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  1. to receive a UK state pension you have to have a minimum of 10 years national insurance contributions ( N I ), and to receive the maximum amount of around £8,000 per year, you would need 35 years NI contributions, ( so if you only had 10 years you would receive 10/35 of a full pension) this would be on top of any private or work related pension that you receive. edit, if you have never worked in the UK, you would not receive a pension
  2. UK police pensions in simple terms were 25 years service 1/2 and 30 years 2/3, this is before any lump sum is taken, and i believe a minimum age of 55 years old, i think things have now changed for newer entries
  3. car is looking good, you can go up to 1671cc without having to do work to the inside of the engine. in the UK at the moment, collecting bits for my bay while there.
  4. sort out the water problem before fitting new tiles
  5. the landlord should summit the tm 30 today, the first day immigration is open after after your arrival
  6. you can not renew a visa, you get a new one, better to get a multi entry , no financials required, there is no problem with border runs to get a fresh 90 day non immigrant entry,
  7. get a tourist visa, almost the same price as a local extension , saves messing about whilst in Thailand, and you will avoid any possible tm28, tm30 problems.
  8. not me or you
  9. if you do some research on here this subject comes up every now and again, and the end result is ' don't do it you will get burnt' look at the new prices for European cars here and you will see they are so expensive, due to the high tax placed on these imports, and on top of that the customs are the most corrupt of all the government departments, they will keep asking for more and more import duty.รถยนต์ใหม่-14-158/?brand=149&model=17429
  10. why not do a 60 day extension, and then obtain a new multi entry non 'O' at Savannakhet, (5,000 baht) this will give you another 17 months in Thailand with border runs and an extension
  11. not so sure about the gym, maybe one of the hotels
  12. poipet may not allow you to do a border hop to get a fresh 90 day stamp, you would be better going to burma Ban Phu Nam Ron crossing as posted in another thread by ubonjoe - ''It is the Ban Phu Nam Ron crossing. Map: You will pay a total of 960 baht. That includes 500 baht for the border pass to Myanmar and transport across no mans land.''
  13. if you are flying without a visa and you have no return flight booked within 30 days of arrival, then your airline may deny you boarding 10,000 euro is the maximum you can take out of the UK in cash and or travelers checks. without declaring it.
  14. must of missed 'line of duty' but started to watch this week, s1 and 2 watched both very good, but some of the procedure is way way off of how its done in real life. no one would talk to a complaints and discipline supt, or anyone in that department so easily, ... but all in all a good show and it keeping you guessing, Lennie James played a good part, as did Keeley Hawes