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  1. Can't wait for the NACC's press conference, informing the public that Prawit made an entirely satisfactory explanation and there is nothing to worry about but no details.
  2. It seems that his sense of humour is out of sync with the majority of the Thai people. They are concerned that the DPM and defence minister, who wields enormous power appears to have made false assets declarations and has accumulated wealth that is difficult to explain on an army salary. This comes on top of a number of scandals relating to Prayut's family and inner circle. Most Thais do not think this is a laughing matter.
  3. From the article she must have been a nurse at a government hospital and he was an employee at a state enterprise.
  4. The whole thing makes no sense if the article has got it all correct. He tried to break it off but she refused. How can the dumped party prevent the relationship from ending? Why didn't he just walk away and block her on FB, LINE and her phone number, if she wouldn't let him go? Why did he need to murder her with virtually no hope of getting away with it? She should have understood the that she was trumped by a younger and richer woman in Thai culture, especially the richer aspect. It would have being no fun being married to him anyway, if his own income was so little that he wanted a richer woman.
  5. It was not clear what was the significance of the second man's comment, "This Thailand." Did he suspect the woman in the wheelchair had lost her way and wasn't sure what country she was in or did he mean that it is culturally acceptable in Thailand for non-Muslims to behave in a demeaning way towards Muslims. I am not sure why the staff would not just escort the woman through the restaurant to get her out of the restaurant as quickly as possible and minimise the disruption, even if she was being annoying. It seemed like she wanted to get out of the restaurant of the restaurant as quickly as possible too, since she only wanted to traverse it. I can't understand why the two male customers joined in and started haranging the woman and thereby showing off their pitiful knowledge of English for two rather prosperous looking men. How sad.
  6. One can understand the way the daughter feels but she really needs to grow up and respect other people's right to choose whatever partner they may, including her father's. A divorced friend of mine had a similar problem when he happened to bump into his daughter on the street when he was walking with a young black girlfriend about the same age as the daughter. He was also presented with similar ludicrous ultimatums by his daughter but fortunately she grew out of it and the relationship didn't last anyway. In both cases there is nasty element of overt racism which is the most unacceptable part. If the daughter doesn't grew out of it, he will just have to let her go her own way. Leaving his chosen partner at the command of his interfering daughter and trying to find a farang replacement about his own age is unlikely to bring him great happiness.
  7. Military absolves its own over the death of cadet

    The military and the government seem insensitive to the fact that this sort of thing sends shivers down the spines of ordinary Thais because they all have sons, brothers, husbands, grandsons, cousins etc who will be subjected to the humiliating and totally unnecessary humiliation of the military draft board and the very real risk of conscription. This case like the other recent case is even worse because the dead cadet and recruit respectively were volunteers who were really keen to join the army. Those with political ambitions would do well to call a spade a spade and have those responsible arrested and tried for the murder that the vast majority of Thais believe was committed. Protecting the guilty and standing up and ordering voters to believe this kind of stuff isn't going to wash.
  8. I am sure the Thai public doesn't doubt that wealthy businessmen friends 'lent' him all the bling and many other nice things besides. They probably didn't expect to get any of the 'loaned' items back either..
  9. This is fairly comical. Some military aide goes to the villagers beforehand, buys them some fancy costumes and plates of somtam all round and tells them it will be in their best interests to tell the PM that they would like him to stay on the job for another 10 years. Come the election, whenever that may be, Thaksin will pay them all to vote for his party as usual and there will be a disastrous defeat in Isaan for whatever medium sized party is supporting the military. By the way I am not a Thaksin or red shirt supporter.
  10. Good for her. I wonder how many hits she got on the targets and what calibre she was using. The cops said they retrieved 8 empty cartridge cases and there is no suggestion that the robbers fired any of these.
  11. It is simply astonishing that anyone should be sceptical about the pronouncement that DPM Prawit is in the habit of wearing borrowed luxury watches and large carat diamond knuckle dusters. Are these people Thai?
  12. I would not agree that a farang or even a Thai is safe buying non-title property but you have been lucky. I have bought some non-title property attached to some land with a chanote which is the only way to get to the non-title land. But the price I paid for the titled land alone was reasonable, so I looked at the non-title land as a bonus. I let the missus have the non-title land as I want her to have an incentive to pursue the long process of getting it titled and she can keep it, if she is successful. The rest of the land I put in my own name alone - one of the benefits of having Thai citizenship, which incidentally I can highly recommend for those eligible.
  13. I suppose it is a fair exchange because most of the girls they get are a lot younger than them but not at all good looking. They are also usually unmarketable domestically, as they are often second hand wives with Thai children, so ineligible for marriage to a Thai man, even if they were willing to take the risk of marrying another Thai waster.
  14. I think it would not be too difficult to have the usufruct cancelled. I had one cancelled voluntarily and it was not an onerous procedure. The wife would just need a power of attorney with hubby's signature forged on it and a copy of his passport with same forged signature. Then the usufructee doesn't even have to show up at the Land Office in person. The Irish guy in Phuket with the pretty daughter had all this kind of stuff done to him in Phuket to sell land held through a company, which should be more difficult to do than just rescind a simple usufruct that most Land Offices don't like in the names of farangs they know to have illegally bought the land anyway. Land Offices often take bribes quite openly not to scrutinise documents closely. I once transferred land owned by my company and it was found that the Thai director had used her English signature for some reason on the transfer documents but had used her Thai signature on the purchase documents. The land officer just requested a modest tip to overlook the fact that the signatures were completely different. I would have got the director to sign again to avoid this nonsense, as I was not in a hurry, but she was seriously ill at the time and I didn't want to trouble her again.
  15. Well, what do you expect, if you marry an illiterate Thai bar girl and then use her name to illegally buy land, not to mention flashing cash around by buying a Benz etc? I think the key to this story is, "He claims that his Thai wife - in collusion with a policeman who is her new love interest - framed him by planting a gun at his house." Quite likely the cop was already her love interest before he met her. He needs to accept that he donated all those assets to a trashy hooker, forget about Thailand and move on with his life. Thai bar girls, despite their lack of education, can be as skillful actresses as the 17th century Parisian courtisans who juggled a multitude of paying lovers, even having children with their marks to add to the pretence of being a loving wife, while waiting for the chance to run off their real lovers. If it's any consolation to him the cop will almost certainly relieve her of all the assets and run off with someone much younger and prettier than the older beer bar girls that marry with this type of farang. Sadly the Norwegian will also have to forget about his son, who is the innocent victim in all this. But we are not sure how innocent the Norwegian is. He doesn't sound very convincing in the interview.