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  1. 1200 Baht, no reservation needed at Serviced Apartments behind bus station. near Soi 94. Neat, clean with breakfast.
  2. Any bars in Hua Hin showing the games next weekend? I attempted to watch via streamhunter and 1st Row Sports the games this weekend to no avail. Thanks
  3. For expats looking for the elusive fitness gym in the Pranburi, Khao Kalok, PakNam Pran area TD Gym near the Pranburi Fitness Park is having a special promotion. They are normally 900 Baht per month but for the rest of January, 2 people each receive 2 months membership and a free T-shirt for only 2200 Baht. The gym has great strength equipment inside and the owner is working on a functional fitness area on the outside. Opens at 0900 daily.
  4. I just tested the order from USA. Great results ordering herbs and vitamins not available to me in Hua Hin. Kept the order under 60.00 hoping no customs involvement. Order received in 30 days for only 2.50 shipping charge. Great customer service with low prices and minimal shipping costs and no customs involvement made this a great transaction.
  5. A recent thread discussed Bangkok Hospital in Hua Hin and San Paulo in Hua Hin. Comments also on the Petcharat Hospital facility would be appreciated. I rarely see feedback on this hospital and am interested in all local options. Thanks
  6. In checking for any expat or Thai ski/snowboard clubs, I came across Snow Town & Ski 365. Snow Town will be great for my Filipina wife to experience snow and Ski 365 could be fun to simulate my snowboarding days before coming to Thailand. Please share your experiences if you have been to either location. Lastly, is there a Thailand ski/snowboard group that sponsors trips to Korea, Japan, Australia? Thanks and Happy New Year!
  7. Does anyone know if Channel 8 in Bangkok will show this Saturday morning? The channel used to co- broadcast the UFC ticket! Thanks
  8. Just hoping there is a bar in Hua Hin showing the Clemson & Ohio State and Washington & Alabama games this weekend. Unable to find a stream online. Thanks. Happy New Year!
  9. Happy New Year everyone! I checked the search engines but unable to locate if we have any Krav Maga training in the area. Krav Maga Thailand has locations in Chaing Mai and Phuket! I go to Palopan weekly for Muay Thai which is fantastic but would like to add this discipline to my training schedule. So if anyone knows of one here or even Pattaya, your assistance is appreciated. Thanks
  10. Today, I took the time to go through all of Gourmet Market aisles meticulously and shopped there. I appreciate the comments. The prices are comparable to Villa Market. Many choices of products plus a designated fluent English speaker to assist. The staff smiles and is very helpful. Unfortunately my perception of these things are missing at VM. Plus coming from the Pranburi area, the covered parking and easy egress for me makes it my new choice for specialized items!
  11. Just attempting to see if anyone has shopped at the new Fresh Market at Bluport and your thoughts in comparing it with Villa Market! (customer service, price, choices, etc) As an aside the whole Bluport experience seems expat friendly (Free discount M-Card and movie discount card for those over 60)! Appreciate it!
  12. San Paulo has a retired MD from Germany who deals with expats. They have a Filipina nurse who speaks excellent English also. My wife received the medical checkup there which was very thorough. The communication process is better for most expats there I believe who do not speak Thai. Bangkok Hua Hin appeals to me because it appears so clean and organized. Unfortunately, I have not found the fluent English speaker there to answer questions for me. Bumrungrad in Bangkok is excellent. I had a procedure there and was very satisfied with optimal customer service, friendliness, medical knowledge, organization and cleanliness, I rate it much higher than Cleveland Clinic in all of my aforementioned points. Good Luck!
  13. Research FYI: Bluport Cineplex Generation Freedom Card (discount card) requirements: 60 years old, passport and 150 Baht at concierge desk at theatre Tuesday special: 60 Baht with card, normally 200 Thursday (new release day usually)-showed card paid 110 Baht-(regular price 220) Staff English skills excellent plus very helpful! Park on floor 2 and walk directly into theatre area Bonus Package: Sign up for M Card @ Bluport- (through 31 Dec)- Free- 5 % off purchases plus several coupons for many specials Please pass on to friends-Thanks!
  14. The discount card is only for retired folks. Showed them my passport and paid 150 Baht for the Tuesday discounts. As I said I will check tomorrow on the price with card for Thursdays (new release day). Will check and see if they have a set retirement age for card access. Wife is too young so full price is in order for her. Hope this helps. FYI-The mezzanine (1M & 2M) parking areas were blocked yesterday for some reason.
  15. Continuing to hitch-hike on the subject. Tuesday showing my Bluport Cineplex Savings Card (if retired)(150 Baht) and paid only 60 Baht and 200 for my wife. The ambiance at Bluport Cineplex is fantastic. The seating arrangement, soft music and free wifi access while awaiting the wife to arrive was refreshing. Thursday, I will watch Under World and see what it costs with the card now that I am paying attention.