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  1. Somebody arguing that economic priorities take a back seat are usually trying to sell you a pig in a poke. Interesting that the Tory storyline on Brexit is getting pushed back by the uproar on social care reform which had immediate and measurable impact on pensioners if implemented. Theresa May wobbled and another bit of Brexiteer blah that economics is disposable hit the dust. Was that the price of Brexit? was the accusation and the poll lead started shrinking. Moving on.......
  2. Theresa May making a blunder? Tell me it ain't so!
  3. Well Macron certainly wasn't the guy for all the European and US Trump supporters here on this forum. To a man they were all rooting for the loser Marine Le Pen.
  4. The young are primarily guilty of being young
  5. What the companies are doing now is reduce some of their new phone prices to what appears to be very attractive prices (eg see TRUE display at Central Festival), but the deal is that you must lock in to a 12 month post-pay contract.
  6. That story is straight. He can still claim that the head of the FBI told him that he wasn't under investigation and that therefore any accusations are an orchestrated witch-hunt precisely because he wasn't under investigation.
  7. Sean Connery Vs 'Loger' Moore:
  8. Well no. Even if all the accusations are true the election result stands. What this one is actually about is not Russian interference in the Presidential election, it is about whether the Trump team colluded with a foreign power. It may extend to interference (covering-up) with the subsequent inquiries. In the event of Trump losing his position, Pence would take over. But the election result still stands.
  9. Nobody goes down Walking Street around 6pm apart from those who have never been.
  10. 2/3 agree with that so it must be correct.
  11. When some Brexiteers witter on about 'democratic aspects', they are invariably the same guys who were blowing their trumpets for Royal Prerogative Vs parliamentary democracy and against the UK Law Courts just a few months ago.
  12. Yes. Let's talk about smartphones instead.
  13. 'Dictatorship'.
  14. Well isn't that terrible. Works out at 1 MEP for approx 789,000 voters. As compared to the USA of 1 Congressman in the House of Representatives for approx 737,000 voters if averaged out. (US pop ~ 321m/435 reps)