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  1. bigyin

    Living in Phitsanulok

    I lived just outside the city for about 2 years until I moved back to the UK, There are very few foreigners around and nothing in the way of bars or entertainment, Cinema rarely has a movie with English sub titles but there is a Central shopping mall. I found it difficult after living in Pattaya but if you like solitude and seclusion then you might like it. I assume you would be going with your wife/girlfriend who would have family there and that would be an issue as they might well see you as a meal ticket. I still have a house there which we had built. Good luck if you do decide to go but go with your eyes open as it really is Thai living in the raw.
  2. bigyin

    IELTS A1 or B!

    My wife took the Trinity B1 test in the UK for her FLR application and found it quite easy. Only takes 10 minutes and their is no interaction with a partner. Their is more choice in the UK I think. If you use the language test result for an application then it is valid for all further applications. So a language test result obtained for Settlement can be used for FLR and ILR even if over 2 years as it obviously would be.