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  1. 10 minutes of it. OK now. Kansas awesome first 1/4.
  2. Double language coverage right now. Shambles!
  3. I would say it is reasonable to expect an individual to personally check the depth of a pool before diving in it.
  4. That's your spin. Insurance companies are quite entitled to decline to pay out if in their 'reasonable' opinion the terms of the insurance have not been met. Having said that, the insurance company mentioned is one of those offering cheapish insurance and such companies can be pretty brutal when it comes to payout in grey areas of judgement. IMHO you get what you pay for and that is one reason I don't do cheap any more. In this case it appears difficult to argue that the insurance company is being unreasonable?
  5. The insurance company would have no means of ascertaining whether you looked in both directions or not. However, if hit by a car/motorcycle being driven on wrong side of the road, while attempting to cross that road, payout likely, dead or otherwise. From a longevity perspective in Thailand, best though to look in all directions multiple times.
  6. The notices are there to cover the hotel/pool management. Absence of such not the responsibility of the travel insurance company.
  7. Its generally not a good idea to dive into a shallow pool. With regards to all accidents an insurance company will have in their small print that the insured should at all times be considered to have taken reasonable care and attention.
  8. Yes. The info I am now getting is that 672 is linked with the Platinum service, so out for me with Gold. Maybe I will upgrade for next season. Looks like an additional 2/3 live games running on 672 alternatively to 666 on Monday mornings here during regular season? Should be nothing extra for the playoffs?
  9. SheungWan

    Another one gone!

  10. SheungWan

    Another one gone!

    Does AIS provide live NFL and live CNBC and live CNN ?
  11. SheungWan

    Another one gone!

    You get CNN on the Gold package.
  12. Do talk us through the Indian Rupee then.