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  1. The UDD is quite happy to have a front layer of 'useful fools', old-style popular frontism. Check with Thida.
  2. Actually what the red shirts really look like is UDD chairperson Thida Thavornseth, former Thailand Communist Party leader:
  3. Thaksin wants everything for his family business: the police force, the judiciary, the army, the State.
  4. Handle Thaksin with kid gloves and he will let loose the hyenas.
  5. Typical of Thaksin to put a spin on what is actually happening.
  6. Giving cover to Thaksin is the easy yardstick.
  7. The real world is not an academic speculative chit-chat in a bar on the Khao San Road
  8. Only quiet because they have been progressively boxed in.
  9. For sure the place upsets the Poor Value Inspection Team. Much better value from a can of beer purchased from one of the bicycle ladies on Beach Road, but hey guys mix it up occasionally! Or those gritted teeth will give you lockjaw!
  10. Sorry, but no such thing as no-nonsense when you buy a smartphone. How much nonsense depends on which apps you decide to download. I would recommend a Samsung purely because there will always be someone around familiar with Samsung environment and will be able to help you out. I would also get a bigger screen than 5". Lastly be OK with buying last year's model which will be on discount eg Samsung S7. Easy to buy these in Hong Kong, but don't know where you will be buying your phone.
  11. You need to tell us your budget. t
  12. Repetition is the only Thaksinista source.
  13. GBPEUR now starting to get less than 1:1 cash. Fantastico!
  14. Kenneth Clarke says UK government hopelessly divided on what to do:
  15. Government said to be softening up on need for transitional requirements: