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  1. just showing that we buy more than we sell to the eu, in response to the quoted post that stated we only buy 8% of eu exports, but thanks for policing the thread.
  2. In 2017, UK exports to the EU were £274 billion (44% of all UK exports). UK imports from the EU were £341 billion (53% of all UK imports).
  3. steve187

    Trolley jack

    hardware house
  4. a tourist visa 60 days plus a 60 day visit Thai wife extension will give you a total of 120 days, a trip to Lao to obtain a multi entry non imm 'O' visa will give you a 90 day permission to stay stamp on each entry, that will give you a total stay in Thailand of 210 days plus the 1 night in Laos = 211 days, each 90 day entry can be extended by 60 days. no need for a re-entry permit as you will have a non imm visa which will still be valid, as it lasts for 1 year from issue, so on return you will still have 4 months or so left on the visa, so this visa + extension(s) if used correctly, will give you another 6 months in Thailand the 2nd year
  5. multi entry non immigrant 'O' visa if not available in Aus, then you can get from Savannakhet Laos with no financials
  6. steve187

    Vintage Volkswagens

    they are still taxed, just free
  7. steve187

    Vintage Volkswagens

    but one of the original 2894 or 3306 would be worth more than one of the fakes, only about 150 are taxed each year in the uk
  8. steve187

    Vintage Volkswagens

    i wonder if its a genuine 23 window
  9. Been waiting 16 years, and what accident are you referring too
  10. chop up carefully starting with the middle tile, working outwards, remove a small layer of sand/cement, replace using thin bed adhesive, no cutting required, if the job is beyond your capabilities then 1000baht should cover it.
  11. this subject gets done to death every year, op do some research on here, and you will see it can not be done
  12. my wife's i7 Asus laptop, has a manufacturer installed copy of win 10, bought in Thailand
  13. what about the annual car tax and compulsory insurance, is there a charge for the white plates as well
  14. use Thai for Thailand in and out, and other for europe, no check will be made for exit stamps