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  1. Some facts on this story are wrong and/or incomplete. How do I know? We live in a condo highrise, immediately facing the Royal BKK Sports Club and the Soi Mahadlekluang 2 intersection, could clearly see the scene from our balcony about 100 meters away. First, the accident time was closer to 8:30 pm, not 10:30, although it did take a couple of hours to clear. The impact was so loud it could be clearly heard in our condo (my wife heard it), some residents went down to rubberneck the grisly scene (we did not). Soi Mahad2 was blocked for a couple of hours and outgoing traffic routed through the St Regis immediately next to accident. From our birdseye view vantagepoint, it was obvious the collision had to be at VERY high speed to cause the huge van cave-in and actually overturn the van. The (big) farang moto driver that was thrown into the van was pulled out from rear and taken from the van last. His body (covered on white sheet) was visible on the sidewalk for probably an hour. When moved, it was clear he had a broken neck among other severe injuries (according to my wife, I wasn't interested in watching this part). Last thing to be done was crew washing the huge pools of blood from the sidewalk and street, which is nice since we walk and drive past there every day. Most likely the van was doing a right turn on to Soi Mahadlekluang 2, something I do every day. I am always extremely cautious doing this turn because visibility is very poor due to pillars for the BTS (the accident immediately next to Ratchadamri station entrance). It is very difficult to see vehicles traveling Southbound towards Silom/RamaIV, so I generally nose out a little bit to be extra sure (getting the usual flash of light from idiots traveling at high speed). Usually Ratchadamri southbound traffic is relatively slow, but on the occasion where traffic is lighter, it is not unusual to hear motorbikes absolutely drag racing on the street, or cars also way beyond the speed limit, this is why I am extra cautious making the turn. Based on extensive experience with that intersection I would surmise that both were at fault. No doubt the motorcycle was traveling extremely fast (plenty of circumstantial evidence for that), and the van driver was not adequately cautious making the turn. Especially in the rightmost lane, it is VERY difficult to see cars traveling southbound when turning right or U-turning, a bike would be much worse, especially at dusk/nighttime (many cases cars bikes also have no lights). Also, this is the second fatal accident we have been witness to or seen shortly after the fact in the past several months. The previous one also involved a motorbike, but a smaller one, with bike and driver ending up completely underneath a taxi. needless to say, I will be even more cautious going forward given that my trips usually involve transporting my wife and a 3-year old. Due to congestion, I believe Bangkok is generally safer to drive in than most of Thailand, but any time cars can actually get up to speed, watch out... Overall, a disturbing thing to witness right out our window.