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  1. Top ten ways to avoid Dengue Fever

    Have had it years ago was pretty awful,we only have a problem up here in Phetchabun province in the wet season and just after,i do have fly screens,and if i sit outside at night a bug zapper,don't really like using repellent,when you look at all the chemicals listed on the back.
  2. Never seen rebar caps ever in Thailand.
  3. Quite often i have been blocked in,and the town near me Wichianburi is unusual as the main street is only two lanes,people just stop outside tesco,put on the flashers and stroll in causing huge congestion,this would be unthinkable in most of the rest of the world.
  4. So in other words it's like most of the rest of the country.
  5. High quality masks needed for pollution

    Major problem in my region at present is the burning of the sugarcane.
  6. Show teens some love, parents and teachers urged

    Hard in some cases to teaching about,Thai boys in particular are never told when they have done wrong,in some cases,that is why it is a Matriarchal society,the women mostly control things,my view anyway.
  7. Why Bangkok’s Fun Is Ending At Midnight Again

    Exactly why i moved out to the boonies,not night clubs in my small town just endless funerals,weddings,boys going to be monks,as one ended another began ,out here i only hear crickets,even the massive Mullam concerts in town i strain to hear,and i am only about 4 km out,live opposite to where my main larger house is being built on a private road,some nights out here you could be in the Aussie outback it's so quiet.
  8. No doubt the guy has taken off,oh well,Bangkok,Pattaya or Phuket seems to be the destination for Fern,maybe she can get some old falang to fall for her.
  9. Rabies on the rise in Thailand, vaccinations urged

    Shoot all dogs without a collar and owners address,in fact just shoot them all.
  10. Fortune tellers predict year of cautious optimism

    What horrible fate then awaits those born as i in the year of the Dragon,maybe i will be caught by surprise by natural disaters,or more likely ripped of by my wife [horse year],i am betting on the latter.
  11. Dissent shows no signs of quieting

    Where i live in rural Thailand no ones care's as long as they can eat most of the day and drink whisky at night and have sanook.
  12. Hunger strike in Thailand? That would be about 2 hours max then.
  13. Premchai probed for alleged encroachment

    Will they be bringing in Aliens[on special visa's] to do the probing i have heard they are very good at it.
  14. Oh yea the Thai system= lie as much as anyone could beleive then double it.
  15. Ye Gods,nearly 400 in 12 days then add those who died later,800? I now no longer drive at night or in the late arvo,when they all go to get food,it's chaos.