So it was not that fare off what i was told. (Think i was told) The Doctor i use told me Chance to get kid(s) again if one day i want tube back together, And I know what chance mean. Chance are not Guarantee. And i can live with that. One can all ways if not 100% sure, Not sure about the furture, Get some sperm frozen down for later.
  12. 42.. no kids never have them and never want them. I will see if they refuse me or not. Strange that they want you to have kids before doing this. But then again nothing surprises me in Thailand and if it was 25K id go for it I got it done i 2011 as 41 years old, And i have no kids, and don´t want kids. I got it done at Yanhee hospital Bangkok. There is 2 option: #1 The cheap one around 5.000 - 6.000 baht for it all, But this option you can´t get the "tubs" put back together again, If one day you regret your choice and want kids. #2 8.000 - 9.000 baht and this one if you regret your choice, The can put the tube back together again, and there is if i remember correct 80% chance you can make kids again. I chose #2 as one never know 100% if things change, And i think it is good to have the chance to if i one day regret my choice. And don´t cost that much more. I think it is around 30-45 days after you get the operation you have to come back, Give a sperm sample to test to see if it work correct. Please remember price is from 2011, So have no idea what the price is today. Kindly.
  13. Nearly 6 years in Thailand, And i think i have cancel 5-6 time with True Internet as i have move a lot around. All contract have being for 12 month, But one can cancel after 6 month pay. They do the 12 month contract as one "normal" signup and get that and that promotion. Like where i live now, My 12 month is all much finish, And i am ask to come to shop again to signup for new 12 month as True Internet have new promotion. Every single time i cancel my contract, The True shop i go too to cancel have giving me paper saying. I being at XXXX shop on XX-XX-XXX date talking to "name of person i talk too" to cancel my internet. The cancel date will be on XX-XX-XXXX. This have being in Bangkok and Nonthaburi area i live. If one don´t have "proof" of cancel, one might have problems. Only infomation giving here.
  14. You seem to of been living in the wrong places. The majority of offices only do a home visit for the first extension and some have you bring witnesses instead of doing the home visit. I have done 8 extensions based upon marriage and have never had a home visit. For the first extension we took letters from the local police to immigration after the application was accepted. At Nonthaburi it is home visits every year, and when Immigration come, you need to find 2 witnesses to come and talk to the Immigration. Picture of the witnesses ID-Card, The use 1 A4 paper per witnesses for questions, and 2-3 A4 for the wife and me. Asking where and how we meet, how long together, About wife family and so on. Take pictures of us in all the rooms, outside door, outside condo tower, This one have one of the Immigration office in the pictures. Even so we give them 6 picture that have all that, plus copy of the 6 pictures. Bang Saen (Si Racha Immigration) you bring 2 witnesses to the Immigration office with you when apply for a 1 year Married-Extension, Then they come for a home visits. Here this part is very easy, 1 picture in front of our house with the Immigration office, That it, take maybe 1 min total. Beside the chit chat about every thing else then Married-Extension. But all in all, It is okay, It is only once a year, So i don´t really mind it, And it is my option now... A few more years before i can use Retirement-Extension. And i think i am going to change when time come, Si Racha Immigration told me very easy to change to Retirement-Extension, Less paper work, change reason to stay from Married to Retirement that it. So that good news. Nonthaburi Immigration have told me i need to leave Thailand to get a new NoN O Visa before i can get Retirement-Extension. Well time is going to show me if it is easy or not to change here at Si Racha Immigration.
  15. 3 home visit, 2 in Nonthaburi they do it every year. This year here in Bang Saen, they told me, they come every year all so. Never pay as they told me, They get gas money and some additional money when out and control us.