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  1. great idea, pump it onto the beach to wash the sand away
  2. phycokiller

    27 rats caught on Pattaya Beach

    they had them but when they poisened to rats it also killed the cats anyway, the rats are there because the human dump all their food scraps there
  3. interesting, looks like a good move by the EU, even without strikes this will be a strike at the dictators ego
  4. who knows, I do my best not to look like a sorcerer but Im a little bit worried living in cambodia
  5. phycokiller

    Flooding imperils Pattaya Beach rebuild

    actually they did, a few years ago, at central and north anyway. they just dont work very well
  6. phycokiller

    Flooding imperils Pattaya Beach rebuild

    unusual concept, you would think they had already noticed the beach washing away but some additional monitoring might make them a little more confident of their observations
  7. cry me a mekong river
  8. phycokiller

    More than 10,000 drug suspects nabbed

    while I agree I dont think asian countries have any monopoly on stupidity
  9. yes, but you could use that excuse for pretty much any anti social behavior
  10. you can bet they do rob their own kind
  11. well, just to save australia having to send spies I can fill them in and save them some money. "the opposition had a public rally". really scary stuff I know, but dont worry, the government has now banned the opposition so it wont be happening again, so no need to send any more spies. hope that helps
  12. he is obviously new to pattaya, escape is pretty much assured if you can get permission to go to the toilet
  13. this is one of the stupidist things I have heard of while living in cambodia, talk about damaging Cambodia’s reputation on the world stage, pol pot sure had a big effect on the place by killing all the intelligent people, now the world can see just how stupid they really are. I hope sanctions are on the way
  14. Im still failing to see how filming an opposition rally is a threat to anything. are they worried that it might show that the rally was bigger then the media reported? I cant think of any other reason