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  1. The UU are exactly where they want to be, more likely.
  2. Probably not. The painters would be working to a provided graphic design. Nobody is going to deliberately put their job at risk for something like that, and which is signed off. The error more likely assigned to the graphic designer working on it and providing the required lettering would be my punt. Where? Well, could be staff on the Mainland from the recently merged Cathay Dragon who might be a tad short on English skills. Maybe.
  3. There is the possibility of an agreement being reached, but the Hard Brexiteers will want to scupper any possible agreement now at the Party Conference and in addition, post-agreement, threaten to vote in an unholy alliance with Labour to bring the Government down.
  4. If there is one thing clear from the above it is that some Brexiteers haven't got the faintest clue the context of what is being negotiated other then some generalist concepts on a totally abstract level. No wonder car crash is where they are at.
  5. You mean as opposed to the last Party conference where Labour blocked any discussion of Brexit.
  6. That would be the massive swing that still lost the election.
  7. Odds shorter on Labour if either the Tories rip themselves apart or the Hard Brexiteers vote together with Labour to bring down the PM>
  8. When did forum Brexiteers ever bother make an effort to read BoE publications about anything at all? Better just make scatter-gun comments.
  9. SheungWan

    Thinking of relocating within Thailand

    Since theatre is a must have, nowhere better than Pattaya Beach Road for an evening's performance. Free seating available.
  10. Its more vented spleen with the Brexiteers than any heart.
  11. or you could go see the Thai version of the band BNK48 and save on the travel:
  12. Yes, well, we know what people should do, but in practice the MP can spend all day in the pub. Can't get past taking an oath though.