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  1. Bernard Flint

    Thai football rocked as 12 arrested for match-fixing

    happened in ujk in the 60,s, so nothing new, thaialnd is not unique.
  2. No doubt they will get arrested for gbh on muslims
  3. so when a girl gets raped and becomes pregnant, is that just bad planning.
  4. A useless law because it is a thai law enforcement. Same laws in uk, do they work?????
  5. Bernard Flint

    Over 20 women arrested in Pattaya’s sex trade crackdown

    Be very worried about Africans, Mind you same as Chonburi. An AIDS epidemic is sweeping through Madagascar’s high-risk populations, including gay men and sex workers. But a low detection rate means the statistics do not match the reality. EurActiv France reports.
  6. Bernard Flint

    American falls from 16th floor Pattaya Beach condominium

    why should a guy coming to Pattaya not have family or friends, ridiculous statement.
  7. How do you know she had no education???? maybe contact the police and tell them you have invaluable information ?????
  8. One problem???? the bus lanes will be full of motorbikes
  9. I wonder what the vote would be for the folk back home in the slums of the once great uk.
  10. One answer for me, not even going into details. been here many years and still love Thailand.For me, living normaly is the key to happiness, keep out the bars every day, have enough money for here, or any other place in case the shhhh hits the fan, for whatever reason. Nothing difficult about living a normal life, wherever one lives.
  11. Bernard Flint

    Taxi drivers attacked in Pattaya Walking Street

    Pattaya is very very safe
  12. Bernard Flint

    Govt approves 10 year visas for foreigners over 50 

    It would replace one-year renewable visas and come in two installments of five years each, Athisit said. It was not immediately clear when the plan would be implemented.
  13. Bernard Flint

    Why should I live in pattaya ?

    what a wuss hahahahahah
  14. Bernard Flint

    Did I get this right "Good Guys in Bad Guys Out"

    No criminals living in usa or uk hahahahahahahahahah. The majority of ex pats here, are decent people with enough m,oney to live their lives