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  1. The truck driver is a professional (job description), he is in a heavy vehicle and should know better.
  2. VYCM

    Updated Honda PCX for 2019?

    can I ask "what shape bike do you like"?
  3. very witty but it fails, as, I don't have a wife and the truck is in my name.sorry if you have experience with this If there is a mrsmazinkle, or maybe another gender (ladyboy friend), or good friend, housekeeper - whatever, it makes no difference if the truck is in your name they/it/he/she can still get money on it.
  4. you'll probably find the book at the local Money Lender. Your wife may have taken out a loan on (hocked) the car.
  5. What do you yell out at them now? I don't Yell, never have.
  6. Interesting- why did you notice tight clothes - eery - strange lanquage? Yes EERIE by definition strange and frightening. The Fantasy bar is the only bar worth visiting and that lost its appeal many years ago when they closed the upstairs, there was a short time room with a swing for the girls to hop on and lots of great features. Now the street is full of Homosexuals. For the gays a great place, I'm an ALPHA male, I don't bother the gays as long as they don't bother me, but this post is really trying to make this soi sound good. It's a horrible Soi Again good Soi if you're Gay.
  7. The ROCK - how cool is this guy, I totally agree with him, he says "this generation are looking for a reason to be offended. If you are not agreeing with them then they are offended" he calls these guys Snowflakes, I used to call them pansies, most were Homosexuals.
  8. VYCM

    Police rejecting tea money!

    They haven’t been accepting money here in Pattaya for a few years now. It was a couple of years ago, I just drove 1 metre and put my helmet on, 50 metres down the road was a cop. Anyway I had to give the money to a taxi motorbike guy behind a wall which was given to the cop once I left.
  9. Dude you take my post out of context and that is totally obnoxious. I never said there were no go go bars in Jomtien. I was only talking about the Complex/Supertown. All locals know about the Jomtien one exception not in that zone at all. No, secondary Boystown is a really stupid idea. Pattaya Boystown as you put it isn't even called that. You're also wrong that the zone is "only" about gay oriented stuff. Largely yes but there is plenty that isn't. Some nightlife and of course restaurants are for anyone. Also there are some hotels there that are not "gay hotels" per se. Not the mention the blind massage place in there that is not a gay business and is basically world famous. Nothing was taken out of context, just requoting what you said. #1 Agogo is opposite the Jomtien Complex. The place is full of boys, gay men only, not for me. Possibly secondary "Boys Town". Go for a drive late afternoon evening, hundreds of men/boys dressed in tight clothes, wearing massage outfits, all seated facing the street, it is an eery place to be. Again why did you mention a secondary "walking street", not a pretty girl in sight? Truly, a Secondary "Boys Town"
  10. The POMS were welcomed, help build the country to what we have today. Thanks for your efforts, wish we had more. Unfortunately, its the bottom of the barrel that we are getting these days.
  11. #1 Agogo is opposite the Jomtien Complex. The place is full of boys, gay men only, not for me. Possibly secondary "Boys Town".
  12. VYCM

    Too Many Police Checkpoints in Pattaya

    The sad thing is they are not catching the lawbreakers. Outside Tony’s Gym on 3rd Road, watch the Thais U-Turn before the checkpoints. Take a look, all No helmets, drug runners, untaxed/uninsured (it appears), un-roadworthy. If we were to take these vehicles off our streets there would be no congestion, the traffic would flow smoothly. Also, it seems every 4th or 5th car has defects, they need to be removed, lights broken, panels hanging off the cars, rusty, noisy, smelly. Again, the checkpoints would be justified if they were catching the offenders, these guys are laughing at the law enforcement.
  13. You're obviously not educated. Yep had to be done, the Aussies stopped the undesirables. Bloody people smugglers killing innocent people. The problem Australia has is that everyone wants to live there (don't bother replying that you do not want to), Its a wonderful country, glad my kids are Aussie citizens and can move there one day. It would be a horrible place to live if all the illegal boat people kept coming.