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  1. well think back a couple of hot seasons ago,where all records were broken in Thailand,i really do not enjoy 3 months of intense heat 45c here is far worse than 45c in a dry climate with much lower humidity.Try Abu Dhabi or Dubai in the summer,you are basically confined inside for most of the day. Man made climate change is real,i read the reports on the Artic,but Macron is wrong,we are not losing the battle,it's is lost already no matter how many treaties they sign.
  2. so the American got 2 years for being an accesory to murder,the other guy get's 3 months suspended for helping a murderer flee the country ? Man there must have been some big bulging brown envelopes for these pathetic excuses of justice.
  3. Midweek Rant: Hellooooo – is anybody listening?

    A good rant this one but as samui said,we matter not a fig to most Thai's,certainly not those in power.
  4. Thais not yet in the habit of driving safely

    I carried out an interesting experiment whilst in my car the other day,i imagined my oldest son who lives in Australia and has been driving around a year was in the car with me and i was instructing him on the hazards of driving in Thailand. No sooner than i had reached the end of my small soi,than i muttered 'slow right down a motorbike may cut the corner' sure enough one did a young guy who swerved past me all smiles,if i had been going quicker ,a head on. Down the main street, 'watch out for bikes pulling out without looking at the oncoming traffic, box ticked,old lady pulls out not a glance then proceeds to meander down road looking at shops. Bikes going agaist the flow of traffic this was outside the supermarket where a girl managed to squeeze past me and parked bikes,why wait after all. Give way to trucks,watch out for dogs,why are the bikes stopping for me when they have right of way[ no idea of road rules but of course you have to give way to the bigger vehicle by the time i got to my friends house i was exhausted by the amount of basic errors plus stupidity plus a seeming death wish by many young guys pushing there bikes far into the red rev zone. I hold out no hope anything will ever change.
  5. Scepticism abounds about Prawit’s ‘borrowed’ watch

    so what if he is found guilty of corruption,what will his punishment be? Head of the inactive posts department,which should keep him busy as it must be a massive department with thousands of staff.
  6. I don't see how you can say 2 specific area's have more poverty,i mean there is a family at the end of my soi that live in a tin shack,and there are many other like that locally,so how do they work this out.
  7. DLT announces policy to control double-decker buses

    maybe they will only allow very short people to board.
  8. There are rumored to be some ex special forces types too.
  9. You may be getting confused with Phetchaburi,i am talking Phetchabun,sort of central Thailand but classed as north,about 360km north of Bangkok.Many expats live here,many having met there wives/gf while working in Bangkok or other area's, for multi nationals or of course in the teaching/medical worlds,and of course hospitality.
  10. Not paradise,but cheap,nice women,better than Cleethorpes on a december morning.
  11. In the town,we have The local bar[for local people-ncc1701a,are you local?]. Then we have Norm's bar also known as the Angry Trawler man, and then Maurice and Ouat's international beer bar, located in an aircraft hanger like structure opposite the main market,nice if you enjoy watching pigeons roost among the metal rafters.
  12. Anyway i say down with this sort of thing.
  13. Agree,usually i would class paying for sex as picking up a bar girl and asking the price /barfine ect. Not being stingy for example is paying for meals drinks with a girl you may fancy,but this alone will not crack it,you would probably need to be as you described in your previous post,but mostly i have found most girls can be cracked on a first date,in fact Stickman did some sort of report on it,interviewing girls who worked in a legal office in Bangkok,he reckoned 80% would have sex on the first date,which i found strange as i thought he was married,maybe his Mrs did not read his stuff or he was talking about his friends.
  14. Jeez this guy wants to grow a pair ,what's wrong with a bowie knife and rusty pliers,then swill out your mouth with whisky,good to go.
  15. What? i cannot believe they have left out Wichianburi, in Phetchabun province. There are at least 3 farang bars in town,which does not have a double lane main highway through it [one of the few],there is the river to look at,rice fields,tree's ,a couple of hills,and soon a big c on the outskirts!! As the Bush tucker man said in that add for Foster's years ago when he surveys the Kimberely ranges from atop a mesa,while cracking a cold one "it doesn't get much better than this".