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  1. Thanks, if I could get the details I would really appreciate. I will send you a message.
  2. Something like this. Not this height. About 1.2 m from the ground. Breeze block and rebar. We have about 140 m to do so don't really want to be paying 300,000 but if it can be avoided. Thanks for reply
  3. And yes we are in hang dong.
  4. Ok thanks Dante. We had a quote for about 2000 per metre, which seems a hell of a lot. But yes I think if we ask locally and see there work, might be a way to go. cheers.
  5. Hi. Looking for an average cement wall. Nothing flash, but strong. Just simple to keep the dogs in and Not fall down in a couple of years.
  6. Sorry, will be for an exterior wall. Thx
  7. Would like any advice or recommendations for a builder/wall builder please. Preferably with proven work. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  8. Wow that's great thanks. Will.check that out. Might be a nice little project when I get time off. Cheers again
  9. Yep sound like a good short term plan. We have also found 10 m of chain link for 750 bht. Not too bad.
  10. Thanks. To be honest we just want a half decent fence that is not gonna costs a massive amount. We got a quote of about 350000 from the builder. Seemed a but steep. And also a figure just plucked out of the air. Anyway thanks for feedbacks
  11. Would anyone know of someone to build a cheap fence, cost per m would be helpful. Chain link or better would be ok. We are building a house and would rather use out funds on the house rather than a fence. Short term maybe a year or so. Thanks. Hang dong chiang mai.
  12. Anyone have a gardeners Contact details to work hang dong south not far from big c. Basically to sort out the mess we have on new land. Small plants/weeds to be removed. Thanks.
  13. Thanks very much. We are looking at hang dong saraphi area. We have found a company that charge low end 12k and middle 15k. They both speak perfect English which is needed as we are both English. We have also seen a couple of their examples which seem pretty good and a good standard. I have heard there are many ups and downs and frustrations, but I suppose that is the country we live in. Eye catcher good info I will take into account the info in the link. Thanks again. Both
  14. Anyone recommend English speaking Builders that have done some previous work with a proven record. We would like to know the sort of prices and quality as well if possible. Thanks very much
  15. Yes I have thought of that for her. If only it were that simple. I think thanyarak seems ok for now. But who knows. Maybe it is just time out to break the cycle she has and get that clearer mindset. Who knows. Life is not so simple