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  1. There is no point in digging up a 5 year old post and ignoring all the subequent posts in the thread. The previous political governments allowed a huge backlog to accumulate for PR (and citizenship) but the military government cleared both of these within months of seizing power, citing their "Good guys in, bad guys out policy". By the way the quota of 100 PR per nationality per year is only ever reached by China regularly (because it includes Taiwan and HK) and very occasionally by India. Western nationalities have never got close because very few farangs bother to apply.
  2. Very few people apply for Thai citizenship and nearly all get it. While it is up to the discretion of the minister in the Nationality Act, the reality is that reasons for rejection are limited almost exclusively to people who don't cross all the t's and dot i's in the legal requirements. These are mainly people who should have been advised by the police, who do the initial screening, that they were not fully qualified, or people whose status changed during the application process, e.g. got divorced after applying on the basis of having a Thai spouse. Unlike PR there is no quota for citizenship and applications can be filed any working day of the year.
  3. You still need to pass some sort of means test to be able to bring your foreign wife to the US. I have come across several Americans with Thai wives who cannot bring them to live with them in the US because their incomes are not enough. Some had applied repeatedly. Thailand has a very open policy in allowing in anyone with a Thai spouse indefinitely as long as they can show a relatively small bank balance but upgrading your status, if you are male, is only possible by working legally and earning an admittedly modest salary. In contrast, most Western countries, particularly the UK, now make it extremely difficult to bring foreign spouses in and some have erected barriers to prevent them from easily obtaining residence and citizenship. The US may still remain relatively easy in this respect, once you have got the spouse in. Many of the Brits, at least, who bitch and moan about their status as spouses of Thai citizens in Thailand are lucky to be able to stay in Thailand with their families so easily because they would not be able to bring their wives to the UK. The UK income requirement is also affecting expats without decent pensions who had always planned to retire in the UK with their non-EU spouses but now find their retirement income will not qualify them to bring their spouses. By 2019 the status of even EU spouses will be in doubt.
  4. This has become even more true for foreign males married to Thais. The 2008 amendments to the Nationality Act not only gives them exemption from the requirement to have permanent residence but also, wrongly in my opinion, exempts from the requirement to have knowledge of the Thai language. Applicants with Thai wives no longer have to sing the National and Royal Anthems and many are now rocking up for their interviews at the Interior Ministry unable to speak a word of Thai, so everything has to be translated by their Thai wives. The bureaucrats have no choice but to pass them because of the exemption but it must surely be through gritted teeth. In contrast, since the ridiculous 'Life in the UK' test became a requirement for all applicants for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK, including for those with British spouses, many Thai and other foreign spouses will never get ILR, even if their British spouses can pass the GBP 28,000 income requirement. Since, unlike in Thailand, they must get ILR before they can apply for British citizenship, their route to citizenship is effectively blocked and they may face deportation, if they can't juggle visas.
  5. In the past this rule was either not in place or not strictly enforced. The new budget airlines originally had foreign pilots, mainly from other Asian countries, flying domestic Thai routes. Many other countries also have foreign pilots, who cannot speak the local language flying domestic routes. Since English is the language of air traffic control and aviation in general, it is not necessary for pilots to speak the local language. Announcements to passengers can be translated into the local language by other crew members. Thai Airways started off life managed by SAS with a Scandinavian CEO and had many Scandinavian pilots and was much the better for it. Since those days it has sunk into corruption, inefficiency and uncompetitiveness.
  6. There is no easier path to permanent residence for women married to Thais but there is an easier path to citizenship. It was made easier for males with Thai wives to apply for citizenship in 2008, athough this fell short of full parity because the foreign males still need to be working in Thailand but no longer need permanent residence first. The reason that foreign males married to Thais didn't get full parity with foreign women over citizenship was that it was considered a matter of national security. With at least 4 million foreign migrant workers in the country today, they would probably feel more threatened by the idea than in 2008. Hundreds of citizenship applications by foreign women, mainly from neighbouring countries, married to Thais were delayed for many years but, surprisingly were all approved by the military government. The flip side is that is relatively easy compared to other countries for a foreigner married to a stay in Thailand indefinitely on a marriage extension, simply by showing US$12,000 in a bank account. If you have qualifications that Thailand needs, you can easily find a job with work permit paying at least 40,000 a month on a marriage extension and apply for citizenship after three years. The UK, for example, will not permit British citizens to bring no-EU spouses to live unless they can show income of GBP 28,000 a year plus 3,400 for each minor child, a rule that is mercilessly dividing families.
