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  1. i advise you to read my remarks. Trat to ferrypier (centerpoint ferry) are very limited. You have to wait until enough people boarded the songtaew. Tha songtaew drops you at another transferpoint not far from laem ngop where you again have to wait !
  2. fleur3

    Bus from Pattaya to Koh Chang

    Some general remarks. I am living on Koh Chang so have some experience. There are two ferry boats. One is the ceterpointferry. This is the one that most of the minibusses use because it is a cheaper ferry. But this ferry is slower, much older then the other one and is its arrivalpoint is a little bit further away from the westside of koh chang. Koh Chang westside is where 95% of all resorts are. The other ferry leaves the Mainland at the ao tammachatpier. This is the best and most popular one. But in high season cann have longer witingtimes then the ceterpointpier. Both ferry arrivals at koh chang have songtaews waiting for you. They bring you to your hotel. When you are dropped at the ferrypier at the mainland you can always take the first ferry that leaves. That is a real diffence with when you arrive in a van that brings you all the way to yuour hotel. In high season cars including the vans have sometimes to wait because a ferry doe has a certain capacity to take up cars. Therefor a van that brings you to your hotel is not always faster then a van that drops you at the pier. Another remark: do not travel to trat or to chantaburi. The transport from there to the ferrypier let you wait untill enough persons have boarded the songtaew. Can take quite some waitingtime.
  3. fleur3

    Bus from Pattaya to Koh Chang

    Not advisable!. When you arrive in Trat you will have to take a songtaew. That means: waiting untill enough passagers AND will bring you to another tranferpoint not far from the centerpointferry. Again waiting befor you are transferred to the ferry.
  4. A taxagreement is only an agreement about how it is organised. In Belgium this means that it is taxed in Belgium. In holland this means that it is, if you do it a well defined way, taxed in thailand.!
  5. The Turkish Family Minister arrived in Rotterdam by car. She was denied entry and asked to go back to Germany. She refused and refused to leave her car. Then the police decided and told her that her car and she in the car would be towed away !! Unbelievable. At that moment she accepted and decided to drive back to Germany where she came from the airport . Well done Holland !!
  6. Every minor step is communicated !! Unbelievable. Just do and tell later.
  7. if land has to be used for Agricultural purposes than it is clear. Using it for something else and saying that is can still be used for agriculture is starting a sliding scale.
  8. just start at the beginning: they stole the land. The rest is nonsense. Compare with the following. Burglars broke in my house and stole one million pound. They used the money to start a business. The business is doing well but i want my money back,.So end of the business. Your philosophy: what a pity let them keep the money !
  9. coming from another province so coming from the Mainland and car with confiscated driveslicences ?? Remarkeble,
  10. fleur3

    Inflation in November hit a 23 month high

    For people who have some economic education this message is rather incomprehensive. It is a mixup of inflationnumbers and Gross Domestic product. Next to that look at the text :The Commerce Ministry has made known November’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) or Inflation Rate rose 0.6 percent year-on-year to 106.79, hitting its highest point in 23 months. The figure was propped up by rising fresh food prices affected by the volatile weather as well as hikes in tobacco and alcoholic beverages Inflationrate on a year on year base of 0,6%. Starting with 100 % plus 0,6% is 106,7?? And even if you take 23 months you can not get at 106,7!! Another question remarkable statement is the following: On an adjustment to the minimum wage rate on January 1 2017, the Ministry of Commerce estimates it will push inflation up 0.2 to 0.35 percent, a nominal overall impact that should not result in effects to living costs. The ministry earlier informed us that the rise in the minimumwage would not have an impact on the prices . The impact of the rise of the minimum wage on productioncost would be alsmost zero. So, no rising prices would be accepted by the governement. Now they inform us that the impact of the rise of minimum wage is 0,2 to 0,35%! Indeed, teh problem is that every ministry has its own opinion about alle affairs that relate to the ministry and that the difefrent ministries publish different opinions. A little bit confusion!
  11. fleur3

    Cost of living in Thailand

    interesting topic but using examples of chosen items as pineapple etc for pricecomparisions ihas not many value. I believe that using inflationrecords of thailand do have more value although the expenses of foreigners will not quite be comparable with the of the thai people. But do have more meaning then pinaapples etc.
  12. fleur3

    wall bed murphy bed.

    a wall bed or a murphybed is a bed that you can turn up against the wall. Is in the west quite normal if yoy do not have much space. I am looking aroud in thailand and on fora but can not find that in thailand. Of course you could order it and send to thailand but that will be quite expensive. Anyone has an advice ? Thanks
  13. fleur3

    Tax return accountant lawyer

    i am not working in thailand . get a pension from europe and can choose where to pay tax. Can and have to make a choice. Paying tax in Thailand is , for me, more attractive.
  14. fleur3

    Tax return accountant lawyer

    Thanks. I am going to contact her.