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  1. An impending holiday to India made me shop around for a reasonable policy for myself and my partner. I am seventy five and it was difficult to find decent medical cover. I finally found an American company offering exceptional cover for a very reasonable price. You can opt to pay a deductable to reduce the price but that would not make sense for a short holiday. The company can be found on the internet at www.internationalinsurance.com and offers worldwide cover to citizens of most countries. My quote was 110 dollars for two weeks in India. Check it out if you travel outside Thailand.
  2. Whitson

    Eight Months Smoke Free!!!

    Smoking does nobody any favours. How people in the UK afford cigarettes at more than 450 baht for 20 escapes me. It is an extremely addictive habit and so hard to break. I laud all those who are trying. The end justifies the agony. I stopped at age 32 when I was smokind 40 Capstan full strength a day...no filters. That was 44 years ago. Best thing I ever did!
  3. Those small safes can easily be opened (checkout u tube). I live on the 9th floor and have a safe. It weighs 260 kilos and it took five men to put it in my office! Whats in it? Nothing other than some simple items. Like to see someone try it on with that! Moral is...take care where you store your valuables..
  4. YES...dont get involved. It is so much in the western culture to do so. In my 20 years in Thailand I have seen many altercations and have tried to keep my distance and cool at all times. Yes, like others I will lend a helping hand if needed, but in the heat of a situation it is usually best to 'wait and see the outcome'
  5. Whitson

    Pigeon feeding Tha Phae gate

    The pigeons themseves are not generally diseased. It is the guano that poses a health problem when allowed to build in significant quantities. When dry the pathogen spores become airborne and pose a significant health hazard. Histoplasmosis Candidiasis Crypytococcosis Psitticosis To mention but a few, try googling bangaloremirror.indiatimes.com or Panther Pest Control or Rentokil. Indeed a simple seach for 'diseases cause by pigeon poo' seems to evidence that it is the guano that is the problem. One breeding pair of pidgeons can gecome 18 bird in a year in good conditions. They make a terrible mess and quite frankly I would not want my children to be exposed to the possible dangers. Pidgeons in the wild..ok! Pidgeons in cities and towns roosting in buildings..no. I wish the animals no harm but they simply dont co-exist well with humans in built up areas.
  6. I guess there are a number of reasons why people use agencies. Maybe they lack the confidence or perhaps the competance to fill in the requested documents. However, having used this service it is quick and simple if you follow the instructions correctly. I used the passport service too...took two trips to Trendy but saved a fortune in that certain visa agents fees!
  7. What does not make sense is the amount they charge compared to other countries! Hugely inflated price for a simple service. Even more so if one uses a well-known local visa agent...ahem!
  8. Can you explore futher into the province taking the offer of a two week stay? Motor bikes for hire? If in retirement extension does one need a re entry visa?
  9. Wonder how much this extravaganza is costing the taxpayers of UK?
  10. Whitson

    Vietnam Places & Things to see & do

    Try Mui Nee a small seaside town not far from HCMC..great little place. Go carting on the sand dunes..great fun. Take a bus down into the Mekong delta. Lots to see and do down there. You could also try Dalat mountain resort..nice and cool. Hoi An is a fabulous visit. Stayed in GH for $15 bedt and cleanest. Take s bicycle and pedal around. Lastly a visit to Mee Lai (google why) and the DMZ .. see the Rockpile and other battle sights plus a visit to Khe San. Vietnam .... fabulous but more expensive now and highly touristy now. ps dont forget to see the water puppet show.
  11. Good to see some happy answers rather than the normal vitriol here on TV. I was 58 when I married my Thai gf...she was 26. After 14 years of marriage we separated..my fault I put my hands up to that. But, we still email, meet for the odd beer and dinner. Met another girl six years ago ... she was 25 the and is now 31. Me...well I am 76 next birthday. No cheating, deceit or thieving. Many holidays to surrounding countries. I am not rich but not poor. So it can be good, I guess you get back what you give out. Thailand...just amazing!
  12. Whitson

    Getting rid of Pigeons.

    An intellectual friend of mine passed the following infallable information. Corn or peas or suchlike threaded on to a piece of fishing gut five or six inches long at half inch intervals and knotted at each end. After eating this he says he never sees them again.
  13. Whitson

    FIVE Months Smoke-Free, WHOOHOO!

    Other dubious benefit is that he will gain a significant amount of weight over the coming year....unless he watches his food intake and does some exercise. Cant say that I ever noticed that sex was better. Just did'nt get puffed out...lol.
  14. Whitson

    FIVE Months Smoke-Free, WHOOHOO!

    Cold turkey is just quitting without any aids, patches, fake cigarettes or the like. The hardest way to stop. Nicotine is an extremely addictive substance as well as being highly toxic and poisonous.
  15. Whitson

    FIVE Months Smoke-Free, WHOOHOO!

    Power to you...well done. We are all able to make choices in life and stopping smoking is a sensible one. I am a reformed smoker...started at 13, gave up at 32...now coming up to 76. Smoking kills and thats a fact.