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  1. most of this trash comes out the rivers, mostly the big one in the chonburi industrial area whose name eludes me. it only washes up on the beachs in certain conditions. theres many factories on the river because they use the water, and also its free for them to dump all their waste in it. until there is the political will to make industry spend a little extra and clean up after itself theres no end in sight
  2. why dont you just tell us how much you have lost so far?
  3. actually made more in the last week then I would have made working for 4 years, maybe stupid but it suits me fine
  4. happily retired with all my savings in bitcoin, wouldnt be retired if not for bitcoin. each to their own I guess
  5. you can buy dollars pounds and euros very easily with cryptos, thats why they are so popular
  6. what does the software in this advertisement actually do?
  7. Bitcoin trades above $5,000 for first time ever

    the crash has been coming for years now, every time the price goes up. theres a certain humor in it I guess but its funnier if you actually have some, in my experience
  8. Outliers: Living, Breathing, & Betting on Bitcoin

    In Thailand I can get bitcoin transferred into my bank account in a few minutes for usually a better then market price, if I take a little longer I can get a better price, so I dont see that as an issue. As far as it being hacked, I dont really see that happening. Sure the site I use to transfer to my bank could be hacked but its been around for 5 years or so with no issues and I dont have anything stored there so I dont see that as an issue. As far as bitcoin itself being hacked, I think the chance of that is about the same as someone hacking the bank you use and removing the funds. They both use the same crypto. If anyone cracks that bitcoin will be the least of our worries
  9. Outliers: Living, Breathing, & Betting on Bitcoin

    a bitcoin looks like $4800 in your bank account, just a number on a computer screen, or do you have a look in the bank vault every time you visit the bank to check that its real?
  10. Bitcoin: How Cryptocurrencies Work

    thanks for the warning, you better warn microsoft, dell, virgin and all the thousands of exchanges and businesses that accept bitcoin, they must of missed that detail
  11. Qaddafi and Saddam had slightly early exits
  12. JPMorgan's Dimon says bitcoin 'is a fraud'

    in fact they have released another statement comparing it to a pyramid scheme, while at the same time have bought up at least 19000 bitcoins (thats of over 60 million $ worth). make up your own minds folks, believe what they say or believe what they do? https://www.cnbc.com/2017/09/15/jpmorgans-top-quant-strategist-echoing-ceo-compares-bitcoin-to-pyramid-scheme.html
  13. JPMorgan's Dimon says bitcoin 'is a fraud'

    heres the follow up to this story that you wont hear about in the normal news https://www.nordnet.se/mux/web/marknaden/aktiehemsidan/index.html?identifier=109538& ever since JP Morgan declared it a bubble and a fraud they have been buying in bigly. funny thing dont you think?
  14. similar shape many things, its called an s-curve, its normal for any innovative business, why they compare it to poppies is anyones guess, I suppose it make a good story
  15. can only speak for myself but I can assure you it is possible to run a very successful business using bitcoins. also, of course the reputations of companies that use bitcoin are on the line if their payment systems fail them, they are serious businesses with legal ramifications for failures, theres no doubt they had their coders check out the coding before accepting it as a payment system. they dont endorse it, they use it, and thats because their research says its beneficial for their businesses to do so.