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  1. Dashboard cameras would be a complete waste of time and money in Thailand as there aren't any coppers on the roads enforcing the traffic rules. The police input is to take the easy path of road stops to check for licences and helmets. An efficient police chief with balls in any Thai city could clean up the problems in no more than a month. 200B for no helmet or parking on the footpath, 500 - 1000B for no lights. driving on the wrong side of the road, motor bikes weaving in and out of traffic, changing lanes without a signal etc. Coppers taking bribes to be sacked, never to have a government job again. It really isn't rocket science, and would not be very hard to implement, with immediate and dramatic results. Cut out the Thai bureaucratic bullshit and just get on with the job
  2. I can't get into Thailand without a valid passport and visa, so how can so many Africans manage to do it?
  3. What a stupid idea. I bet most of the claims were from the coppers themselves. If the police have been detailed to prosecute footpath violations they only need to walk down the street, where violations are the rule rather than the exception. In the area where I live in Chiang Mai I could walk out right now into Nimmanhaemin Road and see 100 blatant violations within a ten minute trip and stumble to Huay Keow Road. The Mayor is useless and washes his hands of any responsibility. A few years ago local residents and the media took him (assuming it was the same Mayor) to task about this and he claimed that it was the responsibility of the Roads department, which was untrue. He went on to say that it wouldn't be fair to spend money on the rich people of the Nimman area as poorer areas also needed attention. This is despite the fact that the Nimmanhaemin area is the centre of the booming Chinese tourist market, and where hotels, condos, and shopping centres are going up like mushrooms. This notwithstanding, the condition of the footpaths in Nimmanhaemin Road is the worst of any street I have seen anywhere in Chiang Mai. If public opinion can't get useless bureaucrats to do their jobs perhaps more enlightened government agencies such as Tourism might get something done, as surely this leaves a very bad impression on foreign visitors returning to their country.
  4. In Chiang Mai, government money is also wasted on providing footpaths/sidewalks that can't be navigated by pedestrians due to the same aforementioned clutter on bike lanes. It is dangerous to walk on the roads but not as risky as walking on the footpaths. Mr Prayuth, who is responsible for this? Why aren't they fired, never to get a government job again?
  5. Thai drivers and bike riders are no different from those in the Western world. The difference in behaviour is caused by one thing only - lack of enforcement of the road rules by the police. And that in turn is caused by one thing only - incompetent senior policemen and politicians who are not controlling the cop on the beat and the cop on the bike, and are not held responsible for their incompetence.
  6. I think the solution is that taxi drivers should become Uber or Grab drivers and then everybody would be happy - except of course the mafia that runs the taxis. I live in Chiang Mai and Uber gives a great service. I would not call or hail a taxi as in the past as there has always been a problem. I use songthaews sometimes for short trips as their prices are cheap. I would never use a tuk tuk unless I was really desperate as they are much more expensive than Uber, unsafe, noisy, and smelly.
  7. They need a system that not only looks like a zebra but also acts like one, whereby if a vehicle goes over when pedestrians are crossing, a big hoof kicks them in the wheel bearings or some other sensitive part.
  8. Will Duterte eventually be tried before an international court for his murders?
  9. Democracy with 'Thai characteristics' - the unelected government will decide on reforms, rather than unelected committees.
  10. The Tourism authorities should take a hard look at the state of the footpaths in Nimmanhaemin Road, which are the worst in Chiang Mai, despite the fact that the most popular area for affluent Chinese visitors. This is a very bad image for this city. What must they be saying when they get back to China? Money from rates and taxes is flowing into government coffers from rapid commercial development and nobody seems to be questioning where it is going. The buck stops with the Mayor who apparently gives a whole lot of cow pies about the reasons. I love the easy going accepting attitude of the Thais but I do wish they would get indignant about things once in a while and hold their bureaucrats' feet to the fire.
  11. Yingluck cleared over 2011 flooding

    OK, she got off the hook this time but she is definitely responsible for global warming, the war in Syria, and any shortcomings of the current military government.
  12. Christian parents plan to sue school over son’s transgender classmate

    I am planning to sue my school for trying to brainwash me with silly infantile superstitious nonsense in scripture lessons 70 years ago
  13. I am not remotely religious but games like this are just stirring up trouble, as if we don't have enough religious strife already in the world.
  14. Trump should distance himself from ALL fascist thugs including those from the Middle East, and not just American White Supremacists and Nazis