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  1. augustwest

    San Sai

    Laguna is going to cost you!
  2. augustwest

    Replacing sliding gate wheels

    FIL just replaced mine. 600b for 2 wheels and I held it up till bolt came out and he replaced wheel.
  3. augustwest

    Frozen Pizza

    Giotto's in Meechok plaza has the the thinnest crust I've found and tastes good. 200b for a small one with salad and a coke
  4. augustwest

    Looking for a 1-to-1 Thai language teacher

    Try a women named Lah. She advertises on Don's website. Phone # 086-193-8768. Or at least it was.
  5. At least their still alive!
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen. Please welcome the Grateful Dead,the Greatest band in the Land! Unlike most other groups ,if you went to 1 show from that tour you heard The Show. Go 9 straight nights at a Dead show and maybe they would play one song twice.
  7. augustwest

    PM has no intention of staying in power

    He will leave maybe after another 8'years. Likes the limelight way too much!
  8. augustwest

    Deutsche Bank craters

    I'm waiting for Wells to hit 40 and a 4% dividend. I'll be all over it then.
  9. augustwest

    Second hand shoe shops?

    I have Mephistos and birkenstock(shoes) size 101/2-11. Send me an offer
  10. We are the Monkeys. Terrible music.
  11. Men are from Mars women from Venus Thais are from Pluto.
  12. augustwest

    Overpriced Triumph

    What do you expect,it's British.
  13. augustwest

    The Ryder Cup.

    Yanks are going to kick Brits butts this year and it's about time!
  14. augustwest

    Siberian husky pups rescued from Nonthaburi house

    I have at least 5 Thais walk their dogs past my house everyday,sometimes twice! Maybe 20 soi dogs in a moo ban of 160 houses. They are all mellow.
  15. augustwest

    I want to hire a PCX for touring.

    Do you mean PCX?