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  1. Passport & Visa expiry

    You can renew your passport anytime, the only restriction is they will only transfer a maximum of nine months life to your new passport therefore anything over nine months is lost. Plus if in Pattaya they have an approved agent (Keyvisa) for a price of course, my new passport was returned in ten days, went to immigration and they transferred everything needed, no fee.
  2. In UK if you keep something you find it is known as stealing by finding .
  3. Correct, the new pensions act 2007 stated that the ADI will be discontinued for new claimants from 2010, those already in receipt at that time will continue to be paid until 2020 when it will cease. I suggest you check gov.uk pensions section.
  4. Yes , I understand they are asking for your marriage certificate, no idea why, when I claimed my state pension they wanted my divorce certificate from ten years before? No idea why, then they lost it but paid for replacement!
  5. Just so you know there is no Ault Dependancy Increase for married people now, that finished in 2010 so you will just get the basic pension based on your contributions and of course if you live here it will be frozen ( applicants who were already in receipt of ADI in 2010 will have it paid until 2020)
  6. Paintings? Where?

    The old Homeworks on Sukhumvit has reopened under a new name and apparently is now a furniture outlet so might be worth a look, also on the opposite side is Chic Republicand finally Lukdod usually have a fair range.
  7. UK pensions

    If you live in London, you can travel free on buses, tubes and other transport when you’re 60, last I heard London was in England, but I could be wrong and they have moved it !
  8. UK pensions

    The rules for payment of N.I. changed some time ago, when I was working I did the company salary and N.I. anyone aged 60 and over did not have to pay N.I. But they could make voluntary payments to fill in any gaps in their record. However the rules changed and currently N.I. Is paid until you reach state pension age which incidentally is being raised to 67! On the issues of bus passes this is more complicated, Londoners, Scots Welsh and Northern Ireland can qualify for their bus pass at age 60. In England in differs between county councils for example in Cumbria you can claim at 64.5 !
  9. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Headed out tonight to try a new Indian on third road that advertises " British Style Indian Food " Balti Towers, Got there at 7pm , all in darkness! No sign of life so not sure what's happening. Anyway as a backup we went to Bollywood on Pratamak Road and we were not disappointed ! Tasty food, good portions and pleasant service! We will return!
  10. I use Transferwise regularly and never had a problem in two years, their charges as stated are quoted upfront, currently .55% plus £1.50 handling charge, my Thai bank (BBK) do not charge any fees plus Transferwise show the exchange rate before you transfer with the option to cancel the transaction. Given the time difference (7 hours for UK) if sent early morning here I usually receive the funds sometime after 2.30 pm the same day . Occasionally it will arrive the following day.
  11. Twiglets in Pattaya

    Also at Siamburys on Soi Khatalo
  12. As a committee member of a condo I would expect each member to have a copy of the Condo Act detailing responsibilities etc so why doesn't one of the committee check the said act and find out what their duties are!
  13. What about the money the UK has invested in the European Bank? Said to run into billions and can't be replayed in full until 2052?
  14. Reports coming out of Immigration in Jomtien state with combination income seasoning is now required.
  15. This article has been published on Facebook and locals in Scotland can find no trace of anyone of this name being born there in the year given.