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  1. No. I mean he is from one of the families that do not need to bribe the police. They are one of the families that are in control of this country. One of the Thai oligarchs.
  2. Perhaps because he comes from one of the "elite" families which pull the strings in Thailand and are untouchable.
  3. Spot on for the sweet spot. The way the language points were issued when I applied was rather disappointing. I was clearly able to read Thai as the knowledge of Thailand test was written in Thai and I had no one assisting me. Yet I got no points for reading because I did not sing the anthems.
  4. I got no points for reading and writing, only for speaking and listening comprehension (8 points). This is because at that time in order to get points for reading and writing you also had to sing the anthems. However, I have been informed that reading and writing is no longer tied to the anthems. When I applied the point were as follows: 8: Speak and understand spoken Thai 10: speak and understand spoken Thai and sing the anthems 13: speak and understand spoken Thai , sing the anthems and read Thai 15: speak and understand spoken Thai , sing the anthems and read and write Thai I repeat, this was the points breakdown when I applied in 2012. However, I have been told (unverified) that it has since changed and that points are available for reading and writing separate from the anthems.
  5. Sorry, I was less than clear. I did not get the 5 points for having the yellow book. It was also my understanding that you could only get points for residency with a PR and as such I should have not received any points for residency at all. However, if I recall correctly, I was awarded 5 so I assume it was for having residence of not less than five years (even though I did not have PR).
  6. I got 5 and had the yellow book less than a year. Apparently a different interpretation by the officers.
  7. The threshold remains at 50 points. Without PR you automatically lose those points leaving only 5 points for residence of not less than 5 years (assuming the points system has not since changed). I believe you have summed up the theory and practice nicely. If I did not gain some points from Thai language ability I would not have had enough points to qualify. I did not sing the anthems. Length of time holding a yellow house registration does not count. I got mine only a few months before I applied.
  8. GarryP

    Anger as MP defections set to harm Pheu Thai

    But surely the ideology of the party to which they are defecting should be similar to the party they are leaving? Oops, idiot me. There is one tenet that seems to be common to most parties, one that MPs take to heart, getting rich at the trough of plenty.
  9. I lived in a house for 10 years in Bangkok without airconditioning. It depends on what you are used to.
  10. Should be automatic severance of pension and government healthcare, and all property obtained through ill gotten means permanently confiscated, if found guilty. Let them then start scratching for a living and see how they enjoy it.
  11. Those cameras often lead to a misinterpretation of the actual speed. Often making cars appear to be going much faster than they really are. Not saying it is the case here, but worth a thought.
  12. It was a joke. In my 36 years here I have been involved in two accidents that I recall and I was not driving.
  13. GarryP

    back to training - loaded carries

    Started back on doing push ups last night after being off them for more than a year due to shoulder impingement which I believe was actually caused by push ups. Will take it slowly this time. Pain in the back has gone. Ribs still painful when sneezing but back on the rower too.
  14. Let me know when you are out on the road so I know when to stay at home. You are a walking, talking accident magnet.
  15. GarryP

    Living in a quiet Issan village.

    Off topic but what is wrong with Kalasin (I've heard they have a big drug problem)? I will be building a home about 80kms from the city in a few years. But won't live there full time. Split time between there, Bangkok and Hua Hin.