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  1. Thailand misses out on the expertise of many retired expats with their restrictions on volunteerism! Many opportunities to teach leadership, creativity, management and entrepreneurship with talented expats! It would be a double-win for Thailand and the expats!
  2. sledpull

    Thai Language school in Hua Hin

    Joe, "Learning at Pranburi!" - on Facebook [email protected] 0816817321 Khun Pupae is the best instructor in the area!
  3. I relate to your comments on verbal niceties! On my 0 Dark 30 bike rides, I say hello in Thai to people I see! Morning dawn worshipers usually respond with a quick smile!
  4. American Express charges foreign exchange fees so card sits dormant! Visa waived fees about 18 months ago!
  5. sledpull

    Which pub for the Super (cold) Bowl?

    Same question for Hua Hin- Any locations showing the game? Thanks
  6. Not Hua Hin but a great little school in Pranburi! They do not do the ED visa and classes are small with an excellent teacher/trainer!
  7. RIP! So sad! If there wasn't enough to worry about on Thai roads!
  8. sledpull

    How do you maintain a healthy life ?

    Party Pooper Alert! 4 beers per night =28 beers per week! 4-6 beers spread over the week has many health benefits! However 4 beers per evening is bordering on binge drinking (4 in Australia & 5 in America)! Other recommendations are no more than 1 alcoholic drink for women daily and 2 for men! Since you asked and are interested in a healthy lifestyle-Carpe Vitam!
  9. sledpull


    Dr Junjira is a great dermatologist near the Avis Rental & Quik Service in HH. She is open only on Saturdays (093-859-9246) as she is working on her surgery license. I wanted liquid nitrogen but she was not using this at the time. I was referred to Kanchanok Clinic @ Market Village which utilized a laser. (18 months ago)! Please let me know how you make out especially if you receive liquid nitrogen
  10. Just hoping for the possibility that a restaurant will be serving! Since the American owned restaurant on Soi 90 closed, haven't noticed any other restaurants picking up the slack! I see Pattaya has a nice spread going on and Phuket still unknown on thaivisa.com. Thanks!
  11. Hitch-hiking on the 90 day reporting, if I may! The Bluport office in Hua Hin is amazing! Comparing and contrasting with the Soi 19 immigration office, the service and assistance at Bluport is a 10 on scale. Congenial and friendly service actually taking the time to explain any challenges. The customer service board there was awash with kudos!
  12. sledpull

    Tropical Crotch Rot

    Corn starch!
  13. Tabata Protocol strength training workouts! Tabata cardio! Kettlebell workouts combine strength and cardio! Congratulations on the chinups! Weighted Pullups now that you have advanced!