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  1. Well until this incident I had never heard of Musk, I know nothing about him and I will not waste time googling him. Put yourself in the shoes of the guy in charge, he has a team of experienced and proven international divers or a as yet unproven foreigner with a "submarine" that needs to travel up cliffs and over land? Which one would you choose when 13 lives are at stake? Personally I think the guy in charge made the right decision and given the information released so far I am sure he considered every option. I for one am very happy that all 13 were rescued safetly tinged with sadness that one diver lost his life.
  2. JohnC

    General Motoring Info

    Thanks, that's what I was afraid of! The vehicle is registered in Pratchanburi!
  3. JohnC

    General Motoring Info

    Where can I buy replacement number plates for my weather beaten ones in Pattaya?
  4. Bill is in my name
  5. I was in the same position years ago, I got the DD form from PEA in Naklua and took it to my branch of Bangkok Bank and set it up, worked perfectly for more than ten years now! I needed passport and blue house book .
  6. The last year that figures are available for is 2016, that year Thailand had one fatal helicopter crash (Chaing Rai!) for the same period USA recorded 107 helicopter crashes! Go figure !
  7. That's made my day! They have been in my thoughts since the story unfolded last week, very happy for the families and a big well done to the rescuers !
  8. If you were contracted out then you would still be paying the basic NI contributions, contracted out only affects the second pension (SERPS) you still normally pay NI. You really need to take the advice given on here and check your records.
  9. Have full English breakfast at least five times a week, never eat pad tai ( whatever that is) I don't like Thai food and can't stand coffee!
  10. JohnC

    Car Tax Renewal Big C

    There is a testing station on Pattaya Tai Soi 4 just a few hundred yards down from the Big C access, they will also do your tax although you have to go back another day to collect it.
  11. Even worse, she is an American! What's the country coming too!
  12. Similar to the report last week of the foreigner paying 10 mil baht dowry to "marry" their Thai boyfriend, Thailand does not recognise same sex marriage so neither of these couples were actually married despite what ceremony they went through and what they paid the families. That having been said I hope they have a long and fulfilling relationship.
  13. Anyone down Soi Bukhau area? Is it passable?
  14. JohnC


    Also display etc in Big C extra car park far end not sure of quality or price but might be worth a look.
  15. JohnC

    WP/Retirement Ext

    At Jomtien Immigration this month when I did my annual retirement extension I had to sign two extra forms, one that I understood the overstay penalties and the second to confirm I understood employment on a retirement extension is prohibited.