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  1. She wasnt poor you made that up. She was a jetsetting model, hardly skint or short of offers.
  2. I'm glad i will never meet you in person.
  3. You're a wonderful individual to say his women were mail order brides, his wives were/are all we to do... and all apart from this one were close to his age. Difference between a successful businessman pulling a beautiful well to do younger woman on his own patch and someone travelling to Pattaya and buying poverty stricken bar girls to form a relationship is pretty vast.
  4. Hooters opening in Pattaya!

    Probably depends what theyre being tipped for
  5. Hooters opening in Pattaya!

    Interesting read, i also don't do stuff aswell.
  6. British businessman caught with sex pills and drugs

    https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=http://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/thaipbs-englishnews/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/04175242/0406001.jpg&key=687672978d4b0dfe2e01c1dc2c2f08a581357f3e275ab058a0858f13ace7e6a8 He looks like the smallest man on earth in this picture ... is he some kind of hobbit?
  7. just re read in England and 18 yrs must be evil for that long. Hope the .... gets cut up. Weekly for 18 yrs
  8. Will it make your sad little life better for just a moment should his name be published? People should be allowed privacy.
  9. Theyll all be out of a job soon when the car drives itself. Need to get retraining before the rush.
  10. I didnt see his name will you forgive me oh jumped up one, and where did i say he was a coward?
  11. He may not be Thai and im sure he wasnt expecting that.
  12. I'm a Farang anything else is just racist. Anyway whats all this gettin upset by the middle finger, isn't it culturally an American gesture. Us Brits will be ok as in our culture its the 2 finger salute, seems the world isnt yet aware of this far superior gesture.
  13. PM Prayut satisfied with declining household debt

    Christ we need this man in Britain, we have the most financially illiterate leadership in history who rely on debt for fake GDP growth. Just think if the boomer generation followed his advice from 1997 onwards the exchange rate would be significantly higher.
  14. I thought the dating site comment was as obscure as they come, i think you just beat it.
  15. Do you speak like the queen? The spelling of American English makes far more sense.