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  1. use Thai for Thailand in and out, and other for europe, no check will be made for exit stamps
  2. a multi entry non imm 'O' married to a Thai national visa should be available from London with no financials, also available from Savannakhet, Laos, also with no financials. could be obtained if he arrives on a tourist visa.
  3. steve187

    Car respray

  4. good advice, all the problems a name change would create, just to avoid getting the car back across the border
  5. steve187

    Windows 10 1803 Spring Update.....Marvelous!

    did the 1803 update took about 1 hour, no problems with drivers etc. but i have lost my duel boot with android remix os, folder is still there in c drive, but no way of booting.
  6. At sukhumvit road near to ban chang ( end of the 7 road) there will be 4 levels of traffic, as shown in the photo/mock up the new road goes under sukhumvit levels 1 & 2, level 3 if for traffic from rayong/ban chang to join 7 road, level 4 will be from 7 road (at a spur not shown, but i have added badly) to link to the ban chang/mataphut bypass road which is behind the toyota garage on the sukhumvit.
  7. it amazes me that some people live in Thailand without their mothers.
  8. steve187

    Retirement visa

    no visa's from London require seasoning of funds, just proof of income/funds for some and no financials for others is the visa you are applying for, non imm 'O' as you are married to a Thai , or a non imm 'O' as a retired person over 65, or a non imm 'O''A' visa as you are retired over 50
  9. looking at 6/9 out 28/9 return , gulf at £1544, kuwait at £1716, turkish £1929, but showing at £1278 on skyscaner, Malaysia not showing at all on Matrix but £1775 on skyscanner. - https://matrix.itasoftware.com/#view-flights:research=BKKLON-LONBKK that why i was wondering where kittenkong was looking and what dates she had for MH at £1300
  10. hi what dates were you looking at, and on which site
  11. park the car on the Thai side and buy a bus ticket. get the bus to the other side ( no walking allowed)get on last, that way you will stand on the journey but will be first off, gives you a chance to catch the same bus when you finish at lao visa on arrival, immigration counter. try and have the Lao immigration forms already completed, correct form i think download here - https://www.itu.int/en/ITU-T/Workshops-and-Seminars/bsg/201207/Documents/visa-application.pdf if you miss the bus there are plenty of taxis. while there try cafe chez boune
  12. receipt from immigration shows its real
  13. Jomtein give out copies of peoples passports on the back of information sheets
  14. steve187

    Returning to UK temporarily

    as i see it if as you will stay at a b&b, there would be no council tax to pay, as for housing benefit would that apply for you staying in a b&b, you would be entitled to have your state pension increased so claim for that as soon as you arrive and will last as long as you stay. you could possible apply for pension credits and maybe get on the council housing lists. but i doubt you would not be able to claim for your wife. A cheaper way of staying longer term would be to look for accommodation as a lodger if i was you i would make it clear you have returned full time to the UK, if at a later date you return to Thailand well that's the way thing go. edit others will come along and give you differing advice no doubt