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  1. I was flying into HCMC last month and was glued to the window as the plane descended. About 10 minutes before landing, I was looking down and saw perhaps a dozen very big patches of either land or water that were glowing green far below the aircraft. I thought they might be lakes with bioluminescent algae, but the light struck me as being artificial. It was entirely regular. It was a lot like the look of those old Timex watches (the backlit, not side-lit kind) when you press a button and the panel lights up with that dim greenish glow. These patches of glowing, greenish light were huge—each of them many acres in size. Anyone have a clue what I was looking at?
  2. A friend of mine is looking at an offer with a local Thai company. The offer was fairly high in Thai terms (although, obviously, not compared to Western salaries). However, the company indicated there would be a a 13-17% tax rate, bringing that high number down quite a bit. Is this normal and to be expected?
  3. 1. What level are you at? I can have a 45 minute conversation in Thai with your average joe, but probably not a Thai doctor or philosophy student. I counted all the words I know from memory and there are about 650. 2. Can you read and write Thai? I can read and write Thai. I can read well enough to understand menus, maps, signs, and maybe children's books. I can write well enough to communicate any of the spoken Thai I know, but my spelling is awful. 3. How long have you been learning for? Off and on for 4 years, but only really spent about 1 month really studying it by myself, the rest I slowly picked up naturally. Never taken a Thai lesson in my life. 4. How did you learn? - James Higbie's excellent Thai language textbook - Benjawan Poomsan Becker's textbook of dubious quality - Taxi drivers have taught me a lot of very useful phrases and idioms - Girlfriend 5. What other languages could you speak before Thai? - English, Spanish, also studied Old English, Dutch, Greek, and Latin, but can't speak any of those.
  4. Good advice I haven't booked a room at a hotel desk in 5 years. I always use Agoda. Probably similar to Traveloka. On my first day in HCMC, before I knew what prices were worth and was used to the currency, a guy on a motorbike charged me 150,000 dong to take me to a location 10 minutes away. That's like 6.60 USD. I'm sure he was laughing all the way to the bank, because later I found out the going rate was 14,000 dong (0.61 USD). Oh well, live and learn.
  5. Thanks for the replies everybody. I ended up going through MyVietnamVisa and everything went without a hitch.
  6. Really? I've seen far, far more maniacal drivers in the streets of NYC and other US cities than I could ever dream of in Bangkok, where drivers seem a touch less aggressive. (that's not including border-run van drivers, of course, but you can't generalize)
  7. Mind posting the agency you did that through (or PM-ing me)? Cheers
  8. I've seen some people say, get it in person at the embassy in Bangkok, I've seen others say apply online. Anyone here done it and willing to shed some light on the process?
  9. Which city has a faster, easier, or cheaper process of getting a tourist visa done? 6 of one, half dozen of the other? Also—I have 8 days to travel. Should I spend 4 in each city, or focus on just one?
  10. Can anyone recommend a good physiotherapist to treat Pelvic Floor Disorders? Since awareness about PFD seems to be fairly limited compared to more common disorders, I don't think just any local PT will do. In fact, I'm concerned that I may have to fly to my home country to have this treated, as I have no idea if PFD is even known in Thailand. Thanks for the suggestions.
  11. Who knows how seriously an IO would take an unofficial letter, but I suppose it couldn't do any harm to try.
  12. Or it could be an innocent game of UNO.
  13. If you have to ask, she's cheating on you. This has always been true in my experience. I wouldn't even think of marring a woman who would frequently hold back details where she was going or what she was doing, and I am not a jealous person, just a normal one. The respectable Thai women that I have dated have always been very happy to share details of their outings with friends. i.e., taking selfies of themselves and their friends and sending them to me, coming home and telling me exactly what they all did together, etc. Often I don't even care about hearing the details but they are just happy to share, because intimacy is sharing. The few times in my life during a serious relationship when information like you describe was held from me raised suspicions which were almost always later confirmed. It is easy to be misled, no matter how smart a man you are, but especially in Thailand, where farang-thai relationships often seem to involve more "drama" than farang-farang relationships back home. I would be highly suspicious. While respecting her personal privacy as much as possible, if I were you I would try to catch her doing something incriminating. Find out where she is going.