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  1. I think you have hit the nail on the head. In this instance the big fuss has arisen because a Thai was the victim. If it had been a foreigner it would have been a non-issue and explained away with the typical them and us narrative. However, now the issue has been raised, it is a good opportunity to bang on about it in the hope that something good will come from it (but I will not hold my breath waiting).
  2. But wouldn't it be great if this was the straw that broke the camel's back?
  3. Prayut defines democracy ‘the Thai way’

    Nationalism in the form spouted by the troll Prayuth does not bode well for Thailand. He is using it in the same way as "Chart Niyom" which evidences itself in feelings of superiority over other countries. This is blatantly wrong, as how can any country be superior to others when it has got a total moron holding the reins.
  4. He's just stating the obvious. He's built like a brick shit-house.
  5. In my 36 years here carrying credit cards, debit cards and cash, never once have I been mugged, robbed or subject to fraud. If you use your common sense, your money is just as safe here as elsewhere.
  6. As has been pointed out earlier in the thread, most of these watches do not lose value, and indeed many of them increase in value. Thus, they are seen as an investment and readily converted to cash. People collect stamps, Buddha amulets, coins, etc. Why not watches if you have the money to spare.
  7. I don't think any sane person could believe this lot are clean. In fact the military are probably the most corrupt of the lot. However, what was not expected was that they would be so in your face with their corruption. I doubt even their supporters could find an excuse for Prawit. As you quite rightly point out, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The accounts, property and various other assets held by the generals and their relatives (if revealed to the public) would make Prawit's toy collection seem the equivalent of mini lego set. But out of sight is out of mind. So we have to hammer on about the matters we know about - which makes me wonder why there is no further news on Prayuth's brother's house.
  8. But what is stupid is putting them on display for all and sundry to see and not expecting to be called out for it. He is a walking advertisement for corruption or dodgy dealings. What makes it all the more entertaining is demanding that Yingluck be brought back to face "justice" (actually sham indignation as it is the last thing the junta wants), while at the same time expecting the NACC to look the other way in his case (they will look the other way anyway as it is a paper tiger). If I were him I would be embarrassed, but then when you have lived at the trough of corruption for so long, you no longer have any scruples and public criticism is but water off a duck's back (albeit a mandarin at that).
  9. This is rubbish. They want to give the appearance to the public that they are doing something, when in fact the junta have no intention of following through. They realize that the ones who would be hurt by this are themselves and they are already low on the popularity scale.
  10. Old? Just turned 55. The new 35.
  11. Wonder if I'll ever go back. Been here 36 years now.
  12. Yes, very sad news. I did not know that she was ill. Her posts will be missed.
  13. How long ago was home country police clearance introduced? I don't recall any such thing in my application.
  14. Netflix is now available in Thailand

    Here it is. http://www.ais.co.th/netflix/en/special.html