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  1. What a goal, Brill !!!! Scrappy ? your watching the wrong game mate.
  2. Happy New Year and hoping for a GOOD Spurs win. Even if it means Smokie beats me ???? BT
  3. That proves you are both wrong but you are Trump supporters so you will be wrong 100% of the time. BT
  4. God does like a tryer, as for catching up you are an expert - looking at past performance's. Hope you and the plane flying well. BT
  5. Please put me down for both Competitions as I love paying money out LOL. BT
  6. Well Smokie, Fat Lady sang like a nightingale right to the end and you like the Spuds came in short. Even Stoneyboy beat you ???. Looks like the drams and chips are on you again. Well done Mr Bo For running a good competition with an exciting end just like the REAL EPL. Mr Bo I take it I send my dosh to the usual account ? ? I do feel sorry for Mouserless who is in BKK at present and could have used the cash for a Cowboy night out ! Have a good break everyone and I hope we all join next years Competition and Man Utd win the FA Cup BEFORE sacking Van Gaal. BT
  7. He probably prefers CL football. Messi to Tottenham. Guaranteed CL football mrboj. Is that a 1 year Special offer deal Smokie ? Past Performance is NO guide to future Performance - especially after you sell Kane etc BT
  8. Is that where you have been since the dodgy Penalty. Who is finishing 2nd in the EPL ? Just need good prediction week to put you back in the BOX BT
  9. Come on Smokie I did let you stay ahead for the last 8 or 9 weeks ! I'll still buy you a couple of drams !!!! BT
  10. Take your lithium and shut up rij! Maybe rijlt was looking at your Placing in the Prediction League and said - WELL miracles can happen BT
  11. It could be worse Stoney hang on. Scratch that. It couldn't be any worse than that I am having to take some strong wake up pills as Smokie beating me too BT
  12. I don't think you will need to worry this week smoke ! Is Mig still doing your high scoring weeks ??? BT
  13. An almost excellent deflection. The ones being targeted in the building are TERRORISTS. They are hiding behind human shields. I note that the latest country to enter the ME mayhem seems to have even less concern for the civilians. I am not a fan of the death penalty, but if it is going to be used at all, these people are probably as deserving as any. Not a deflection at all. I am demonstating how difficult it is to define terrorist. So, is the drone controller who knowingly kills innocent "human shields" just as bad as the so called terrorist. Is he a terrorist too? NO.
  14. SMOKIE is the man, posts as If knowledgable but Predictions are another thing - unless MIG helps him.
  15. Even though I will lose points - i HAVE a draw 1-1 BT