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  1. Nonsense repeatedly asserted is still nonsense. From the New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/28/opinion/rula-jebreal-minority-life-in-israel.html?_r=0 Israel is discriminatory ! A law was passed by the Knesset that states that any community in Israel can refuse to accept new members to the community buying a house on the grounds of race and ethnicity. This was upheld by the Israeli supreme court in 2014. Funny old thing, Arab/Israeli citizens cannot buy new homes in most areas of Israel. In fact there are 50 openly discriminatory laws passed by the Knesset that quite clearly discriminate against all non Jewish Israeli citizens of which 20% are Arabs. Any Israeli can call for boycott on any Arab business in Israel, but no arab is permitted to call for a boycott of an Israeli Jewish business. It is as blatant as that. Read and learn. Not the same thing as apartheid and you know it. It's very much the same thing, and you know it.
  2. “Let me say,” Ted Cruz replied. “I’m a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. And Ben, you’re a terrible surgeon. Now that we’ve gotten the the Donald Trump portion out of the way.” Nice one Ted.....for a change.
  3. A fairly reasonable post, aside from being a tad self-contradictory, and of course the oft-trotted out fallacy/diversion about the Israelis being indigenous to the area. Yes, there are indeed some indigenous Jewish people, but the majority of Israeli Jews are not them. It's playing with words and deceitful to imply that the Israeli Jews are indigenous. They are no more indigenous to Palestine than Hawaiians are indigenous to Taiwan: There may have been a great great great xxx generations grandparent who was an indigenous Jew, but those Europeans can hardly claim being aboriginal.
  4. Police find fake bomb in Bangkok

    Which does not appear to be what the female passenger on the motorbike was carrying (in the OP video).
  5. You're living in the past. Since then the world has changed, and the palestians are now recognised by UN and many countries. They were recognized when offered their own countryin 1948, which they refused. The Palestinians have been turning down peace deals and murdering innocent civilians for the last 70 years. Officially "recognizing" them is LONG way from taking their side. There's a big difference between not accepting their own country and refusing to make way for forced evictions on your own land. Israel has been murdering innocent Palestinians for the past 70 years, and on a much larger scale. On top of mass murder, there are the mass evictions from their homes. I am glad you admit that the UN is not taking the Palestinian side. It's about time to stop that particular false claim that the UN favours Palestine.
  6. I can't help but recall the story of the chap in Alaska or Canada who threw a stick of dynamite to blow a hole in the ice to go fishing. His dog thought he was playing fetch, and brought the lit dynamite back and dropped it under the chap's truck. I can just imagine an enraged kangaroo with a pouch full of PE, running frantic and scared, right back to this terrorists car, or his uncle's kebab shop.
  7. Yes of course. It's like Teddy Bear's Picnic Day or "Bring Your Dog" day....most Aussies have a pet kangaroo, and on this day they can parade them. Don't confuse with ANZAC day where Aussies with pet koalas bring their koalas to town.
  8. What constitutes being an Aussie, and which criteria does he fail? I will try and answer this one, though it is difficult. It has to do with his eyes. It has been my experience that Aussies judge other Aussies as Aussies according to the vibe that they put out and this guy does not put out that vibe. As a form of explanation I would like to say, for example, that you could meet 2 guys , just for arguments sake, from Pakistan or Mexico or wherever, and you can tell just from what the put out if they hold themselves as Australian or not, or, if they just got off the boat so to speak. I know that this is lame but an Aussie would understand it, I think. I am an Aussie. By your yardstick, there would be some 5th generation Anglo Saxons that don't give off the vibe. Nerdy bookworms, perhaps, some schizophrenics perhaps. Etc.
  9. He did actually start off with a jibe when he talked about there being yet another Donald (Trump) who can never admit when he was wrong.
  10. Netanyahu: "By criticising our continued illegal expansion, and you bolster terrorism". Mr Ban: "I deplore terrorism". Pussyfooting around it again Mr Ban. Tell it like it is" What a load of "we are victims" trash you talk Mr Netanyahu! Stop committing international crimes and you will stop receiving criticism!"
  11. What constitutes being an Aussie, and which criteria does he fail?
  12. Off topic deflection. The OP subject concerns Ban Ki Moon's comment on the 50 year Israeli occupation of the West Bank, not Tibet nor 1940s India.Rubbish! Peaceful resistance to perceived injustice was advocated by the Dali Lama and Gandhi, this challenges Ban Ki Moons assertion that terrorism is somehow natural. The UN has ceased any pretense of impartiality long ago and their attitude makes peace even further away because there is no incentive for Palestinian leaders to stop incitement, whilst Israelis will dig their heels in. Hertzog just conceded there are no current prospects for a two state solution, effectively aligning his attitude with that of Netanyahu. An oddly warped point of view. Mr Ban did not say that terrorism was natural, he said it was human nature to react to oppression. To try to conflate that with not advocating peaceful resistance is pointless, and provides no evidence whatsoever to back your silly claim that the UN is biased. Why do the oppressed people need to be incentivised to stop their form of reaction? Surely, SURELY, it is the oppressor, the aggressor, the invader, the criminal, that needs to be reigned in first. Again the wife beater analogy works with your worldview on the conflict: Tell that woman to stop screaming and I'll stop beating her, maybe.
  13. Puppy Thrown to Death Over Messy Room

    Make sure if you live in a high rise apartment in Thailand that your room is tidy and no pets before inviting guests. It was the guest who brought the dog, and against the wishes of the host.
  14. Puppy Thrown to Death Over Messy Room

    Yeah! If ever there was a candidate for a 'suicide'.... Yeah, it would be a shitting, yapping chihuahua. They are a disgrace to the species of dogs.
  15. Human Rights: affected by fear?

    The most notorious example of fear tactics by a government has got to be The Patriot Act and the issues used to push it into law.