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  1. I think the resident card discounts are now quite decent and actually comparable price wise to flight leaving from Surat if booked without much notice. I booked a day in advance and got a one way flight USM to BKK for 2,000 baht. Checked low cost airlines from Surat and the prices were about 1,200 baht one way. Ok ok so you think well that's 800 baht? Factor in the ferry, bus, food and not to mention the whole lot more extra travel time spent (which can be quite exhausting), it became pretty clear the 200 baht or so potential saving to fly from Surat was definitely not worth it in the end. Even if I were to book in advance on the low cost airlines and get a flight for 600-700 baht, after all the other expenses factored in like the ferry and bus and food, if I weigh it up, is that 800 baht or so saved really worth it? For me personally I would pay the extra 800 baht for time and energy saved. Total travel and wait time before I was actually on the plane was less than an hour. 15 min drive to the airport, arrived 45 min before the flight departed. Arrived in Bangkok 1 hour later. Total travel time 2 hours from my doorstep to arriving to Bangkok airport. However if i calculate the journey via Surat it goes up to 15 min drive to ferry terminal, arrive 15 min before. 1.5 hour min ferry ride. Half hour waiting for bus to fill up. 1.5 hour bus to airport. Wait at least another 1.5 hr in the airport. Then the actual flight of 1 hr. Total time at least 6hrs, usually more.
  2. I wish it were so simple, but so far everyone we speak to in all departments say there is nothing we can do but take it to court. However these departments might be trying to cover their incompetence. I will wait to hear back from the lawyers as usually they are more aware of what is reality and and what is fantasy.
  3. The blue book was kept in the company safe, but it made no difference. She just used the fake POA to give authority to report it lost to the police and then go to the transport dep to get a new one.
  4. Just had a look. Power of attorney has 3 points: 1: make a record at the police station for the missing book 2: Apply for a new blue book to replace the old one 3: All attorney to apply for a new blue book under their name (new name) immediately I mean what sane person would write the last point. Basically means I give permission to give away my property freely!
  5. Can't remember exactly what the fake POA gave authority for, will take a look and get back and post it...there were 3 items on it, I think it was: 1: Permission to submit the police report of lost blue book 2: Get a new blue book 3: sell the car. However will take a look later. Disposing of the vehicle: It was something we needed to research because initially there may have needed to be a meeting between shareholders to approve of this sale before it actually happening. But then it is the same crap all over again. Just a few signatures and a stamp on a piece of paper and a POA with a few more signatures.
  6. This is a good point and a strong argument. Although she could argue that it was lost when we sent her to get another one but then it was found at a later date.
  7. It required 3 signatures on a bit of paper. That's all it takes. Quite absurd really if you think about how much damage it can cause someone.
  8. The POA is the only proof required from my understanding and according to her we instructed her and therefore gave permission for her to do this. This was the very purpose of the POA. To give authority for her to act on company behalf.
  9. This along with a donation to the police would definitely speed everything up. I agree and thanks for the input. For me the question remains what will happen when the police catch her and she gives her testimony? Whose to say that her story will be that we signed all the papers and authorised the transfer of ownership and the deal was made legitimately. Then what? It will be her word against ours and therefore likely need to be moved to court.
  10. At the same time the company vehicle (ford fiesta) was purchased new by the company, the ex staff member also purchased a car for herself on finance (ford focus). She has been paying that car off steadily while working with us for the last 2 years up until she quit in Jan 2017. However in July last year while she was still working for us, she went through the whole process already outlined in this thread, ie went to the police and transport etc and got the ownership changed (after reporting that we sold it to her for 500k) and then applied for the loan on this newly acquired car (our company car the Ford Fiesta). This was done with another finance company (not tisco) who I believe she has a friend working within the company. This whole operation was done while still in possession of her car which obviously had yet to be fully paid off. By now I suspect this personal car of hers, the Ford Focus has probably been repossessed also.
  11. The major issue is that even if the debt was paid, the car would still officially belong to the staff member. You think she will just go to the transport office and transfer ownership back? She would likely just go and get another loan the same day.
  12. I guess my thought in relation to this is that how does one prove this statement? They came into possession of the vehicle illegally. Or to put it another way, is there definitive proof to say otherwise? There are a few points to consider: 1: We have original the blue book and it was with us the whole time (and never lost in July last year she reported to the police) 2: We have the original bill of purchase 3: There is no record of any money exchange or any agreement to sell 4: Even up to a week or so ago, we, and never her, paid for service and maintenance fees at ford (typical ford needed constant repairs for issues) 5: Was the insurance transferred to her name? Unlikely. Will need to be confirmed. 6: The car was in our possession, and the car was being used by our business right up to the last day of repossession and never once in her hands or at her address 7: The finance company never took a key when the deal was made (normally a requirement from my understanding) 8: Blue book was not original but a replacement (acquired only a few days before from the staff member when loan was offered) 9: Employee already has another car on finance (2015 ford focus) with many years of repayments left, but somehow magically comes up with 500k baht (no record of this money in account) to buy another car, and then a few days later decides to get a loan against it?
  13. Ford Fiesta ecoboost (2 yo) with less than 15k km on it. Purchased outright. Loan was 200k, now total owing is about 240k baht I am well aware of the system of justice here, it can be absolutely maddening... also how fast things will move if the police are involved. Have made 'donations' in the past and have personally seen the transformation of effort in regards to the police services. I do feel determined to peruse it somewhat because I personally believe these kind of people deserve some kind of justice for their actions and for me to turn a blind eye only reinforces their belief that they can get away with it.