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  1. marko kok prong

    Blind of the beauty!

    Cleaning,a chef,and a young sex partner,she want's her and her family taken care off i agree with vacuum,this is the majority of relationship's here also among Thai couples. If you want to talk about anything other than frivolous things i have a tip for you op,BUY A CAT.
  2. marko kok prong

    Farangs in Rural Areas - where do you meet?

    Here in Wichianburi we have 3 watering holes,one i don't go too cos it's in an aircraft hanger type building,and the lady that runs it turn off the fridge overnight so the beer is never cold,the second i don't go to after the falang who's wife runs it insulted my wife and i punched him out,the third is great i go just about every other day and they do good food,but as there are heaps of expats around here i guess it does not really compare to some of the really remote posters.
  3. marko kok prong

    Sting blasts leaders as 'cowards' over migration crisis

    Whilst working for Rentokil in London,we had an appointment at Stings house,when we rung the door buzzer and told him we were there to block of rats coming inside his mansion,in Hampstead,he told us to "f off i am doing yoga" when we replied that we had an appointment he said "i told you to f off you <deleted> menials" -so his words wring a little hollow i am afraid.
  4. marko kok prong

    "In the trees we trust" - lottery fever grips Phayao

    The Thai mind,make's mine boggle.
  5. The Nanny did not think a 3 year old running around a third floor walkway was in danger? As a father of four i can tell you at that age you have to watch them like hawks,anyway hope the young fella is okay.
  6. More common than one would think,my ex wife told me she and her sister were selected by their scumbag of a father as being the two prettiest girls in the family to go and work as bar girls to earn the family [him] more money,her mother tried to intervene but the scumbag beat her badly.
  7. Agree,when i moved from the Uk to Australia i was told never swerve to avoid an animal [kangaroo's ect],if you hit a large one it may well wreck your car but,if you swerve and hit a gum tree usually it's curtains. I would suggest both parties bear some of the blame,if the vios driver had been looking ahead by that i mean anticipating what may happen,he may have slowed enough to avoid this ,to me it looked like he thought he could squeeze past on the inside,the guy making the u turn also should have been looking and waited. Anticipation and patience 2 things very few Thai driver's posses.
  8. Berkshire,is was not that one from Caligula was it,who had all those guys pulling themselves off into saucers before rubbing it all over herself?
  9. Like my Mrs ,though she does wear a helmet,never has had a licence,she got fined 2 years ago for that and has still not payed it.I am hoping they lock her up.
  10. marko kok prong

    Intelligent robot Sophia will debut in Bangkok 

    They had better be careful she does not assimilate them,after all resistance is futile.
  11. What i find incredible is the girl was in the passenger seat,did the teacher have no periphial vision.
  12. marko kok prong

    Video: Wais of apology - but the damage is done

    I saw a guy trying to do this a few years back,he ended up with what brains he had splattered all over the road,as he did not look and pulled out in front of a car doing about 120kmh.
  13. marko kok prong

    Two in a day - gloomy day for suicide jumpers in Thailand

    I agree what gold ,what phone,and how much was in her purse has nothing to do with anything,gutter reporting.
  14. marko kok prong

    Canada sets October start for legal marijuana sales

    Grow your dreadlocks,don't be afraid of the world now,Rastaman live up.