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  1. He may not be Thai and im sure he wasnt expecting that.
  2. I'm a Farang anything else is just racist. Anyway whats all this gettin upset by the middle finger, isn't it culturally an American gesture. Us Brits will be ok as in our culture its the 2 finger salute, seems the world isnt yet aware of this far superior gesture.
  3. Christ we need this man in Britain, we have the most financially illiterate leadership in history who rely on debt for fake GDP growth. Just think if the boomer generation followed his advice from 1997 onwards the exchange rate would be significantly higher.
  4. I thought the dating site comment was as obscure as they come, i think you just beat it.
  5. Do you speak like the queen? The spelling of American English makes far more sense.
  6. So then theyd have a higher wage and the tea money. You really think you could pay a wage high enough for the ones at the top to match what they get now?
  7. Once you've come out the closet there is no going back in.
  8. You stick to your ladyboys then, leaves more slim slender women who come with an authentic vagina for the rest of us.
  9. I'm shitten bricks
  10. Who said people are scared, however people do think they're a bunch of overweight middle aged fools.
  11. You talk like you're some kind of different species we all ought to be afraid of. Just unwashed folk on motorbikes who think they're hard when with their mates.
  12. He might be dead hard and not care less about a group of unwashed middle aged men who need their friends to back them up.
  13. Apparently its popular in Spain http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/16/kalimotxo-drink_n_1428364.html
  14. If they try and get back into Europe or SA they'll get a welcome committee. Seem very young to spend a lifetime on the run.
  15. Wanna hear about my SAS stories?