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  1. Corbyn's latest cheerleader, academic Jane Dipple, Labour Party supporter who managed to share a post by the far-right website The Daily Stormer as just one of her contributions: https://tinyurl.com/ydczfynh
  2. Actually not a lot happened immediately after WW1 apart from a series of agreements which were not ratified other than the Geneva Protocol which wasn't finished until the mid 1920s. As for 'the civilised world', well that presumably included the states which were dropping chemicals in WW1. The Geneva Protocol was signed by both the USSR and some Arab States. So-called 'Stalinist thug states did not exist until post-1945 unless one wants to include the constituent parts of the USSR and Arab dictatorships not a significant factor until well after that. Fast forward to recent history and one of the most well-known users of chemical warfare was Saddam Hussein. Anyone here remember Chemical Ali? Sort of been airbrushed over by those who would rather good old Saddam still had his State to sling stuff around.
  3. That does not answer my question at all. He said that agreements were made soon after WW1, including specified types of state which did not sign. You have just provided some latter day info. I was questioning his historical statements which by the way are made up assumptions of what happened but actually didn't.
  4. So after all that meandering I guess you do not have any post-WW1 ratified treaties to refer to.
  5. It is not stated what agreement you are referring to.
  6. British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    She was probably not expecting to be kicked to death. As for asking a psychopath what he expects, well.....
  7. You want someone who died? How about the latest one, Maxim Borodin?
  8. Absolutely zero in the words of the reported above supporting your attempt to kick the matter into the long grass, but hey RT (and some on this thread) will not be stopped from plugging away.
  9. Its called being young. Maybe you have forgotten.
  10. Common ground meaning 'common ground' to get Trump off the hook rather than being impaled on it. So, some supporters now looking for a minor misdemeanor charge to close the book. No sale.
  11. They know it. They are still 'feeling lucky'. That's the difference.
  12. There's no irony and no guts and no picture and no teflon. Just a few Trump supporters spinning this way and that.
  13. Meanwhile, back in the real world, The FT reports: The UK's scientific analysis of the nerve agent used in the Salisbury attack has been confirmed by the international watchdog, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.The published summary report did not name the compound, which Britain has said is a military grade nerve agent from the Novichok family, produced in Russia. The OPCW said it has named the chemical in its “full classified report” available to 192 state parties, including Russia.
  14. Next time anybody is flying out of BKK airport, just glance over to the queue in front of the VAT tax rebate windows. Predominantly Chinese and now can be a long wait. Before the Chinese arrived in town queues relatively rare, but the line stretched right back the mid-morning I was last there.