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  1. Dog repeller devices. Do they work?

    Can buy on Lazada from as little as 282 THB, but doesn't say what distance it's good for.
  2. You mean like the US of A?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_hazing_deaths_in_the_United_States#2010s
  3. I think that they mean that if the price is so much higher, Thai people will smoke and drink less - thus be healthier. Not by having the tax money to treat the related diseases. So if you are right and people will spend 0 baht on alcohol and smokes - they actually succeeded.
  4. Married in Thailand, Divorce in Australia

    Seems you are talking about a foreigner marrying an Australian in order to get to Australia and then divorcing and staying. I think you should read the OP again and try to understand what was written there as it has nothing to do with your scenario ....
  5. AMEX at Service Stations?

    I usually top up at esso and PTT, no problems with amex. lotus and lotus express in many locations also accepted my amex. Tops, central and many other big chains - no problems. It's usually the small businesses that accept only visa/master or no cc at all
  6. Christian parents plan to sue school over son’s transgender classmate

    Personally I don't understand transgenderizm. In a way it's like not accepting who and what you are. One can behave like the other sex, dress like it, go through surgery to cut off/add external organs but will never ever become part of the other sex. And by going through with the surgery actually deprives one self from being what he/she was born to be. but if a boy presents himself as a girl and asks to be addressed to as a girl I am willing to go along with it as long as it doesn't disturb me, and if one was to study with me our with my kids an class I wouldn't go banana about it, would leave or take my kids out of school just for that.
  7. Amazon Prime - anyone else been duped like me?

    When they refund the charge you get back less than you were charged due to different exchange rate and the bank will probably charge a fee. Anyway if you go this route - you have to pay it first (if the CC statement was already issued) and the credited amount will show on the next statement. If you dispute it you won't have to pay it till the bank get the final result of the arbitration should Amazon challenge the dispute (which they probably won't as if they lose they get a hefty penalty fee) but the bank will probably give you a new card which means if you have any bills automatically paid by the card you'll have to make sure you change the CC number for all those businesses.
  8. Personal firearm importation

    Actually self import of firearms is not possible. There is a quota for import of guns and accessories as well. Many shop owners have to open 2nd, 3rd and 4th shops just to get more quota. If you try to order magazines or even spare parts from overseas you will be refused by the dealers once they learn you want it in Thailand
  9. xi's thai. Thais go through the automatic gates, not talking to anyone. There is no reason for the 2 passports to be connected, so that won't be detected there. the only problem that might arise there, is if the system detects that he left Thailand on his last trip (whenever was his last trip out on a thai passport, not the USA passport) and hasn't returned yet. If that happens he can act surprised and "come to a conclusion" that he must have presented his us passport by mistake when entering Thailand.
  10. You got it wrong. YL's sentence was supposed to be 2-10 years, and she was accused of negligence to see what her government was doing and to control it. The minister is accused of falsifying government-to-government rice deals
  11. Thai Pension

    They count by months. If i remember correctly it's up to 179 payments (months) you have a choice of lump sum OR monthly payments for the rest of your life+ about 6 months after your death to your spouse. 180+ payments you only get the monthly. You have to be at least 50 years old to claim either option.
  12. Most sellers are usually too lazy to do it so they leave it to the buyer to do. However, if you think about it, the seller can get into more troubles than the buyer if the buyer is up to no good.
  13. It is really the seller's responsibility to transfer the registration to the buyer
  14. Cool. Thanks. Will try again :)
  15. I've tried to solve ant problem with boron with jam and also with peanut butter but they won't consume it.... How do you use it??