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  1. cant really add to that, the guy is delusional, if he turns up at my door he will lose his second eye
  2. Start with crypto now - Should or not?

    personally I dont plan to cash out, at least not into fiat. maybe out of bitcoin to another coin if another becomes dominant
  3. its become one of the most popular ways to buy and sell fiat, simply because its so convenient to use. I know thats considered speculation, but theres also a lot of drugs bought with it, and other stuff. theres about 250000 transactions a day and its not all people shifting it around their own wallets
  4. ""It is not a store of value because it is all over the map. Nobody uses it as a medium of exchange" do your own research folks, because he obviously didnt do any
  5. Start with crypto now - Should or not?

    yes you should start now. from the start return has been 3x a year, since Japan went legal in april its been 8x and shows no sign of slowing. sure some people lost out, those that bought in Dec and Jan, 2 months out of 7 years but they will likely be in profit within a month or 2 as well. long term bitcoin is quite consistent and only likely to get more so. if s korea goes legal as appears expect that 8x profit to continue and even increase. bitcoin is in its most profitable period right now
  6. Trump had affair with Playboy model - New Yorker report

    hey, if it was good enough for jesus to hang with prostitutes then donny should be allowed to
  7. sure but in general expats and tourists have no influence on politics and harassing them will just aggravate things unnecessarily for them and cost them income. if you mean by staying under the radar not attending political rallies I agree but otherwise I dont think there is much to fear
  8. Bank of Thailand

    pretty similar to the previous ban from memory
  9. Crypto Currencies

    as far as fees go competition works both ways so fees could just as well go down, as well as things like lightning network coming in. you can check how long a transaction will take when you make it, always been accurate enough for me. as far as darknet markets they have grown hugely since silkroad days and continue to grow, as far as I know the majority of trades are still done using bitcoin but whatever they all use cryptos
  10. Crypto Currencies

    I dont think you are right about fees, the thing is if you are paying a premium as $55 it would be for a fast transfer, I never saw it get that high, its about $2 now but you can pay less if you dont mind waiting a few hours or a day, its predictable and should be made easier to calculate in wallets and a $2 fee is still too high altho fine if you are transferring thousands. I dont think you are right about the darkmarkets either, that accounts for millions a day and growing altho probably a small portion of the total and it might change to another coin eventually, monaro perhaps
  11. Crypto Currencies

    yes but thats the exchange fee, they probably charge that for all currencies, in any case if you were using it as a payment system you wouldnt have that fee
  12. Crypto Currencies

    you can be sure some coin will eventually, and I think bitcoin fees are cheaper already if you are sending amounts larger then several hundred dollars
  13. Crypto Currencies

    I think you are overdramatizing it a little. Most of these things arent happening in practice, in fact it works pretty well, its ease of use is part of the reason it has become so popular for speculation. admittedly bitcoin fees have been too high lately if you want a fast transaction and are still high but that is being worked on and Im sure will be resolved eventually altho it wont necessarily be bitcoin that does it
  14. Crypto Currencies

    what problem is that?
  15. Crypto Currencies

    fiat has value because its easier then bartering. cryptos will be easier and cheaper then fiat, maybe not now but eventually, which is why they have value