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  1. before booking the 12k thb hotel did you even ask her what she wanted? Did you discuss the hotel's location? Did she know where you were sending her?
  2. I think you misunderstood the timings in the story. The flight was scheduled to depart at 1:45 and eventually departed at 6:30. That's nearly 5hours delay. 40 minutes is from the time the emergency declared over till actual take off
  3. OP stated he's been staying in Thailand for the last 3-4 years. I just looked for a definition of "tourist" in various online dictionaries - none of which would consider a person staying such a long time in 1 place as a tourist. Entering a country on a tourist visa does not make a person tourist - just as a man does not become a woman just by wearing women's cloths.... Gosh - you are so full of yourself.... Thai lost their jobs? The OP supported Thais?? by what? There are about 70 million Thais living in Thailand. Most of them have nothing to do with tourists (real or not). Do you really think the Thai economy collapse if all those who abuse the system and stay here on wrong visas leave Thailand for good?? TAT is promoting TOURISM as which is defined as " tourist (ˈtʊərɪst) n 1. a. a person who travels for pleasure, usually sightseeing and staying in hotels b. (as modifier): tourist attractions. 2. a person on an excursion or sightseeing tour 3. (General Sporting Terms) a person travelling abroad as a member of a sports team that is playing a series ofusually international matches " This is from - other online dictionaries have similar definitions. The lady in question works for the immigration department and her job is to screen those who come into this country and distinguish between REAL tourist and fake ones. Seems to me she has done a good job in this case....
  4. it is compulsory to get ID card at age 15. It is possible to get one at age 7. For domestic travel any card with a photo is acceptable for adults - even a foreign driver's license. So if the kid has a pupil card from school that should be fine. In any case, I don't think they insist on any type of ID for kids on domestic flights
  5. that is one of the biggest mistake some dog owners do - chain or cage dogs full time. Chained/caged dogs are much more aggressive than dogs that can socialize with other dogs/people
  6. what are you taking about? The numbers of tourist still on the rise so obviously the parks entry fees don't matter to most tourists. It's simple economic thinking. We charge as high as people are willing to pay. Same as any business. And I think most people would realize that if dropping the fees just to get all those complaining here on TVF to visit the parks, the total revenue would still be much less than it is now. So if you owned a park how much would you charge? ??
  7. yet you still chose to come and stay here...
  8. I think that depends on the normal price. Are there any parks that charge only about 60 cents entry? Of so, I guess tourists wouldn't mind paying $6 or $12 for entry. In Thailand the most I ever paid to use a toilets facilities was 5 thb. In Italy I had to pay 1 euro.
  9. they are not taking about the boat fees. They are talking about the national park entrance fee which is decided by the ministry
  10. The laws regarding the age of consent in Thailand are not very clear. Basically 15 is the legal age of consent, but... between the ages of 15-18 if the young person has changed his/her mind he can still make a complaint about the other person who will be charged for sex with a minor. This works if both parties are under 18, so if a 15 YO couple having consensual sex but later one of them changes their mind, the other will be charged. 18 is the legal age of full consent, but no money or other forms of payment for sex is allowed. 20 is the minimum age for someone to get paid for sex. If what you say is true, it's all the more of a reason for government protection and guidance!!
  11. did you read the article or only the headline?? In the article it says 2 juveniles and a man. It also says they all admitted raping her.
  12. so running up a bill you cannot afford is ok...
  13. you missed one minor fact. Europeans don't have to apply for a visa in order to visit Thailand for up to 30 days with option for extension. Thais MUST apply for a visa to Europe's even if they only have a layover of few hours between flights if they want to get out of the airport.
  14. interesting point. Yet I wonder how would all the Europeans, Americans, Australians and citizens of all the other great western and advanced countries would feel if they had to go through the same process and expenses as Thai people have to go through to get a simple tourist visa to visit their country
  15. yes, I wondered how come no one so far commented on that... I was just about to ask the op WHY...