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  1. It appears he can't even afford to keep a goldfish.
  2. Yes. Asia Miles. https://www.asiamiles.com/en/redeem-awards/flight-awards.html
  3. Earlier this month I blew 40,000 points on BC return Cathay Pacific BKK-HKG-BKK. Did it just before they put the rate up. It has gone up to 50k since June 23, but economy maybe 20k.
  4. Not Cathay Pacific. So which airline did you copy these images from?
  5. Oh no It isn't! Not on Cathay.
  6. I don't think this is coming from someone who has used these seats.
  7. A check on seatguru will confirm that all BC seats on the A350 are 180 degree lie-flat. Confusingly it says 180 degree angle-flat. As far as short haul is concerned, (eg on HKG-BKK route) there is a mix of planes and old-school recliners (not flats) are used on some of the flights.
  8. Large plane so likely to have PE class if you want and prepared to pay for for more space.
  9. Not sure the frequency of A350s on the HKG-BKK route planned by Cathay, but worth keeping an eye out when booking. It really is a nice plane.
  10. Once the uber hard Brexiteers are unmoored from a semblance of supporting the Government, they're off with the faeries and full-on Conspiracy La-la Land.
  11. For clueless no need to go any further than prior forum uber hard Brexiteers' defence of false statements put out by both Davis and Johnson. Its a routine habit.
  12. "Here in the UK..." ........says the Hard Brexit spokesman from his back-garden HQ.
  13. Too general IMHO. Suggest: 'Language Instructor'.