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  1. Sorry, but all who use the expression "Amazing Thailand" are incorrect. Rather, it is "A Maze In Thailand." That states the situation succinctly.
  2. Central Lad Prao, and probably other locations do as well, sells very good quality full mattresses with memory foam but expensive. It may not be popular in Thailand because Thais are not aware of the product, not because Thailand has hot weather.
  3. Often, I wondered where so many of the "confiscated" drugs the police obtained from suspects went to. Now, as I read news articles, etc., I am beginning to find out. They get destroyed but not as we perform the act in the west but by those who need to propose and "develop" such ridiculous ideas. Other examples are the aircraft carrier, which goes nowhere, that was made in Spain, with the excuse for that being because Spain had made them before, forgetting that Britain was first to build a full carrier, the purchase of out of date Harriers without spare parts, that never used the ship. Of course, we must not forget the politician who proposed that large hurricane fans be built and situated near the river in order to blow away the pollution from Silom. Oh, I forgot about the proposal to use helicopters to remove damaged vehicles from the places where they were interfering/preventing the ongoing traffic flow during the times when there was heavy traffic on the roads of Bangkok.
  4. Navy wary of ‘wrong move’ with Phuket beach torpedo

    If this device is 100 years old, why not make it into another tourist attraction? Thais seem to do that with other things, even if they don't attract anybody. Strange that with a possible explosive situation there are so many people seemingly just hanging around doing nothing, apparently unaware of any possible danger if it explodes.
  5. Fire breaks out at Koh Tao garbage dump

    Please. Of course they have an incinerator. It is the person who set the garbage dump on fire.
  6. Uber stripped of its licence to operate in London

    +khunken Your comment disappeared but I suggest you go to GOOGLE and check out, "What is the KNOWLEDGE for London Taxi Drivers." You may be surprised at how wrong your comment is. I am a Londoner and they have always had, and still must have, the KNOWLEDGE, never any electronic devices, maps, or other paraphernalia to assist them, prior to receiving a taxi driver licence.
  7. They should look at the photos of the woman who wants to look like Barbie and the man who wants to look like Ken, Barbies male friend. Both have undergone many plastic surgery procedures to look like these dolls. The woman even had ribs removed in order to have a smaller waist. Another obsession that Thai females often suffer from. The man just reported that when older he may undergo a sex change so that he does not look "droopy or a have a saggy face" but will continue with his expensive obsession to maintain his obtained results.
  8. Maybe he should come to Toronto, and other places, like Detroit, and visit and point out some of the potholes here and see if he can get them fixed as well.
  9. Uber stripped of its licence to operate in London

    Why do people on ThaiVisa Forum suddenly start associating hard-working London taxi drivers with the definition of Mafia? To be a taxi driver in London means having to obtain a licence that can take up to five years to get. Before anything else, the intended driver has to spend time working, then in his/her spare time walk or bicycle throughout London to get what is termed "the knowledge." That means having to know the City like the back of your hand and includes memorising every road, alleyway, etc., and all of the buildings contained therein, every road sign, every road repair being performed, all of the shortcuts, and more. No other place in the world imposes that amount of requirement to obtain such a licence and when they get it and drive taxi if they make a mistake, such as going in the wrong direction, etc., they can lose the licence permanently. When at university, in Canada, I drove for a taxi company to keep myself alive. All I had to do was take two photographs to City Hall, fill in a form, pay my fee, and voila, there I, a taxi driver. No test, and did not have to know the city of Windsor, Ontario, only how to drive a car. The London taxi drivers work for their licence, UBER drivers don't.
  10. Nationwide protest against EU fishing regulations

    Slightly off topic but in keeping with, and replying to a comment made by StayinThailand2much. Mercedes, BMW, etc., are not manufactured in Thailand. Instead, they are imported as deconstructed vehicles and are then reconstructed within the country. This is done for two reasons. First, it is a cheaper way to import the products and second, it reduces the import tax because otherwise fewer of them would be sold.
  11. Extradition documents ready to return Vorayuth to Thailand

    1.Two people from Thailand go missing, one male, one female. 2. It took a long time before the documents to extradite the first person from wherever he is currently residing. 3. The papers for the female took just a very short time. 4. Is the first due to financial influence and the second politically motivated? 5. If you watch the video provided by PatOnGo, of the Dave Clark 5, from 1965, there is a similarity in the performances of all three. The Thai authorities continuously affirm they have no leads to the two missing persons and the guitars of the band have no leads to their instruments. 6. Are these facts related?
  12. Cadbury. While reading your comment, I became confused. You use the word "RORTING" which taken from the word RORT, means either the participation in a rowdy party or some such celebration, a dishonest scheme (both of which are the noun forms of rort), or to take unfair advantage of something (which is the verb form). Can you clarify which one you mean then I should be able to understand better what you are talking about? Thank you. .
  13. Ask any student or teacher three questions regarding the Boy Scouts and it is usual the student cannot answer any and it is doubtful if the teacher can either. Question 1 - Who founded the Boy Scouts? Question 2 - Where were the Boy Scout originally founded? 3 - What is the Boy Scout motto? Most of them cannot even tie or tell the function of a simple reef knot. Incidentally, it is supposedly illegal for teachers to physically punish a student by hitting, etc.
  14. I started taking away phones, and calculators many years ago. Students did not like it at the beginning as they could not call friends, etc. but within a couple of days forgot about them and their attention and learning curves improved. Some parents even met with me and said they appreciated what I had done and a few even took away the phones from their children, especially when they had homework to do. The parents and even some of my university students found that their studies improved as a result of the changes in behaviour because of this action.
  15. Amnart Charoen woman pregnant two years after vasectomy

    As stated, I have never heard of such a medical procedure. However, you have not complied with my request to qualify your remark and provide documentation to support your contention. Therefore, goodnight from me in Toronto as I am now off to bed and will not entertain your lack of knowledge or lack of compliance any further. Enough is enough.