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  1. Reputable pharmacy that will not rip me off

    Anyone know of an alternative online pharmacy?
  2. Reputable pharmacy that will not rip me off

    According to their website, permanently closed , no reply to e mails
  3. I think I just achieved a record! I e mailed my proof of income form with pictures of my pension letters, completed the bank debit firm online and e mailed everything on Tuesday 27th Feb, on Thursday 1st my UK bank account was debited (£52) and today Saturday 3rd March I received the proof of income letter from the British Embassy! That's what I call service ( and before anyone whinges yes I know it was at a cost!)
  4. Has aspirin become illegal in Thailand?

    I get my Aspent 81mg from Fascino in Pattaya no problem.
  5. In Pattaya City Hall would deal with this, you don't say where you live so not sure if this is any help.
  6. When I applied for my state pension six years ago , the department of pensions sent me details of every pension schemes I contributed to, even those that had been cashed in , that might be a good starting point.
  7. A number of posts here are a bit out of date now. Transferwise from UK now charge .55% plus £1.50 handling charge. Aeon have four machines in Pattaya: Tesco Lotus South on the first floor next to MK Big C Extra - Pattaya Klang in the passage way leading to the toilets Tesco Lotus North - two machines at the bank , ground floor. I used the one in Tesco Lotus South yesterday, withdrew 10,000 baht, charge 150 baht.
  8. 21 st March, 22nd December (arrival date) counts as day one. So you have: ten days in December, thirty one in January, twenty eight in February which is sixty nine days , so 21st March is day ninety. You can of course go up to two weeks early or one week later.
  9. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Any recommends on a decent Indian Restaurant, tried many including some with many Indian customers and was disappointed. Used to go to the Curry Hut in Jomtien but it has changed hands, food not the same and they allow smoking inside! I do like Bollywood but hard to get parked in that area .
  10. The 81 mg aspirin is sold under the trade name " Aspent" and I buy mine at Fascino Pharmacy
  11. UK private pension concerns

    All income earned in the UK is subject to tax taking your personal allowance into account. Not sure about children's sipp, I think these are tax free but you can google them and check.
  12. Given that the area is a well known area for fishing fleets the cargo ship should have had a bridge lookout at the very least and given they were in close proximity to land there should have been an officer on watch!
  13. Samsung contacts back-up

    To back up your Samsung, you'll need to download and install Samsung KIES . If you just want to get your pictures, videos or music from the phone, use the second set of steps. Open the 'KIES' software and connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable.Aug 24, 2017