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  1. CarlBkk

    Stereo system

    Some say that if the recordings are equal (i.e flac from CD vs CD) the CD mechanism/jitter can often render the music audibly inferior if the system is very transparent.
  2. CarlBkk

    Stereo system

    Oh I like the look of those JBL speakers. Get them new in Bangkok? A relative on my wife's side has offered me a gift of her old Adcom power amps...never heard any before so looking forward to seeing what they can do. My current system is Wilson Watt 5.1 (bought used from a dealer in BKK), Wadia 321 Dac (ebay), Jeff Rowland Concentra (ebay) and Meridian G08 CD player (bought used from ex pat in BKK). I sold the Meridian DSP5200 speakers in the pic already locally. Mostly listen to files from the Squeezebox and internet radio. Fitted the car out with JL Audio amps/sub/speakers. Previous systems in UK (which I sold cos they were too heavy for my suitcase!) included Wilson Sophias, Pass Labs monos, Modwright valve pre amp, Wadia 321 DAC. Prior to that, my lovely Usher speakers with retro Krell amps and Wadia CD/DAC. I'd have that back in a heartbeat, but the Wilsons thrashed the Ushers in most ways.
  3. CarlBkk

    Stereo system

    Out of those mentioned I'd go for the Q Acoustics, but none really have a super reputation. Many others available such as Elac, Rel, Velodyne and B&W within your budget. I have an M-Audio subwoofer for sale if you want one...excellent reviews and value for money. In time I'll get an SVS instead.
  4. CarlBkk

    Stereo system

    What's your system JVS? I can definitely tell the difference between MP3 and Flac/Wavs, but then again MP3s can be between low and medium resolution. Harder to tell the difference between CD and Flac though, but on my previous system I think Flacs just edged it.
  5. CarlBkk

    Stereo system

    Well worth spending out a bit and getting some decent sounds in the house. Q Acoustics are getting a very good name for themselves offering quality and fairly low prices. However, I'm not an advocate of buying new equipment because if I'm going to spend my maximum budget, I'd rather get equipment which originally cost 3 times that. Biggest bang for the buck. In addition, if you're not a real A/V high tech aficiondo, equipment from 10-20 years ago can be just as good and occasionally outperform modern-day builds. I found all my equipment in these places: bahtsold, facebook marketplace, Fortune town second hand shop, Thai shops operating on facebook selling second hand high end audio. Always consider room acoustics which probably offers the largest upgrade over any component, and with the common Thai tiled floors in condos, lack of soft furnishings/curtains and lots of windows, sounds can be harsh. Finally, download the BBC radio app where you can stream some really good music shows through your system. I use a Logitech Squeezebox to do this.