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  1. You don't need to change your us dollars to Baht I have the same only with GB pounds and did'nt have a problem last time.
  2. So no proof of residence from immigration. Thanks for your quick reply.
  3. I am selling my condo to a friend question 1/ What do I need to take to the land office to make the sale. 2/ What is required by the land office from the purchaser. I know I should know this but I'm getting old and I can't remember what was required when I bought the place. Thanks.
  4. Is there any truth in the rumor the British Embassy is ceasing to issue proof of income letters for retirement extensions.
  5. ukbiker

    teatime tv (2)

    Seems ok now buffering a lot earlier in the day but ok now.
  6. ukbiker

    teatime tv (2)

    I think its down again, anyone else having problems. 11.45pm Thursday.