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  1. Actually, it seems as if he is trying to pass the ambulance so that when he does have a collision the ambulance will arrive in time to take him to hospital.
  2. There is a simple solution to this problem. If there is a ban on smoking on the beach and a fine for doing so, if people who do not like this proposal got together and sat, lay, stood, etc on the beach and had unlit cigarettes in their mouths, between their fingers and other such behaviours, then the custodians would have a frantic time because people would not be smoking. Ergo, no fines could be handed out and the authorities would be frustrated because they could not issue fines and collect the anticipated amounts that they could not be able to share out amongst themselves.
  3. A new type of traffic ticket, which includes a barcode and English translation, will come into universal use early next year, police said Thursday. So, the script reads as quoted above. My question is, are the Thai police now becoming international peacekeepers because they now project that the tickets will be UNIVERSAL in their application? Most countries already have superior systems in use.
  4. How many more times do we have to read about people seeking financial assistance for something we are not responsible for or have no knowledge of. I have assisted many people only to find that some are just pulling the wool over the eyes of those who respond in a positive way. Therefore, for me, for one, no more.
  5. Your later comments would have been more useful if made in your initial posting. They make a lot of difference to how people respond. I note that you are not a native speaker or writer and that will be a major negative factor in your application, and interview for a position in Thailand. Especially, what makes your post more negative is that you did not state that your parents are having ongoing medical treatment in Thailand, nor that you have been offered a position in the UK. You seem to have dug a hole from which you are having difficulty getting out of. Remember, most universities worldwide prefer to see some sort of experience and international publications before they even consider offering an interview unless they really need to fill a position.
  6. Obviously a one-way road. Why else, do you think?
  7. Nobody can really offer any help as, first, you have not specified the programme, not course, in which you are a Doctoral researcher, although you mention "targeting" Business School. Without knowing that, nobody can suggest any specific universities you could apply to for employment. If you are looking for business related establishments there are several throughout the country with the best located in Bangkok. The Thai Embassy can supply the names, etc., of these. Also, the Thai Ministry of Education in BKK can also provide the information. There is no need to have any knowledge of Thai although things have been changing and my information could be out of date. A Work Permit cannot be supplied until after a contract is provided. It is possible to visit Thailand and approach universities and present your credentials to each institute and discuss your prospects with them. If successful using this method, then you would have to leave the country and apply for the appropriate visa, and that may mean having to return to the U.K. There is a lot of paperwork involved in the process but universities are familiar with what has to be done and generally provide it after the contract is agreed upon. I have been employed at several universities as a Clinical Psychologist and now I am retired so am not up-to-date with the current procedures. Maybe others may be able to add to my comments.
  8. Recently, here in Toronto, an 18-year-old Chinese female was apprehended for running a plastic surgery operating theatre from a basement where she lived. Called herself Dr. Kitty. No news yet about her court appearance or any results of her operations.
  9. The removal of seats will directly affect people who are handicapped, as I am, because we cannot find somewhere to sit down instead of hanging around on the overhead straps which means we are less stable. Or is it that handicapped people are not people. In Toronto, where I am at the moment, all public transportation have designated seats for the handicapped. Sometimes these are occupied by non-handicapped but give up the seats when they are needed.
  10. The tree obviously had no time to get out of the way.
  11. What does an FBI operative look like. Usually, they remain anonymous, so how do we know he is from the FBI?
  12. Electrical wires catch fire

    Interesting statement, "Another of Pattaya’s infamous tangles of electrical wires burst into flames again,..." Has this happened to this tangle of wire before or does it mean this is the second time a bundle of wires have caught fire? Just curious as the language speaks volumes about the writer's skill.
  13. In Canada, for me to get a NON-O ME visa means filling out 1 form in triplicate, filling in an ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FORM, which is practically identical to the first document, obtaining a medical certificate from my doctor, obtaining a bank statement from my bank, and a police clearance. Most of these documents must then be notarised, and along with a copy of my return flight ticket, and a copy of my passport information section sent to Ottawa in a registered envelope, with a prepaid return envelope, along with my passport. The process of sending the information and having the passport returned after it is processed and has a new visa attached takes 5-7 days. Sorry, I forgot to mention I must also send a money order of CAD200 to cover the visa fees. Plus, I have to pay for the police record and travel downtown Toronto to apply then pick up 10-15 days later and that costs CAD20. Being handicapped as I am, the process makes it very difficult and time-consuming. However, what am I except nothing but another source of income for the Thai Immigration to use to make money from. This is a lot of c**p and expense for what? I can go to other countries with much less trouble and so I have decided this will be my last trip to Thailand because I also do not like to pay 180-200 baht for ATM transfer of funds.
  14. SURVEY: Traffic deaths--Will the gov't take action?

    There are many problems to overcome. Since living in Thailand from 1996, I have heard many politicians and others say that things must/will change. However, and sadly, I have seen virtually nothing change. If new licencing laws were to be instituted and ALL persons be required to take tests similar to those in a western country, there would be strong resistance from Thais. If new rules of the road were to be introduced and instigated there may be hope but with so many drivers already, that would not work. The police and the legal system are largely to blame for the carnage and the lack of control on the roads. The fines that are currently handed out to people with atrocious driving habits, especially those that cause collisions with multiple victims either being killed, mutilated or seriously injured, literally get away with murder. A prime example is Red Bull "Boss." Those who rent a motorbike, or other similar conveyance, to tourists and others are also to blame for the carnage due to there greed and lack of responsibility. As I travel around, I see nearly all people riding on motorbikes without helmets, sometimes 3-4 on a bike, underaged, sometimes as young as 10-12, smoking, and using cell phones at the same time. Could go on but I believe everybody is aware of the situation here, and government intervention will not stop these problems from happening until the laws are enforced.
  15. Brothers arrested for selling rare birds online

    So, does that mean the house owner was charged with failing to get permission from the birds to keep them? Just curious.