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  1. He lives in the UK. He has not even applied for his ID card in Thailand. To all intents and purposes he is British and should travel on his British passport. Passing through immigration has nothing to do with any house registration. In any case he will be passing through as a British national. I never said that the UK passport and Thai visa have any impact at all on any house registration or the draft. Please re-read.
  2. Does the Supreme Commander have small dick, and need something large and tubular to make up for his feelings of inadequacy?
  3. Absolutely wrong. My son had to go through the whole process but drew a black card so did not have to serve. He is half Thai half English. However, in the case of the OP, get your visa in your British passport of get visa on arrival as a tourist and do not overstay. You will be treated as a Brit tourist not a Thai. You will have absolutely no problems unless you try to claim your Thai citizenship.
  4. A bit too OCD, don't you think? Anyway, I have never encountered this problem at Tops. They all seem to know what they are doing. As to PowerBuy and HomePro, I usually just tell them I am only looking and then they don't bother chasing me around.
  5. The Royal Thai Police are full of sh1t. Sedition? Really? Pathetic.
  6. With a lake in front of your house if I recall correctly. Nice area.
  7. Barge poles aren't long enough. Even a blind person could see who is behind the removal.
  8. Initially I felt the same. But after a while I was able to move the belt a bit further forward without lifting my heels too much and have now found what I believe is the ideal place for my physique (my heels lift a little but nowhere near as much as before and I can drive using all my foot, not just the ball of the foot area). As tropo mentions, when you watch videos of so called experts, nearly all of them lift their heels to some extent - so I am happy with my technique now even though there is some lift. When I row I am using my upper body, arms and lower back more than my legs, in terms of the actual power exerted. But after 30 minutes I feel weaker in the legs than I do elsewhere. That does not seem to make sense, but it is how I feel.
  9. Wonder if he will have a different haircut when released?
  10. I watched not only the Dark Horse videos but also those on the concept2 website. I had a problem with lifting my heels too much such that I wasn't using all my foot when pushing in the drive phase. I resolved that by following one of the suggestions on Dark Horse and tide a belt around slide which prevents me from going too far forward and over lifting my heels. It has worked well and am getting more power in my drives. Over to your problem. I can't remember even though it was only a few months ago that I started. I was just so tired after doing only a few minutes I never noticed which part of me was suffering the most. I think the issue is to focus on form and developing muscle memory first and once your form is down pat then focusing more on power, distance and burn. I have kept a record of all my workouts using Ergdata app and I can see a definite improvement, except for a dip when I first started with the belt around the slide.
  11. That's an idea. I even have a pair at hand. Thanks.
  12. I have very little meat on my bum and the pad available on the Concept website seems a bit too thin. That will be my last choice. Actually, the discomfort has improved quite a bit but it is still something that needs addressing. I am doing what I can to make rowing an enjoyable task rather than a chore. I have already invested in bluetooth earphones, and downloaded a fitness music app. With just that I seem to be able to go longer and at a better pace and enjoy myself at the same time. My target is to use the rower 5 days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Today (Monday) is my day of rest.
  13. I am just up to 30 minutes. Averaging only about 6500 m. But the other day I did my first 10,000 m but at 500m intervals. I had to force myself to meet the target I set.
  14. I have been trying to source a Concept 2 seat cover produced by Vapor Fitness but have been unable to find anyone who ships to Thailand. the postings on Amazon and eBay do not ship here and neither does the actual manufacturer/supplier (I inquired by email). Do any of you users have any suggestions? I would prefer to get this one than the one made by Hornet Watersports. PS since I have started using this machine my back pain troubles have disappeared and my stamina has also improved but fat around the middle seems to be a bit more stubborn.
  15. I noticed that too. They keep focusing on Songkran and New Year when in fact it is just as bad year round.