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    possibly relevant https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2018-06-19/goldman-s-blankfein-says-he-s-not-worried-about-cryptocurrencies-in-systemic-way-video
  2. to give you an idea the medium size of a transaction is about 220 bytes. fees did hit something like $57 at the peak of the bubble (for a fast transaction, even then you could send with a low fee and it will still work just takes longer ) but changes have been made since then and more will be coming, its a work in progress. Its still at testing stage but it looks like transactions will soon be able to be done instantly for about 0.1c using lightnting network. Its difficult to see how any other form of currency will be able to compete with that. I guess everyone has their own opinion. Mine is ... its close to buy in time folks
  3. 1) yes its all recorded but no its not unmanageable and wont wont use all the worlds electricity. (consider that currently all bank transactions are already all recorded and nobody is fear mongering about that) 2) currently it costs about 10c for a bitcoin transaction and that is likely to drop to about 0.1c as lightning network becomes more common
  4. Im not sure if its genuine ignorance or an attempt at spin but either way this article doesnt inspire trust in traditional banking, rather it makes them look like desperation is setting in. I will say tho, full marks for not mentioning tulips
  5. there is no "they" in Cambodia, its an oligarchy thats received a lot of money and backing from the US and other western countries, until recently anyway.
  6. sure but they have no way to police it, and its too late anyway, singapore, japan, switzerland have already legalized it and others are following
  7. damn, there goes my plans of invading Cambodia
  8. other way round, all central banks will do it the the public will realize they can just use bitcoin instead
  9. I think they will take anything that is free, some of them may even be computer generated. one thing cryptos have shown is how ignorant many so called financial experts are, but I guess if they werent they wouldnt have to work as journalists
  10. maybe be a scam, maybe a group of people in the basement of a pizza parlor, bla bla. do your research folks and now is a good time. Im happy holding and enjoying my early retirement but if I wasnt holding I would be close to buying in. the crypto market is very predictable and if you can't see that yet keep looking and ignore the simplistic repetitive memes posted here by the losers
  11. My holdings are just fine thank you and I dont plan on disrupting my early retirement with any balcony leaping
  12. I mean if you cant figure out if a ledger has been tampered with or how to set up your own seed then you probably shouldnt be getting involved at this stage
  13. admittedly half of them have below average IQs so that is a proplem
  14. doesnt really matter, the fact is that apart from a few like minded dictators no one is trying to emulate anything apart from his hat
  15. if you mean that hitler wanted to ban treating jews and others as humans I would have to agree. ha ha