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  1. The only type of ring I'd spend my money on for a Thai female would be one made of aluminum. RIP, OP's future.
  2. jackspade

    Why are Thai people so against thinking?

    I think we can all agree that "herd mentality" is a truly universal and innate human tendency, even in the most "individualistic" countries, such as the US. The difference is that the citizens of countries such as the US live under the delusion that they're somehow free-thinking and independent when they're really just imitating others in their social group. Eastern countries are traditionally high-context countries, so there is no such delusion involved.
  3. jackspade

    Why are Thai people so against thinking?

    In defence of Thais, it must be said that the educated higher classes tend to be the better thinkers, both here at home. Therefore it is somewhat unfair and narrow-minded when we as foreigners paint all Thais with the broad brush that we have dipped only in the palette of the lower, uneducated classes with which the vast majority of us associate. Before you argue your case, I said Most Of Us. You reading this may certainly be an exception. Additionally, most foreigners in Thailand speak zero Thai, and even if they think their Thai is very good compared to others, it's almost certainly not. I am often told my Thai is excellent by cab drivers and shop owners, but I myself know not to take them seriously and that it's nowhere near good enough to understand complex, abstract ideas in Thai. Since most thinking Thais, like most thinking people, presumedly think in complex, abstract ideas that we can't presume to understand, it's also somewhat unfair to assume that they don't think at all.
  4. Google "polygraph effectiveness". They're not effective. They're just used as political set pieces. Kavanaugh's recommendation of them for government jobs is almost certainly a political one. No informed individual actually believes they work.
  5. 1. What average American didn't get drunk in college? And most of the ones who did didn't rape people. 2. Let's assume the man is innocent (because—newsflash—he hasn't been found guilty). Wouldn't you get angry if some classmate from 30 years ago brought false allegations against you right before you were going to enter office? 3. No, it's not easier to explain 4 (not 2) witnesses who have no recollection of said event. Not easy at all. 4. Ford might want an FBI investigation because it would drastically slow down Kavanaugh's movement into office. Kav wouldn't want it because he's already through a few, and they are stressful and difficult for him and his family. 5. Anyone who thinks polygraphs are of any value is drastically misinformed and behind the times. They're provably worthless. 6. "We're looking for a drunk. Kavanaugh is a drunk. Therefore, he raped Ford." Really? Now, if the FBI investigation pans out and Kavanaugh is found guilty, then he'll get the justice he deserves. Meanwhile, let's let the process of law do its job and stop the he-said, she-said.
  6. Depends on your source. Other studies indicate nearly 10%, which is a hell of a lot. https://www.nsvrc.org/sites/default/files/Publications_NSVRC_Overview_False-Reporting.pdf
  7. jackspade

    Why are Thai people so against thinking?

    I wouldn't say compassion or goodness are forms of intelligence. I have a cousin with Down's Syndrome. He is extremely kind and compassionate, and would never think of doing anything for selfish reasons. But no one would say he is "intelligent". However, you do have a point that traditional intelligence isn't all that matters in life—compassion and decency are equally (and perhaps more) important. So my cousin is a step above many.
  8. He shot and wounded an unarmed psycho-stalker.
  9. jackspade

    Why are Thai people so against thinking?

    There is insight to draw from models of intelligence such as this, but this is merely a single theory by one Howard Gardner. Where's the peer-reviewed corroboration from the scientific community? At best, I believe that, along with the likes of the MBTI, models of intelligence and personality that lack true repeatable evidence are mere pseudoscience, though they may be pragmatically helpful in some cases. IQ is the closest thing anybody has to a true validation of intelligence, albeit a narrowly-defined one.
  10. jackspade

    Why are Thai people so against thinking?

    Here is the full text online to the 2-page short story Filboid Studge. I just read it myself, took all of 10 minutes. Entertaining. https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Chronicles_of_Clovis/Filboid_Studge,_the_Story_of_a_Mouse_that_Helped I think I'll give that massive, 500-page monolith, "Guns, Germs and Steel", a miss for now, but who knows, in the future...
  11. jackspade

    Why are Thai people so against thinking?

    The Conservative virus, and the Liberal virus.
  12. I disagree with this part of your post. "Farang dam" actually supports the argument that the word farang, by default, means, at least, non-black foreigner—and maybe even white foreigner when other, supporting, adjectives are lacking! Remember, this use of 'farang' mostly began during Vietnam, when the United States and others had thousands of (mostly caucasian) troops in SEA.
  13. jackspade

    New Site Feedback

    I agree with you. I am personally OK with the new design, BUT THE FONT IS TERRIBLE. And I'm not a huge fan of the color scheme, but you can't have everything.
  14. jackspade

    Why are Thai people so against thinking?

    Actually, I think hi-so Thais who take pride in their intelligence want little to do with your run-of-the-mill farang. And you can hardly blame them; your average expat has absolutely nothing to offer a hi-so Thai. And yes, you'll certainly never be dating their daughter, unless you both go to the same school abroad, and in that case, you can bet your ass that her parents don't want her to end up with you, and already have an arranged Thai suitor from an upper-class family lined up for her at home.