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  1. Hallucinating biker dies in truck crash

    I love sleep,often i sleep 12 hours,and maybe have the odd afternoon kip if it is hot. Why anyone would take this crap is beyond me,it is filth,just look at those photo's of the meth addicts in the states taken over a series of months,show how it wrecks your body,and in this case is a factor in this guys death.
  2. No alcohol sales for 9 days in Hua Hin??????

    Well today is the 13th and the bars are closed here in my local town,[non tourist area- but lot of expats] however i went to a shop and brought a box of singha no problem,however i do think it will be different on 26th, i reckon most buisness will be closed,so stock up before,no problems. Of course if you are a tourist it is very inconvienient.
  3. I suppose at least we can be grateful[i do not live in Pattaya}, that the original idea of closing all bars everywhere and banning alcohol sales for the month have been discarded,however it may be that during the week of the late Kings cremation,that this could be adopted.
  4. Thailand is ageing and money is short

    Well most Thai's i know have a live today and worry about the future when it comes attitude,saving a bit for a rainy day just is not in their nature.
  5. Reminder: Alcohol sales banned on October 5th

    I don't understand why this should apply to tourists or ex pats who are not Buddists.
  6. Agree with Worgeordie,car jack a taxi cos you need to take fish to the market,and cos you have put your own car in for repairs that you cannot pay for,then take the stolen vehicle home with you,i guess they reckoned nothing much would happen as they had his Amulet.
  7. Killer 'wanted to eat victim’s liver', Thai police say

    I know Thai's love their food,but this is going too far.
  8. To many holidays in this country.
  9. Ye gods it will be like "the walking dead " down there.
  10. I would hardly call this a rant,more of a storm in a teacup.
  11. So says Gandalf the White.
  12. Spent a month there last year,was okay,but Fillipino food is crap.The girl i went to hook up with[internet dating] turned out she only wanted me to get a visa for aussie,then i hooked up with a half decent bint who loved sex,so it was okay,driving was safer the women,yeah some real hotties and dressed well,no slopping around in football shirts and shorts,but a lot seemed to have these big facial moles,and a lot of them had bad breath,including the one i was with,i took her to the dentist to have some rotten teeth pulled out,i was thinking of moving there but came back here and found a really hot Thai girl over a year later we are happy together and having been here for 5 years and a lot of friends,it was basicaly to much to move and start over.
  13. Mudslides swamp Chiang Mai village

    Muddy hell!
  14. 13 hurt in bus crash in Chaiyaphum

    At least he did not flee the scene,but i must say and this is not Thai bashing,that a lot of drivers here do not seem to grasp the idea of driving to the conditions,when it is raining of course one slows down,but the Thai mentality of overtake at all cost's,and that the car will react the same on a wet and slippery road as a dry one is widespread.
  15. What a load of gammon,surely the Police will get in to it,the perps made to wai in front of her,and collect a nice contribution from the lady,a happy ending.