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  1. Ask any student or teacher three questions regarding the Boy Scouts and it is usual the student cannot answer any and it is doubtful if the teacher can either. Question 1 - Who founded the Boy Scouts? Question 2 - Where were the Boy Scout originally founded? 3 - What is the Boy Scout motto? Most of them cannot even tie or tell the function of a simple reef knot. Incidentally, it is supposedly illegal for teachers to physically punish a student by hitting, etc.
  2. I started taking away phones, and calculators many years ago. Students did not like it at the beginning as they could not call friends, etc. but within a couple of days forgot about them and their attention and learning curves improved. Some parents even met with me and said they appreciated what I had done and a few even took away the phones from their children, especially when they had homework to do. The parents and even some of my university students found that their studies improved as a result of the changes in behaviour because of this action.
  3. Amnart Charoen woman pregnant two years after vasectomy

    As stated, I have never heard of such a medical procedure. However, you have not complied with my request to qualify your remark and provide documentation to support your contention. Therefore, goodnight from me in Toronto as I am now off to bed and will not entertain your lack of knowledge or lack of compliance any further. Enough is enough.
  4. Amnart Charoen woman pregnant two years after vasectomy

    to perthperson Qualify your comment as it tells me nothing. Where did I hear/learn what? In all of my years as a Clinical Psychologist, this subject never reared its head by anybody, and nothing has been written about that happening in any medical journal, to my knowledge. If you have documentation of such happening, show me by giving chapter and verse, of if you prefer, Journal, publication date, volume, author, etc.
  5. Amnart Charoen woman pregnant two years after vasectomy

    A vasectomy is considered a permanent method of birth control and prevents the release of sperm when a man ejaculates. Contradictory to popular belief, after a man undergoes such a procedure, his wife/partner can still become pregnant. Men have two vases, normally. However, my brother's wife became pregnant after he had the surgery and it was found that he had had three vases and only two had been severed as the third was not known. So it is possible, but I have never, until today, heard of a female undergoing a vasectomy, ever. Maybe, this woman should have stayed on the pill or totally abstained from sexual activities that included the usual method of such performances. Just a thought.
  6. Pity the flooding did not occur in the areas where the dumpers live. That would be an ironic twist for them.
  7. AIs this another case of putting the cart before the horse? As many have mentioned, and I am included within, that category, a person who arrives without insurance could be asking for trouble. I am 76, and the Thai government does not appear to consider the fact that many of us have pre-existing medical conditions and cannot obtain medical/travel insurance although sometimes it may be available, depending on where it is purchased, but at great expense. Last time I tried, a few years ago, it would have cost over CAD2,500.00 but was refused due to pre-existing conditions. Therefore, if I must obtain such insurance upon arrival, it may be an expensive white elephant or an albatross around my neck and totally useless and cannot be used.
  8. Sword fight: Thai wife chops off husband’s penis

    Farangs must watch out for copycats after this one hits the headlines. This act has indeed already been performed over the years in the West. Also, there are reports of it being perpetrated in many other countries, including Thailand. One case, in Thailand, saw the female remove the offending appendage, put it through a food processor/blender then let it float away in a basket attached to a balloon while she made her husband watch the complete action.
  9. I only have a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychologist and taught for many years in Thailand. Still, sometimes, I have problems understanding how Thais think. I read that there are four questions to be answered. However, maybe because I am only a stupid person, compared to Thais, but reviewing the questions I read more than four. Some of the so called four questions appear to contain multiple questions, rather like, in English, we often ask multiple questions in one sentence. For example, and this type often leads to bafflement when asked of a Thai, "Would you like soup or salad?" Two questions in one. Hey ho the merry Oh.
  10. Anybody taking this declared ONE day lesson will never be able to do what is outlined in the proposal, "...so that they can fend for themselves in confrontation with violent offenders or when attempting to stop a fistfight." An improvement in the English language would help the person writing this drivel. Check out "...in confrontation..." With a sixth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I know that one day is completely inadequate in any martial art to fulfill the set down objectives. However, this is Thailand, the Land of Dreams, so who knows?
  11. Thai Lady goes live on Facebook to slash her wrist

    If a person really wants to commit "suicide" using this method, why not learn to do so in the correct fashion. Never attempt to draw a "weapon" across the wrist because it does not work as people believe it should. Rather, take the device of choice, find the artery, insert the point/blade into the artery and draw it along the artery. That way suicide is achieved, admittedly, rather bloodily but it does work. Slashing across the wrist may damage tendons and skin, producing some blood, but rarely has a person been successful in achieving their goal. Rather, the "slash" is a call for help, although most people believe it is serious attempt to end a life, which it is not.
  12. Why can't people use homosexual instead of gay? Such "partnerships" are against what we are taught in the Holy Bible by God. Do I wish them well in their future life as many others do? No way, but rather the opposite.
  13. As a retiree, I am fortunate because my bank in Canada allows me to make two ATM withdrawals each month while I am out of the country. However, it is 5:08 pm on 29 March, 2017 and 10 minutes ago I went to withdraw money from a TMB ATM. All went well until I was asked if I agreed to pay the 220 Baht fee for the transaction. CANCELLED immediately as this fee increase is nothing but another Thai banking scam. Beware, look before pushing those buttons.
  14. So, the parents thought they had laid their complaints to the correct authority but are told they must put the complaints in writing to a different place. Kind of gives the school the chance to do some housekeeping and clean things up a bit even to the point that there will be little or no reason for the parents to complain.
  15. Sorry, fullcave but I believe you have got the last part wrong. Surely, your quotation should read, "...here they call it safety last."