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  1. Whitson

    Noise in the early morning hours in my condo

    Simple.... rent the condo above and give him a dose of his own medicine. Then negotiate....from a position of strength!
  2. I am probably not typical but here is my monthly budget. I am 75 years old and have a live in girfriend plus I own my own small condo. Have a motor bike and a car. Condo maintenance 1300B Electric and water 1000B Eat out 2-3 times a week at local thai restaurants 3000B Food shopping 8000B Internet 400B Bar 2-3 times a week 6000B Girlfriend who does laundry, cooks, cleans and service 6000B (she also has a full time job). Car/ Motor bike tax, insurance, servicing and fuel 1000B Repairs, a/c service and other small bills 1000B So round about 27000 a month. I realise that others may have to pay rent. My lifestyle is fine. Rarely go on holiday and dont use lady bars or drink to excess. I dont smoke. Frankly I consider that I have an excellent life here compared to the UK, where I paid £5 pounds 74 for a pint of lager and a pineapple juice. Forty thousand a month would be nice so I could save more for the rainy day or whatever. More than that might be problematic... what would I spend it on...answers on a postcard to.......
  3. Hmmmmm. Some advice please from those that know. Can a motor cycle plate be bought and sold?
  4. In and out of Swampy in the last two weeks. The prices on the third floor eateries are eye watering. BUT, there is a Thai food court at gate 8 on the ground (first floor). Uses coupons and prices are near normal. Beer Chang in a can 45B, Massuman around 60B (180B on level 3). Now you know!
  5. An impending holiday to India made me shop around for a reasonable policy for myself and my partner. I am seventy five and it was difficult to find decent medical cover. I finally found an American company offering exceptional cover for a very reasonable price. You can opt to pay a deductable to reduce the price but that would not make sense for a short holiday. The company can be found on the internet at www.internationalinsurance.com and offers worldwide cover to citizens of most countries. My quote was 110 dollars for two weeks in India. Check it out if you travel outside Thailand.
  6. Whitson

    Eight Months Smoke Free!!!

    Smoking does nobody any favours. How people in the UK afford cigarettes at more than 450 baht for 20 escapes me. It is an extremely addictive habit and so hard to break. I laud all those who are trying. The end justifies the agony. I stopped at age 32 when I was smokind 40 Capstan full strength a day...no filters. That was 44 years ago. Best thing I ever did!
  7. Those small safes can easily be opened (checkout u tube). I live on the 9th floor and have a safe. It weighs 260 kilos and it took five men to put it in my office! Whats in it? Nothing other than some simple items. Like to see someone try it on with that! Moral is...take care where you store your valuables..