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  1. I wouldn't even know where to buy them. Aren't they highly volatile too? I put my savings in a variety of funds but you are looking at long term investment not short term returns.
  2. A lot of the judges ruling on politically charged cases or simply cases in the spotlight where powerful interests hold sway must know no shame. I would be very embarrassed to be a judge at this time. It is clear that the system is biased and which way it is leaning. And yet they still put themselves forward as the custodians of an honest and fair system. And don't get me going about the police...........
  3. Good on the chap. But, please, do not put it down to "Thainess". He is simply a decent person with a desire to help others. There is absolutely no exclusivity to this based on nationality.
  4. Best wishes to DL and Ody. Hope everything turns out well for you and others going through similar trials. It will be great to get the world off your back and be your own person once again. Sometimes you have just got to think of number one first.
  5. Despite the question mark, it was presented as a statement. My English is fine thanks.
  6. Sorry but you are wrong on this. It is based on age relative to your wife. It is proper to call your wife's elder sister "pee" (dtam sak) even if the sister is younger than you. This is in the family setting. Although I must say it feels awkward to me. With friends, a person may be called "pee" by older friends if they have particular respect for that person. Same goes for work. Otherwise it is based on relative age.
  7. Based on marriage it is 3 years. However, I only got my yellow house registration book about 8 months before I applied if I remember correctly.
  8. The book is tied to the house not you. When you move out of one address, the yellow book will be retained by the District Office where it was issued (if the have the opportunity arises). I assume your current book is for the address where you currently reside. That is the one you need for your application. Likewise, if you wish to move address to Bangkok. Your current yellow book becomes worthless to you, the one issued for your new address in Bangkok will be the one you will need for your application. No mention needs to be made about previous yellow books in so far as they are irrelevant to you and your citizenship application.
  9. So now your problem is with "bear" feet. You'll be the center of attention at the next party. Transam the dancing bear, with feet to match.
  10. Yes. Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more. You get what I mean. Take some time to shake out those cobwebs from your head. Get your head straight. Get the bounce back in your stride, the rhythm in your soul. You'll never want to go back. You'll be sure you did the right thing and kickin' yourself you didn't take your life back on your own terms sooner.
  11. Sorry but that is just not true. As far back as I can remember we all took our shoes off before stepping inside. Not only members of my family but those of my friends. This was back in the 60's and 70's in Yorkshire and on the Isle of Wight. Very few houses I know where it was not expected.
  12. He's banging the drum for banning alcohol in Thailand. Because he believes that alcohol is bad, all others are expected to agree. An evangelist for teetotalism (is that a word?). I wish people would stop trying to force their views on others. And I don't even drink alcohol so no skin of my nose. He sounds like another Prayuth or Chamlong Srimuang.
  13. I know when I am supposed to wai, but usually I don't bother and rarely is it expected of me. It has got nothing to do with any perceived attitude. It has a lot to do with respect. Waiing all and sundry is silly.
  14. Make sure that you do not repair the gate when you leave. That way they'll be locked in for hours trying to figure a way out. Tomorrow is a bank holiday in Thailand. Many, many moons ago (thirty or so years ago) I had a girlfriend who was insanely jealous. I could never understand it. Getting violent for no reason other than her mind working in some strange way. She would get jealous of shopkeepers I spoke to, waitresses, etc. I was stabbed and plant potted and she even attacked a friend because she was sure he intended to introduce me to someone (utter <deleted>). She screwed me up on so many levels. Finally, I did a runner. I was 22 or 23 at the time. I do know she did not have a good childhood. But for F's sake, why do we accept being the chopping board or punch bag. I'm now happy that I can keep all my property in my name. I think this is one of the problems in Thailand . The house , the car, etc. goes in the Thai wife's name and they sort of start to expect it (some not all). It is as if they are doing you a favor. Just glad that is over for me. Wish you all the best in your quest for freedom and/or happiness. I don't think you really understand how unhappy you are until you start to breathe the air on your own terms. It is a big jump and the landing can be hard but it is definitely worth it.
  15. Unfortunately not. It is below some on here.