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  1. Their daughter paid the bill in the end via Paypal after reading the email. I don’t know why they didnt pay before they left? Anyhow at this point it doesn’t matter. Lesson learned and got some good information from this thread.
  2. They paid up via paypal. So all good now. Was probably a misunderstanding, who knows, but lesson learned.
  3. We don’t take this much. But after being burnt I can understand why people would do it. From now we will push the staff to collect payment of any extra charges the day before check out. I don’t mind so much if they communicate it in an honest and upfront way. However just doing a runner straight to the airport is not a good demonstration of honesty. It looks like we will have to eat this one too, it wasn’t a lot thankfully.
  4. They already left the country. Manager just found out now. Live and learn. I’ll keep emailing them and see what they say. Tempted to go through with it all if they don’t reply or get cocky.
  5. Most hotels in Thailand and around the world do it. Anytime you put a charge onto your room and sign for it, you are receiving credit, from there you’re asked to pay upon check out. Anyhow I am not asking for help in this regard, we can work that out later to prevent it from occurring again.
  6. We do take a deposit but it wasn’t enough in this case. Anyhow for now going to be able to have immigration cooperate like I have read they do in the past without having to resort to filing a law suit.
  7. Already done and they said have to file a law suit which is obviously impossible to do in such a short time on a weekend.
  8. Payment was made upfront, it is just the other incidentals such as food, taxi, therapy sessions. This has only happened one time in many many years so we never thought it necessary. Also the nature of our business does not usually attract people who run away like this.
  9. That would be quite satisfying to see. My question is what is the process? we have tried going through the official channels and they don’t want to play ball unless we go to court to lodge a case against them.
  10. Running a Resort business on Samui, we had a few guests leave without clearing their final bill. They left Samui immediately after our resort to Bangkok. We went to the local police station and have and made a statement and now the local Samui police have to forward the statement to Bangkok police. Samui Immigration have said they have arrived in Bangkok but no movement from Bangkok as of yet. However they said that if we want to catch them we have to file a report to sue them and it will be a big media thing and go on TV etc. We emailed them requesting payment but I read somewhere that immigration can hold them until they pay? Would prefer not to make national media....
  11. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    Check Facebook marketplace. That is where I found mine.
  12. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    In my case it was a lot more than $200. Samui new price is 72k plus registration and new plates etc. Ended up being more like $750. And my one which I just bought was owned privately by an older rich guy who had a fleet of cars and bikes. Was clear he maintained them very well. Bike was basically brand new. He had also done a few tasteful cosmetic mods. 1000km is seriously nothing.
  13. Was researching options for an online merchant gateway system for a website (paying for something online with your credit or debit card) and came across quite a few options for pos credit card charging machines. Most options in either the USA or UK charge a flat rate of 2.7% per transaction for online payments or in store payments using a pos machine and they charge standard FX rates also. Basically I am Looking for similar options in Thailand whereby I can avoid the banks altogether. I have seen the banks in Thailand charge both our business a fee of about 2.5% to receive the credit card payment into our bank and also the customer a 3.6% markup for currency conversion. This added markup for the customers is obviously not appreciated and was hoping to find something more reasonable. Any ideas?