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    Bored with waiting for Thaivisa

    Just replying quick before you can say it's not working anymore , yes there were some changes, no, it's not a strictly server related problem and we're monitoring the problem and working on solutions. It's not a single thing to turn on or off to instantly fix, especially since 95% of the elements from a page come from other servers than the server hosting the forum (this is why more information is needed). Thank you for your patience
  2. catalin

    Bored with waiting for Thaivisa

    Hi, if it's not too much trouble, could you do some steps to help with troubleshooting? Ideally would be if use firefox or chrome to post the network monitor output. In Firefox you can go to Firefox -> Web Developed -> Toggle Tools, in Chrome it's Options -> Tools -> Developer Tools. Then click on Network and reload the thaivisa forum page. Please post a screenshot if you can with the output or at least the summary, for me the page loads are: - Chrome 429 requests 11.05s to all elements loaded, 4.63s to initial page display - Firefox 186 requests, 20.47s to all elements loaded, 9.46s to initial page displayed As for just "feeling" the forum, for me it seems fine considering that I'm browsing it from Europe, not from Asia, I can see comments and most of the page within 3-4 seconds after a click. Thank you very much.