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  1. wotsdermatter

    Truck driver blames reckless tourist for motorbike slam

    You cannot compare the two collisions because they took place in two completely different countries and under completely different circumstances. Even the weather conditions here in Canada can make it very difficult and so can the vegetation at the crossroads where the Canadian collision took place. The investigation into the situation has still not been completed but I believe the driver is being charged although he was released on bail pending the outcome of the investigation. Incidentally, apparently there was a collision at the same location a few years ago and the local authorities were told to clear the shrubbery and remove tree limbs but failed to do so correctly/completely thus leaving it difficult for drivers to have a clear view. The roads were clear of snow, the weather was good and sunny at the time but nobody knows exactly what happened although the semi was in the crossing when the collision took place. For more info check Humboldt Broncos Hockey team collision, April 2018 on Google.
  2. WON is Korean currency. Maybe the best thing is to contact the Thai Embassy and discuss the situation with them because you are applying for something to allow you to work in their country. You do not mention what you are applying for except a Police Check. If so, why would you require one from Thailand? You only need one from your home country which would require only one set of prints. The Thai Embassy will provide a complete list and set of documents required for your application.
  3. If you look carefully, what do you see? There are two arrows, one pointing straight and the other pointing and directing traffic to go left. So far so good. The next thing to observe are two cars parked where the left arrow is directing drivers to go, and they are right in front of cars that are parked correctly and they would not be able to leave. Why did the drivers of those cars have to park in a drive through space? Was it to allow another clown or clowns to move the cars around by whatever means they liked so they could park in those spaces? 'nuf sed
  4. wotsdermatter

    Bangkok police address student brawl

    Can anybody explain how a parked police vehicle can stop violence from breaking out? 'nuf sed
  5. wotsdermatter

    Thai cop in the news for good deed with kind kids at KFC

    If not for self promotion then why post on Facebook? I ask considering he did so only after another customer, a female provided a piece of chicken so the elder brother could have something to eat. The brothers could have used the 40 Baht to buy a plate of Thai food and shared that instead of eating KFC which is loaded with a fattening ingredient, oil. 'nuf sed
  6. Jonmarleesco was very selective in what was quoted and did not include all of the information that was reported. May I suggest that Jonmarleesco rereads the facts for full details, if capable of doing so. 'nuf sed.
  7. wotsdermatter

    Killing the Khaosan goose

    If there are 30-million annual visitors, how could they all stay in the accommodation provided in the area? Of course, they could always double up on the sleeping facilities, i.e. beds, cots, etc. However, if I recall correctly, have not been to Khao San Road for a few years, there is a police station nearby which could handle the overflow. 'nuf sed.
  8. One serious problem that the Thai government have not addressed is that some people, such as myself, cannot get such insurance because of pre-existing medical conditions. Fortunately, being from Ontario, I can pay from my own pocket and have the funds reimbursed but only if the problem does not stem from a pre-existing condition. If so, then I have to pay and take responsibility for the payment and get no repayment.
  9. wotsdermatter

    Krabi Police looking for serial panty thief

    In Japan there is an industry whereby USED panties are placed in boxes and sold through vending machines. Maybe they are being used to clear up the common cold through sniffing them.
  10. wotsdermatter

    Study raises concerns about young Muay Thai fighters

    As a Clinical Psychologist, I would ask where her statistics came from, especially those concerning the numbers spouted regarding obtaining a university degree and those about finishing high school. The normal average IQ is between 90 and 110. Having been called in to assist students from universities, high schools, and below with problems of education, I would say that her perceptions are incorrect about the levels stated, unless she is willing to disclose her sources. From my observations, contradictory to many stated perceptions on this platform, Thais are no less capable than there counterparts in other countries. Rather, they seem that way because of the education system and the constant bombardments pertaining to Thailand, and thus Thais, as being unique and the everlasting barrage of Buddhism they must learn to live with but not necessary adhere to.
  11. wotsdermatter

    Phuket named second best beach in the world

    Waikiki beach was also man made by importing sand from elsewhere. Last year, my neighbour made a beach for the neighbourhood kids to play in and he is the lifeguard when they are playing, even has a water section. It was a lot cheaper than the one in Waikiki and Phuket to produce and it is wonderful to behold and no danger of anybody drowning or being endangered by pollution. It is renowned and known by locals as the world's Number 1 safe beach. It is a SANDBOX in his backyard. The actual water section is his homemade outdoor swimming pool. 'nuf sed.
  12. wotsdermatter

    Govt considers buying decommissioned fishing trawlers

    Another thoughtless venture concerning shipping. First, wasted major money on an aircraft carrier, along with inoperative Harriers which nobody thought to checkout before buying, then the demand for submarines (second hand?), now fishing vessels. When will the governments of Thailand realise that the money could be better spent helping people who need assistance? Probably never, because it seems the majority of Thais, whether in government or not, do not or cannot resist the inability to think, whatever that may mean to them, in a rational manner.
  13. Not made with pigeons that live in cities as they carry too many diseases. Field pigeons, from the country eat grains, etc., and those are the ones to eat. "nuf sed.
  14. In Canada repayment of student loans, which are arranged through the student's bank, start six months after the person graduates.
  15. Is dereliction of duty an offence for a member of the RTP? Maybe she was not ON DUTY when things were happening. Have never seen a female member of the police on duty on any street in Thailand, so where does she perform her duties? Just curious.