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  1. Great, thanks for the info. Don't know why I thought that Cambo offered the paper visas.
  2. I had thought about going to Penang and getting a SETV there, but I am feeling lazy this weekend and am considering going by land to Ban Laem, Cambodia and back. Does Cambodia still offer the 30 or 60 day paper SETVs, or do they just give stamps now? If they just do the stamps, I better not take my chances and I'll go to Penang.
  3. Friends have invited me to visit them out in Cairo, anyone have any experience with the Thai embassy there?
  4. Yes! I figured out how to manipulate the form and reply to multiple portions of a post! I have dated a few American women who have been with hundreds of men. I have also dated dozens of women who have been with fewer than 10 men. Just to be fair, America has many of both types. Sure, far, far more honest about the sexual transaction, which is the only transaction of interest with them. But honest about other things, like marriage, family, children, housing, and money? Not so sure. Granted, there are dishonest American women, but I wouldn't generalise Thai working women as being anything close to angelically honest in general. I find that often from 725-750 men is where the greatest psychological shift occurs. However, there are others who estimate that greatest hardening of the heart occurs slightly later, from 815-835 men. Personally, I think once a woman is through 412 men, then adding extra zeros doesn't really affect anything.
  5. Governments live off the earnings of everyone else; why should prostitutes be given a free pass? They should be taxed just like everyone else. They are called "working women" because they are working.
  6. jackspade

    Hunt for man whose photo drove woman to suicide

    Usually the objects of jokes taken at others' expense don't find the jokes funny. Social skills 101.
  7. Surely, and most unfortunately, you are probably correct. But there is nothing we can do about that as participants in an online internet forum. And there are a hundred more topics here of a variety of different subjects, of which you are free to participate in any, rather than baselessly and subtly accuse others of villainous motives. Besides: as spidermike007 said, just because something is uncomfortable doesn't mean it should be swept under the rug or ignored out of fear. In fact, in my opinion it should be talked about more. I could name a host of other subjects that would surely aggravate you, but which I think more people should be discussing rather than ignoring.
  8. Your obsession with disliking reading about underage girls on TV and on internet forums is slightly unsettling.
  9. jackspade

    Hunt for man whose photo drove woman to suicide

    Toss the village headman to the village soi dogs.
  10. jackspade

    Shipping eBay from US to Thailand—Import duties?

    Your and other replies lead me to believe it's really just luck of the draw—although I hope that things are a bit better now in 2018 than they were back in, say, 2012. One of the items I want to order is a keyboard for 1100 USD, here in Thailand it's 1800 USD. So even with duty I doubt I'll lose money by ordering it.
  11. I'm looking at ordering some music equipment used off eBay. The sellers are in the US. The price of the items is, of course, less than half of what it is new here in Thailand. I saw some old threads (from 2012) about being r**ed by customs when ordering from online, but I've also seen some recent stories of people successfully ordering from eBay with only a few hundred baht tacked on by customs. Has anyone ordered anything off eBay recently? Can you share your experience?
  12. How was the coach a hero? Seems more like a villain to me, taking the boys in there and putting all of their lives at risk?
  13. I have already searched the forum for "saw palmetto" and "buy saw palmetto" but I could find no sources previously posted, just lists of supplements to take. Has anyone purchased these here and where did you find them?
  14. Kids are much smarter than you think.