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  1. ukbiker

    teatime tv (2)

    Seems ok now buffering a lot earlier in the day but ok now.
  2. ukbiker

    teatime tv (2)

    I think its down again, anyone else having problems. 11.45pm Thursday.
  3. ukbiker

    teatime tv (2)

    Mine went off midday today. Has anybody got it back yet or got a good alternative ? Cheers
  4. ukbiker

    Driving Licence for Boat

    Is a driving licence required for a boat and if so how do I aquire one. I live in Pattaya, also is a registration book required and insurance as with motor vehicles. Thanks in advance.
  5. ukbiker

    Yello Tabien and (pink ID card ID card

    What documentation is required to obtain both Yellow Tabien and pink ID card. Thanks
  6. If you open one it can be used as funding for your retirement extension and exchanged into baht when the exchange rate is in your favour.
  7. ukbiker

    The average penis size is getting bigger - here's what it is now

    In my experience there's only 2 sizes of female parts big uns and whoppers.
  8. ukbiker

    Police Check Stop CNX

    Can you show the police or any other public servant a photograph of your passport from say a mobile phone or is a paper copy required.
  9. ukbiker

    Single visa for two kingdoms #CAM #THA

    So can you now have a retirement extension and go visit Cambodia by car without needing a re-entry permit? Is it now like it is in Europe and we can travel both country's as if its only one?
  10. Hi, On a triple entry holiday visa is it possible to get a 1900bt 30 day extension before each 60 day stamp thus extending the 6 month visa to 9 months.
  11. ukbiker

    Non Im.O Single Entry

    Cheers mate thanks a lot.
  12. ukbiker

    Non Im.O Single Entry

    I have my bank funds sorted already 900k baht been in an account for the last six weeks, 800k for my extension and 100k to live off on till my extension is granted. I return to the LOS at the end of this month hopefully never to return to England. Have I got everything in order? Cheers  
  13. ukbiker

    Non Im.O Single Entry

    I got the non-o based on age. I intend to get a retirement extension on the back of this when I return later this month. I just thought maybe I could put the extension off for another year.
  14. I am looking for a bit of information please. I have just obtained Non Immigrant single entry O visa in England. My question is can I report to immigration at the end of each 90 days and stay in Thailand for 15 month as would happen with border runs on a multi entry visa or is this visa being a single entry only valid for the first 90 days. Thanks 
  15. Slightly off subject but very conflicting stories coming from Thai consulates in the UK. When returning to Thailand on the 27th August I intend applying for a retirement visa extension as I have turned 60 in May. Having my funds already sorted in a Thai bank account. My plan was to enter the country on a 30 visa exempt obtain a 90 day imigrant O in Thailand and get my extension on the back of this visa. After a lot of thought because my return flight is not on till 25th June next year I was concerned the airline would not allow me to travel without a visa so I decided to get my emigrant O here in England. I telephoned the consulate in Hull as I had done in previous years and they informed me that they no longer issued emigrant Os at the consulates and my passport had to be posted to the embassy in London. I subsequently phoned the consulate in Liverpool they told me no problem booked me an appointment. I jumped on a train with my passport and 2 photo's and within 10 minutes of reaching the consulate had a nice new sticker. I think this my be a case of the left arm not knowing what the right arm is doing.