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  1. not poor sod, but well done he gets what he deserves a life sentence by PC standards.
  2. Ten days to crack Brexit deal, EU tells May

    what is the WTO then, it seems to me that the EU is doing all the talking everywhere, except in the negotiating rooms. they are negotiating or not through the media
  3. I was also told no can do at Rayong. was told to go to Laos or London
  4. Ban Laem today.

    You are doing an in out border hop, just pay the fee for the easiest route, its a few times a year just suck it up. drink a few beers at home for a few days instead of going out for them, minibus visa runs are cheaper than DIY, but why risk your life to save a few hundred baht. i use by own car, either ban pakard or Phu Nam Ron, burma 900 something baht there.
  5. it would seem that a few countries are running with a minority government at the moment, must be something in the air we breath.
  6. a bit like grandfathering the amount required for a yearly extension.
  7. no I'm a few minutes away
  8. ten pages of raciest allegations, that have no foundation and any replies that have a different view are quickly shot down, the op is one angry man. i would not want to be near him when he reaches boiling point
  9. from mine and friends experiences at the hospital, Foreigners are welcome, yes they charge us more, and yes the queues are long, but the doctors are good, my advice get there early very early, register ( or preregister if fairly close) and get in the queue, a Thai speaker would be useful
  10. new car

    the vehicle is insured under the chassis number, i was unlucky to have a small touch before the black numbered plates were issued, the insurance man just checked the chassis number against the insurance cert.
  11. hope there is a new election
  12. driving license

    just renew when you get back, no problem with many months expired
  13. it would seem the trip is still in the planning stages