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  1. wotsdermatter

    Hospital in Bangkok under fire as injured woman dies

    After reading the article several times, I never found anything that stated the person who died had said her case was not an emergency nor a request to be sent to another facility to receive treatment. Even her daughter never made that request either only, allegedly, commented that her mother had stipulated her mother had a “gold card” for another hospital. Being born in London and also living in Canada, we do not have the problem of not being treated as we can go to any hospital and it is covered by our provincial medical plan which means we do not get shunted around because we only carry one card. When I lived in Thailand and had medical coverage from the organisation I worked for, I saw the lack of flexibility by the medical staff of a couple of hospitals and feel really sorry for people who cannot get the required treatment because they are at the wrong place, which rather smacks of life in the U.S.A. 'nuf sed
  2. I think you over estimate their intelligence! As a Clinical Psychologist, may I state that BigBadGeordie is incorrect. In the 20th Century, related categories to IQ scores were different from now. During that time the bottom three were MORON, IMBECILE, and IDIOT. If you ever listened to the GOON SHOW, in one episode Eccles comments that he is next in line to become the village idiot knowing he could not get any lower on the totem pole so to speak. 'nuf sed
  3. Obviously you would not see the snake. Reason for saying such is that you cannot tell the difference between a cobra and, as reported, a python. 'nuf sed
  4. Closer to home, Malaysian Premier Mahathir Mohamad has pulled back from the BRI, cancelling a $20-billion railway and a $2.3-billion natural gas pipeline approved by his predecessor, Najib Razak, citing his country’s ability to repay the debts. Just read the article and found it curious that Malaysia cancelled their gas pipeline because of their "ABILITY to repay the debts." Seems a strange reason, albeit a good thing to do, to stop the intrusion and burden of repaying for something probably not needed. Although Malaysia was colonized, while Thailand was/did not, they learned some lessons that Thais did not and one was to be wary of somebody offering things that are not necessary and have a big price attached. 'nuf sed
  5. wotsdermatter

    12 of 200 stray dogs rounded up at Banglamung Hospital

    Not true. I used to argue this point with students in China and usually they tended to agree when they heard my take on what Lao Tzu said was incorrect. In fact, no journey begins with the first step but with the first thought of that journey. The quotation should be "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" - Lao Tzu. The mile was not used but the quote has been updated to fit modern times. The meaning behind the actual saying is that regardless of the length of a journey or the difficulty or length of a task it always begins with the first judicious effort. 'nuf sed
  6. wotsdermatter

    Im trying to get used to no A/con any tips

    Have you tried filling a couple of 2-litre pop bottles with water then freezing them? When the water is frozen, place the bottles on a chair and put a fan behind them. Turn on the fan and voila, cold air without the dryness. In Canada, I get bloody noses because the air is drier after my stays in Thailand where the air is much more humid. 'nuf sed
  7. Please, at least give them a chance to explain that although they were the sort of "high quality" tourists that Thailand needs and deserves, they were without funds and only performed their act so they could redonate the money and not lose face before their friends. 'nuf sed
  8. wotsdermatter

    Chulalongkorn University cancer research breakthrough

    Another first for Thailand finding a solution connected to cancer and they only started one year ago. I have an ex-student who is a research oncologist and she very much doubts their claim unless it is another case of "borrowing" from elsewhere. Is this another busted Thai hub? 'nuf sed
  9. wotsdermatter

    Thai Immigration Joins Weibo To Regain Chinese Tourists

    Should your quote not read, "In the land of the blind the man with one eye is king," instead of "In the land off the blind the man with one eye is king." Just curious. 'nuf sed
  10. wotsdermatter

    Thai Immigration Joins Weibo To Regain Chinese Tourists

    What is interesting about the statistics that TAT and others publish is not the amount of money each ethnic group spends but the concentration on the numbers of arrivals that each group present. Hub of numbers without concern for income shows that numbers are more important to maintain striving to be number 1 for tourism. 'nuf sed
  11. Another new way that "ladyboys" get into the news. After being "defrocked" he would have to go and buy some new frocks to keep up appearances. 'nuf sed
  12. Most people are not aware that to fly a national flag upside down is either a call for help, especially on ships or as an insult to the country the flag represents. Why in the picture is our flag flown upside down? Just curious. 'nuf sed.
  13. My first employment in Thailand was at Rajabat, Nahkon Pathom. My first question to every Thai "teacher" was, "what is the grading system?" Everyone said the same thing, "It is up to you." The two volunteer teachers, both from the USA, said their grades started at 60 and in increments of 5 points for each part of the grade. I recorded my grading system, based on theirs, in my grade/attendance book. All students were informed and it was written on the whiteboard, and a whole period was taken to explain the system. Although all passed the first semester, a few had struggled. Two members of the staff complained to the head of the department at the end of the semester, after the exams, saying my grading was too hard. That, even though all had passed. The head talked with me and even told the person who was the head of the Rajabat, that there was no reason that there should be complaints from Thai teachers as I had done everything above board and transparently. Those two had told her that their grades started at 40 and could not understand why my system started so high. That upset her as she saw the falseness in their attitude. Incidentally, one had got a doctorate degree in English Literature from a university in Florida but had trouble with understanding literature from England. The outcome was that the two led a campaign that saw me being fired even though students complained about that move. The two concerned, I was told, had "lost face" because they had not been truthful from the beginning and resented the fact that I had many international publications to my name while they had none, amongst other things. I went on my merry way. I wrote this just to show the sad state of affairs that the teachers in Thailand suffer and live under because the educational system needs to be abolished and replaced by a good, strong system but that should start at a complete overhaul of the teacher training system. Also, get rid of things like students being forced to join the Boy scouts, etc., because none seem to know anything about its founder, Lord Baden Powell, its motto, Be Prepared, or even how to tie knots, amongst other things, and all stuff concerning Thainess. 'nuf sed
  14. Does anybody else see the problems within this sentence? Just curious. 'nuf sed
  15. wotsdermatter

    121 arrested in Thonburi for illegally modified motorcycles

    Thai logic is being applied and has not changed in the 20 years I have lived in Bangkok. Police - remove bikes, accept "small fine" do nothing else except give a warning with no further repercussions applied or mentioned. Riders (passengers and parents included) - pay fine, give a wai, say sorry, and go on their way without any thought of changing. (Even the so-called attitude/education lessons are of no use to these people.) Consequences, the police still make plenty of pocket money as they neither do not nor cannot enforce the laws they are supposed to uphold. No change of riders attitude and the parents are still oblivious to what their children are doing, riders have motorcycle returned after fine paid and warning given. Both sides are happy as equally each side continues merrily and obliviously on its way and neither side is concerned about the stress, annoyance, and discontentment or those suffering from noise excessive factors, injuries or the dead created through their actions, that they leave behind. 'nuf sed