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  1. In the university sector the most difficult job to get is the first one. And I am talking about tenure here. Once you have your foot in the door and a couple of years of experience you are inside looking out. There are plenty of guys who go the rounds with p/t contracts seemingly for ever and once the CV fills up with a fistful of short-time contracts your card is permanently marked. One of the ways in is through the institution where you are registered for your PhD. Not because they will make you a direct offer for a F/T post (they cannot do this), but because if a post is advertised in the faculty you stand a better chance of being considered as the faculty has had prior opportunity of seeing you in action during your studies and support work. No guarantee. You can still screw up the interview, your prior work may not have been as good as you thought it was and of course you can get beaten by better candidates. But its your best shot. And for some guys it will turn out to have been their only shot.
  2. I recall being on appointment panels where there was occasionally an odd-ball candidate (and sometimes from the FE sector) who would be seemingly more keen to rehearse their own agenda rather than directly answering questions from panel members. There might also be a pre-panel presentation by the candidates and sometimes it just all popped out. Even in this thread it seems.
  3. Plenty of problems with student communication skills, but that isn't what I am talking about. Over and out.
  4. Lower but not low. 'so has very low status in UK academia' is just plain wrong. There are plenty of international collaborative projects involving the so-called new universities. Not a smart move to condemn universities in other countries as not being clued-in just because they disagree with you. Just as a for example, Middx Uni has equal ranking with SOAS in THES UK uni rankings so how does that fit the very low label?
  5. Those who have experience of working in the University sector will have some understanding of where the Uni priorities are, contradictory or no. Secondly, nobody in HE 'teach(es) English through the medium of sociology'. There are humanities faculties and there are student support departments offering language support. Plenty of language support jobs around but that is not the same thing as subject tenure which I guess you are looking for. As for funding I am not referring to those inside the system but rather expats from outside who want an in. As for funding there are many sources of external funding, not just a few leading ones. But if we want some focus we can agree on then peer-reviewed research tops anything else. Quality of research counts. Last point is that the humanities subject area is just plain tough to get into. Plenty of competition. Better odds with STEM.
  6. And right on time a silly bus turns up with a bogus comment.
  7. The key is publications which are peer-reviewed and research which generates incoming funds. Research which is collaborative and generates funds even more so. Thai universities would like that as much as anybody else.
  8. Nonsense. This was not a case of a guy being hit by a series of failed passes come back to bite him. This was a series of systematic and planned harassment of staff. Some guys just don't want to know the difference. Charlie does. That's why he immediately folded.
  9. The main point I wish to make is that those who have failed to secure a position in the UK HE system should not expect Thailand's HE institutions to welcome them with open arms.
  10. I am still not 100% clear as to what the status of this job offer at Leeds actually is. If there is no contractual offer on the table then there is little to discuss other than the possibility of research collaboration.
  11. PS I have a question for the OP. What exactly is the status of that offer of an SL Post? Is it an unofficial offer or has there been a formal interview process followed by a contractual document you have in front of you ready to sign?
  12. If he starts asking for that soon after being appointed to a F/T job (presumably to fill a F/T lecturing position in the department) he will immediately be considered flighty and using the department for his personal needs. The attitude will sour towards him and he will never recover his reputation. In addition (it gets worse), he will have hidden his true intentions from the appointment committee until after being appointed. No good. Nor will he get the post if he plays it straight and tells them what he wants which is in effect a P/T post at the Uni. He has a straight choice: either he throws himself 100% into the job he is appointed to, or he drops everything and stays with his parents. There is no middle ground which doesn't end badly IMHO.
  13. Leeds Beckett University strangely changed its name from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2014. I would say congratulations on the offer of an SL post on graduation and advice that if you do not take this offer you will find it incredibly difficult to get a foothold in HE at any time in the future. If it is the case that going to Bangkok now is your priority, bear in mind that you will IMHO be giving up your chosen career for a difficult life of P/T contracts and low income. Not guaranteed, but sometimes we only get one chance to climb through the window of opportunity. You may be better able to support your parents by staying where you are and supporting them financially.
  14. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    I am the Gobbledegook Whisperer.
  15. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Standing in a puddle, wrapped in the Union Jack.