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  1. marko kok prong

    Krit Mat in Thailand ........... do you?

    No. i spend the day in quiet contemplation and prayer.
  2. Nice post,having experienced most of the conditions on your list i somehow managed to get back up and now due to various event's am financially very sound but well aware as you say things can change,and of course the fact you have money does not make you happy as another poster said it gives you options,and of course always ensure you never spend more than you can lose i have spent a lot in the last year buying a new house and building a large one opposite but if things did go pear shaped i can walk away with not to much impact on my finances ,the impact emotionally would be harder but not as hard strangely as when i lost my first house back in Australia,as i feel no emotional attachment to either house really probably because the old house in Australia i completely renovated myself whilst on these others have done the work as my relationship with my current wife has gone downhill over the past 6 months i could end up in the trough again, probably not as i have 30 year leases on both houses but question is would i want to stay if things took a turn for the worst probably no,so on a final note i would say always prepare for the troughs,at 54 i can start again,but it certainley would not be in the manner of what i have done over the past two and a half years,i have been overly generous to my wife,sometimes you know you can actually have too much money and unless your a miser this can work out badly if you have a weakness for women which i do.
  3. marko kok prong

    Returning Happiness To Thai People.

    Think the op is flogging a dead horse with his list.
  4. marko kok prong

    Wow! What Hua Hin Expats think of Pattaya Expats

    went to pattaya once, won't be going back,ain't been to hua hin,went to cha am,that was okay as i found a place selling cider also cases of cider 24 cans ,500ml,Magners [i think] took a couple of cases home with me,not available where i live ,good value too worked out at 89 baht per can.
  5. Agree,there was a time when anything i posted was attacked by mainly 3 posters who no longer post on here,this in turn led me to become as bad as i should have ignored them,so i stopped using tvf for about 6 months. I think now the forum is a lot calmer and friendlier than it was.
  6. marko kok prong

    Another Taxi Story

    no one could accuse you of having a boring life.
  7. marko kok prong

    Man found hanged after seeing partner with another man

    Totally agree and he was only 27,also your right Thai women can be incredibly hard hearted in these things,my ex Thai wife i saw cry once whatching some soap opera,my current wife well i have never seen her cry or really express much emotion at all,well not recently anyway.
  8. marko kok prong

    Jomtien traffic lines confuse

    What annoy,s me is seeing tourists and indeed expats driving bikes without a helmet,they would never do so in their home country.
  9. marko kok prong

    Would-be gold thief locked inside shop

    I thought that was marrying a Thai woman.
  10. marko kok prong

    Thai police nab document verification gang

    They must spend a lot of time putting together all these boards with photo's and suchlike.
  11. sick,what next a child the cops need to keep tabs on these creatures.
  12. marko kok prong

    China launches probe to explore dark side of Moon: Xinhua

    I thought Pink Floyd had already done this.
  13. A drop in the ocean,where unfortunately a lot of them end up.
  14. Logically it makes sense,but as we know logic plays a very minor role here,and under the dinosaur that is currently in charge i cannot see it happen.
  15. marko kok prong

    Junta reaffirms Feb 24 as date for national poll

    So according to the photo it will start just before 4.45.