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  1. Such a happening would take a lot of thinking through and I question if many Thais have that capability. Also, who would sponsor such a project? The government is too concerned about reducing the speed of the proposed "bullet" trains because of the cost, let alone the speeding motorbikes, and may be considering reducing the number of lines for such trains. Therefore, they do not have sufficient funds.
  2. The report said 20 minutes to gain entry, but in most countries in the civilised world, a quick call to the correct organisation and entrance is completed in a few seconds, a minute maximum. Unbelievable, but the father is in the wrong because of his neglectful behaviour.
  3. Police search Wat Rai Khing for suspect luxury vehicle

    I am handicapped and use a wheelchair but get left to wait at the Gate until the attendant returns to escort me to the plane. If people are seated in the area where the seats are reserved for people who are elderly, handicapped, pregnant, etc., I always point out their error and ask them to move. A couple of times, there have been "monks" taking advantage of these seats and they have been asked to move so that I could be seated. When they refuse, as they do sometimes, I point out the reserved and handicapped signs and they are told that they are abusing their position. If that does not work, and it usually does, then the gate staff are informed of their behaviour. If that person fails to take action the supervisor is informed about that check-in member and the trouble of not being able to sit in the reserved seat. These people are treated as if they area deity and not the hypocrites they really are. I usually end up getting my seat after causing the "monks" discomfort and inconvenience. I do not care because I am incapacitated and being inconvenienced by their selfish behaviour.
  4. Having lived in three different parts of China for a total of 3 1/2 years, the Chinese have nothing to complain about. How many times has China hit the news headlines with its pollution problems and how many times has Thailand done so? China has no right to complain. At one place I lived, about 3 hours west of Beijing, things could be so bad that nothing stopped the pollution from getting into my apartment along with its really awful smells. The pollution which turned out to be created by chemical companies producing companies, fertiliser, etc., and coal-fired electrical generating plants
  5. Get Drunk On Dessert At Sukhumvit Ice Cream Bar

    Is this relative to anything in/on the TVF? Seems more of an ad for an Ice Cream Parlour than anything newsworthy.
  6. Please explain what you mean because I don't know what an "...ignorant fishing vessel..." is, and I am a Registered Clinical Psychologist.
  7. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    You all seem to forget one thing, archery was banned by Oliver Cromwell and darts took the place of that sport/ weapons of mass destruction. What do Thais have to replace it with, nothing, so the only way they can financially gain from it is to introduce a non-existent license for which nobody knows the cost? Maybe those responsible for making the decision to send the police out on such a foul raid should join the ranks of those having their penises whitened especially after the European doctors warned against it. Incidentally, are female students still whitening the outside of their sex organs, a fad started a couple of tears ago? Never heard a hullabaloo about that.
  8. Road carnage: January death toll goes through the roof

    Please, tell us if you travel in Europe< Canada, and the USA, if you see many police "managing traffic" because when I travel in other countries it is a rare occurrence to see police unless they are hiding somewhere with their radar guns or controlling traffic at collision scenes, etc. While Thailand has a poor record other countries do not necessarily fare better, regardless of reports from worldwide agencies.
  9. Missing Briton’s body found by Cha-am Beach

    Never knew, until today, that beaches could find a body. How do they do that? Surely, it should read something such as, "...body found NEAR ...." Just curious.
  10. My ex-wife from Korea was fantastic at flower arranging and held top-level certificates and many awards for related contests. Was just wondering if ARRANGING PROSTITUTES was in anyway a related skill?
  11. Neither in the posting nor the report in the paper is there an actual specific date provided as to when the alleged offense took place There was some babble about having 15 days to write their defenses not being long enough to do so. Fifteen days would be all that lesser mortals would be allowed to fulfill such a minor requirement to defend themselves. Privileged persons in privileged positions? Rather reminds me of a certain person in the "government" being "given" time to come up with excuses for having so many costly timepieces on hand, sorry, on the wrist.
  12. After I read the report, maybe the place that is trying to rationalise its expensive prices should consider using smaller, and cheaper ingredients and thus bringing the prices in line with the specified requirements. Sad to say, that will never happen as this is Thailand, the land of many things that are not readily acceptable in other countries, such as dual pricing. Remember, though, prices at many airports around the world are higher than local prices. Just a thought for consideration.
  13. Student-designed Thai robot makes bomb disarming safer

    Is this another case of a Thai "inventing" or "re-inventing" something that has existed in another country for a long time as has happened so many times in this country. Many of their "inventions" seem to disappear very quickly after they are exposed even though the Thai media makes great deals of them when they are first announced. In Canada, we already have devices that are better than this product. All it requires is some research and all will be exposed.
  14. There used to be vending machines in Japan and the owners of the machines advertised for good quality used female underwear. These were put into plastic bags and sold through the dispensers. Apparently, it was quite a profitable and thriving business.
  15. Please reread the story and do so correctly. Nowhere in the story does it mention anybody from Singapore only currency from there. It is reported that the people concerned were from Malaysia according to the first line under the photograph.