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  1. not all offices in a province deal with new number plates, ie pattaya doesn't but chon buri does.
  2. steve187

    any recommendations for automatic gate installer

    it was installed in Rayong, i was just showing the set up rather than advertising an installer, but the machine can be bought on line some tv threads here -
  3. a few things come to mind, what nationality are you, what are you using to stay in Thailand at the moment ie. tourist visa, visa exempt etc. in order to obtain a yearly extension you will need a non imm 'o' visa to start the process. once married you can get a 60 day extension on any entry, if you are likely to apply for a 1 year extension before end of May i would get an income letter now,
  4. Nissan are not showing gearbox oil change in their service schedule in the first 100,000 km - https://en.nissan.co.th/owners/maintenance-costs/almera.html i would look for info on the nissan micra cvt gearbox.
  5. steve187

    Tesco Lotus dilemma

    same in the UK, just gotta remember to take a bag for life, i forget when i go back but soon start to remember
  6. steve187

    any recommendations for automatic gate installer

    is the gate hinged or sliding, i have a sliding gate about a metre high and maybe 6 metres or so long, had a motor fitted, cost about 14,000 baht ish a year or so ago
  7. get your Thai birth cert, and passport sorted in your home country, get all friends/family to block her on social media,change all social media accounts, don't use a photo of yourself on new accounts, sort out the Thai id, house book once in Thailand. op, not meant as a criticism of you but i fail to comprehend why some parents deprive their offspring of their heritage, ie passport to both parents home country, language etc good luck
  8. explain i think you will find that is for a multi entry, the thread is about a double entry
  9. everyone trying to stop the train which is just pulling into the destination station.
  10. anyone seen this 'dirty john' https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7945720/