  7. I am surprised that tourists caught smoking joints are not charged with working at restricted occupation 33, Rolling cigarettes by hand. They ought to be thankful for small mercies.
  8. In order refresh memories of the current list of prohibited occupations, it seems a good time to recall that masterpiece of translation work that appeared on the Ministry of Labour's website on 11th August 2015 and stayed for a few days until remarked upon by the local English language press. Career aliens do not. Not alien to the professional set of career. Professional and not an alien to do. Account end decree. Set in professional video and tea alien life that do not. 2522. 1. The proletariat. 2. Farmers gas party animals of the forest or fishery, except that the use of specialized expertise or the control of farms. 3. The masonry construction or other carpentry work. 4. Carved wood. 5. The driving vehicle. The driver or vehicle that does not use machinery or mechanical. Exception of the pilot countries. 6. The sale of every page. 7. The auction. 8. Monitoring or control services unless account the interim audit. 9. The cut or polished diamonds or pebble. 10. The haircut or the curl of beauty. 11. Work hand-weaving. 12. Of woven mats or work appliances with rattan reed or straw, hemp bamboo pulp. 13. Paper hand job. 14. Lacquer work. 15. Thai musical work. 16. Job filling machine. 17. Work a gold or silver otter. 18. Lghin a job. 19. Job Thai dolls. 20. Berth blanket mitt work. 21. The card. 22. The products made from silk hand. 23. Job Buddha. 24. Work knife. 25. Indoor work with paper or cloth. 26. Work shoes. 27. Work hat. 28. The broker or the agent unless the agent or broker in the business of international trade. 29. Work in the engineering profession. Civil Engineering. Associated with the design calculations and organize research project construction control testing. Or advice. Excluding the special expertise required. 30. Job-related professional architectural design drawings about price director of construction or advice. 31. Crafts apparel. 32. The sculpture or pottery making. 33. The roll by hand. 34. The guide. Or the organized tour. 35. Hawk the product. 36. Work individually hand-printed Thai characters. 37. The young, and some hand-twisting spiral. 38. The clerk or secretarial staff. 39. Work for legal services or legal action. This is Google's cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 11 Aug 2015 04:10:07 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more
  9. You can work legally for your own family business. You just need to meet the qualifications, not plan to work in a restricted occupation like retail, and apply for a work permit.
  10. The government needs to boost exports to meet its economic goals. Exporting Nate should be made an urgent priority.
  11. I remember a story about someone being in Kenya when Kenyatta Senior was president for shooting holes in local coins. He was charged with insulting the president or something like that. If Nate was getting Thai coins run over, he should perhaps be charged with LM.
  12. Another transparent publicity stunt to make it look as if something is being done to improve safety for tourists with the real emphasis being on keeping the tourist dollars rolling in and protecting the income of the people who receive income from bribes from parasailing and, bungy jumping, jet ski scams and other dangerous tourist activites without having to increase the scamsters' qualifications or cost. Since Thailand has neither the ability nor the will to operate these activities safely, the best way to protect the tourist dollars would actually be to ban all of these activities completely. Getting rid of the noise and menace of jet skis would also be a huge benefit to the vast majority of foreign tourists who only want to lie on the beach and soak up the cancer inducing rays.
  13. Most of us are aware that the phrase 'luxury car' in roadkill reports is a code word used by reporters to signify that the driver is wealthy enough to avoid punishment for the people he kills on the road. It is telling that the report makes no mention of the police conducting alcohol tests on either the luxury car driver or the driver who decided to stop his car on the expressway to allow a passenger to get out and wander around on the road taking selfies in the dark. It was 3 am after all, at which time breath tests for drivers involved in accidents is logically standard operating procedure.
  14. As a result of this tragedy, where the farang is, as usual blamed for his own death, all they can do is pretend that operators are taking more care and giving advice to tourists. The only worthwhile advice to tourists is to avoid all dangerous activities such parasailing, jet skiing, renting motor bikes, trips on overloaded boats without life jackets & etc. The operators of these things are poorly educated and have training in safety standards. Local authorities do not care as long as it makes money. You can enjoy your holiday in Thailand without these activities and go home safely.