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  1. marko kok prong

    Samut Prakan burglary turns into double homicide

    Horrific,look at him in the photo clearly a phsyco.
  2. marko kok prong

    Tour bus brakes fail on Patong Hill

    Does anything actually work as it should here?
  3. So after the recent sinkings and promise of a crackdown,as usual thing's go on as before,i too do not know if the Marine dept has the power to stop boats going out,i am sure if it did or does a brown envelope will do the trick.
  4. too late already,not that we will all die in 4 years,i think what they are trying to say if we don't do anything within these 4 years then it is unstopable,i think it already is.
  5. marko kok prong

    More rain between Sept 17 and 19

    This is when it usually does not rain,when they give out these warnings.
  6. Maybe Thailand will get some wind and rain from this.
  7. marko kok prong

    How unlikely hero helps stray dogs in Pattaya

    They may be meek in the day but at night they pack up and become vicious snarling beasts,i did mean the Dogs not the expats that live in beautiful Pattaya.
  8. Yeah after six years here, i don't see my self going back to Australia,the UK,well i left 22 years ago,went back once for about 10 days in 2008,knew then would probably be the last time,was thinking of moving to Philippines couple of years ago,after a month came back here and met my now wife. The cold hard facts were she was far better looking than the Filipina i had been with,and all the hassle of relocating to another country swung it for me.
  9. marko kok prong

    Bhum Jai Thai to hold board meeting on September 24

    Rather unfortunate start to name of said party.
  10. marko kok prong

    Builder Faces Charges Over Silom Crane Collapse

    What did he secure it with a couple of tec screws and a bit of rope?
  11. Will beleive it when i see it,have never known a country that needs so many photocopies of everything,this does of course provide jobs,paper shuffling technician and the like.
  12. Krung Thai bank almost begged me to have a credit card,but then after my huge profit from our gold prospecting trip in New Guinea,and income from investment and the like i was unsurprised,hardly used it though,mostly you can pay with debit cards these days.
  13. Hot season during El Nino 2 years ago awful,this year more rain,nuetral conditions i think,lot of flies.
  14. marko kok prong

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    Alot of Brit expats may find themselves in trouble if there is a no deal Brexit.