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  1. ryanhull

    xbox ones, playstations here more expensive?

    thnx , so amazon is the cheapest your going to get an xbox? barring in mind too the weak pound to thb, I couldnt find anything cheaper on lazada, would it not be even cheaper to send to a friend from ebay in the uk then they ship it on as a gift? reason i ask is my friend is after one here too now he wants to hook fifa up with mine, tx Sent from my SM-G610F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. ive been looking for an xbox one for my lad, its been hard to even find them tbh but it seems the price of an xbox here is considerably more expensive than the uk? i found one for 10,000 bhat secomd hand but was told by a uk mate thats expensive, just wondering if anyone else has noticed this or im wrong? ta Sent from my SM-G610F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. ryanhull

    taxing a car

    great thanks guys, i have some kind of laminated paper saying its owned by the bank (litterally just paid it off) its a 2014 car so only 4 years old, i was confused on the blue book, everywhere says you need it except my mrs and a reply here, i was confused as we dont have that yet and if i didnt pay the car off we wouldnt have it for another year, so go buy the insurance and take the reg plus the car and its done? tx Sent from my SM-G610F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. ryanhull

    taxing a car

    hi, what do you need to tax a car? the mrs said nothing just one paper (not the blue book, no id) shes often wrong dare i say it, and my blue book is being sent from the bank yet i wanted to tax it today The reason i think shes wrong surely they put in the cars blue book the new tax stamp? hence you need the blue book? cheers Sent from my SM-G610F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. ryanhull

    paying off a financed car early?

    hi all, so just to update you all, firstly i went into the bank with the card and asked to pay it all off, she looked at me like i was an alien or had mental issues... anyway I explained that i wanted to pay it all now cash and if i did would i get any discount off the interest. They said they needed to speak to the owner of the agreement however he is quite old now and didnt want to bother him with it, he did go into the bank too and they offered him a massive 0 discount for his troubles lol, anyway no discoint was given, i got the feeling they would prefer you to not pay it off in one, why i dont know as your still paying the same amount. Anyway I paid that, now have to wsit for the blue book, so you wont save anything guys, the lady did say in some cases you can get 5% off the interest but not for me for some reason, just thought id update you all in any case, cheers Sent from my SM-G610F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. ryanhull

    paying off a financed car early?

    tx for the replies all, im not following you on some posts as i got the car from suzuki new but pay thanachart bank every month with the orange card, i assumed that bank was the main one funding all car finances here but ill go in later today as if im making a regular payment, ask if i paid in full the remaining would they offer me anything off, maybe theyll call my bluff as ill pay it all off anyway with no discount as i might sell the car on soon anyway, tx all Sent from my SM-G610F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. ryanhull

    paying off a financed car early?

    thanks for the tips Esso49, tbh honest I can manage it and always expectected it but just wanted to try and cut my monthlys down a bit and thought may aswell pay it off then its out my hair, be a bonus to get a discount of any kind tbh but id still pay 100% little do they know if they wouldnt heh
  8. ryanhull

    paying off a financed car early?

    Hi transam, tbh I have paid 48 of the 60, so I will go with the cash to pay the remaining 12 x 9200 bhat however is it worth trying to get some knocked off as I am paying the interest and car payments in full early, thanks
  9. hello all, me and my wife financed a little suzuki some time ago, essentially we used her land and a small down to do it, i have a little orange card i go into the bank with each month and pay 9200, now ove paid 48 of them id like to just pay it all off and do without the hassle.... question is, if i walk into that orange bank with the pay card and the remaining in cash, is it cheeky to ask for a discount as im paying the rest off early (i did the same many years ago in the uk way back when) also is it that simple as jist going in and clearing it cash? its only 90k bhat or (havent fully worked the final amount out) but be great if i could get a discount to clear that off, plus i wasnt going to even tell the mrs you see, anyone got any info? would you ask for say 10%? no harm in asking but be good to know off others if they did this, thx in advance Sent from my SM-G610F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. ryanhull

    Where can I get baht for kip in Vientiene

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies, I was in such a rush I hardly had time to whip my phone out and read the tips... it all worked out great in the end, bassicly... there is a little tiny shop just to the right of the consular main gates... (the first shop there is) it sells coke, snacks and what not, it is like a little hut. If you just say 'I buy Thai Bhat' a lady who is serving will whip her calculator out and sell you 1000 bhat notes for Kip. Shes obviously caught onto a good business idea as she seems to have done it alot and I even bought 2k as I have so many kip left. She was very honest as I originally gave her enough kip for over 2000 Bhat being a silly falang but she alerted me hence why I opted to get 2k bhat. So anyone stuck in Laos with a handfull of kip but no thai money for your visa, the shop next to the consula is far easier than trapsing around banks.... I tried even the bank accross from the consula the klassikorn ansd they said no, also tried various other branches of banks and was told to go to the 'fruit market' several times however I assume thats just the same setup as next to the consular if you can find it in the blazing heat/chaos. Summary: Small shop next to the consular gates the lady will sell you Thai Bhat, Note* dodge the guys offering they will lead you off into a taxi etc. Tip* Dont wait for your visa collection in the heat for hours, nip over to pizza company and grab some food, run over to check the number everynow and again and youll time it so your only in the heat for 5 mins max. Cheers all
  11. Hi all, I have recently relocated back to Isaan from CM (I lived in Roi Et previously, before that bkk) and I am really struggling to find somewhere to find, My ideal location is buri ram, and ideally a small house... I have looked at 4 houses so far and the quality was really poor with no furniture and 2 didnt have aircon and I didnt want to kit out the house ideally unless its a new build or nice. I have considered condos, here in buriram the only condo I could find was the thada condotel... its nice however on a nightly its 1000 bhat, and they really only offer a yearly contract and gave me a thai price of 3 x 9000 bhat which is alot more than i see written in thai in the lifts etc, plus although the apartment is nice its tiny. I have seen a few smaller rooms/condos at 4k per month, I think they was aimed at students and I couldnt live in them, my budget is around 10k per month but if its a condo I want more than a studio box for that, if a house I am open as I am getting deperate now... I have gone around looking but its very difficult trying to communicate and although I see a big falang presence here I dont see much online for houses for rent if anything, and the only condo in buriram i know of ive been staying at nightly. Ive only been here two weeks and ive probably spent 20k on hotels etc so I am getting pretty desperate to find somewhere, would even consider other cities like sarakham, even korat if its nice. My son is at school here in Isaan hence why I would like to be located close to him although I have a car so location is not massively important, I left CM as it was too long of a drive to go pick him up for the week etc. Any tips or anyone know of anything to rent pls let me know, maybe just in your village youve seen somewhere or you know of condos in buriram/korat/isaan I dont? Some of the hotels here are so nice, and at 700-1200 bhat a nice for a really nice hotel it makes you think its not so important but I would like somewhere to settle in, Cheers all
  12. hi, ive ended up with a shed loads of kip and i need a 1000 bhat for my visa in the morning, i assumed banks ans exchanged would change my kip into thai bhat however i tried 4 different places today and all said no, even my hotel cant help, someone said the market but given im tight on time its not much use, anyone know where i can pick up 1000 bhat from kip? i need it asap so any replies appreciated, cheers
  13. Hi all, So I have been messing about with apps people recommend and what not, uber and grab I found great everytime I have used them, agoda app also etc, Anyway thought I would give airbnb a shot as I fancied a month in Chang Mai with my son, so thought I would stay in a condo rather than a hotel plus save a bit of cash in the process as some offer up to 60% discount if you book a month in one... anyway I found a nice condo or what looked like a condo in the pictures, had all 6 good reviews etc and offered a 60% discount which made it really reasonable. I was under the impression everything was done through airbnb and no cash was paid in person etc so I paid with my card and thought that was nice and easy all paid up done. Anyway the next day I got a message on the app from the 'condo owner' which really was a hotel not a condo as it was advertised (with monthly options) I quote the message: 'To confirm booking thanks. Pls note need to pay 7000 bhat deposit and will pay for electric and water at our unit price from deposit. Can confirm soon' Anyway I guess I was a bit of an idiot by this point having gone this far without doing some more homework onit all, so I then went on tripadvisor and agoda etc, and yeah it was a hotel and the reviews generally ok but you could tell it was a bit outdated on these 'real' pictures and the pictures they had up was probably from when it was built as it was the same same but different heh... I replied anyway after reading the airbnb terms which state you should not pay any money outside of the system as its not covered and not allowed in short. So I responded stating as per airbnbs terms everything should be and has been paid through the system and any deposits should also be included in the bill or anything else such as cleaning. (I looked on other condos and noticed some do add the deposit which stays with airbnb until you leave - thats fine and clear) They replied saying I can cancel if I want but they do not offer a refund policy, so I just looked at the refund screen and airbnb would only refund me the airbnb booking fee, I think just under a 1000 bhat, the hotel would still get payment though. Anyway having read alot of stories about airbnb after, I noticed people stating airbnb are quite hard to get hold of to resolve such matters and you generally have to a. speak to a robot, b. speak to a user , c. if a user thinks its worthy hands it to the real airbnb staff who will decide whos in the right, luckily however I got a number for them and explained the property has messaged me asking for funds outside of the system albeit a cash deposit plus I wasnt aware nor does it state I have to pay cash for the electric and water at whatever rate they choose. The lady on the phone was great thankfully and understood they was in the wrong, I did tell her that my credit card would reverse the transaction if I really wanted them too but it would be best if they sorted it, anyway luckily she refunded me in full, The hotel then had the cheek to message me saying 'thanks for waste our time' This is probably quite rare and I should have done my homework before booking onit, but I thought I would give people a heads up. Plus any of you guys use airbnb? is it normal for you to pay a deposit outside of the system? Id consider rebooking if I didnt have to go through that again and I was paying in full upfront on the system? or is this standard for Thailand only? (I know its technically illegal in Thailand but then again so are drones and ecigs so we will push that to a side lol) Cheers all and beware anyway
  14. Hey All, Looking for a 60 day stamp into thailand, I have just arrived in PP, I am told not to bother with the embassy and find an agenct, trouble is, what is the best agent to go to and most trust worthy? I would like the quickest turn around, can I ask the name of it and what time it closes if anyone knows? sorry if this has already been covered but I am in a little rush now, Thanks
  15. Hey All, Just wondering if anyone knows how much it costs roughly to get a motor fully resprayed? I live in Maha sarakham so I assume it will be slightly cheaper here than in BKK, Anyone know? Cheers