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  1. Visa to go to UK

    I am the fool that did not keep a copy of the previous submission. My wife suggested we keep it but I ignored her. More fool me. I will definitely keep this one. Lesson learned. Reasons for returning to Thailand are basically my job which I have been in for 25 years, house that is in both our names (I am now a dual British Thai citizen), etc. Will submit this application in late April and once we get the visa submit another application for a Schengen visa.
  2. Cialis in Chiang Mai

    Gracku is made in Thailand and registered with the Thai FDA and I was surprised to learn also advertised on Thai mainstream television. I would be surprised if it contained modern drugs, but there are also fakes of this available on the market. Anyway, I think you will find there are some common side effects of some drugs and herbs which are used for the same purpose.
  3. Visa to go to UK

    Two years ago I applied for my then girlfriend and was quite nervous about it all. I sponsored the trip but she was also working. This time around she is my wife and I will be sponsoring the trip again. We both live in Thailand. One of the questions in the form is about income such as savings, shares, etc and how much she earns therefrom. Well she does have savings but earns next to nothing from them so there was no figure I could fill in and as a house wife she does not earn a salary. Luckily, I am not too concerned about this as I have a good salary and savings and will provide evidence of this. Hopefully, this time will be as straightforward as last time. The only problem is that we have both forgotten some of the dates of previous overseas trips she took and cannot find the stamps in her old passport, so it is possible that the dates filled in the online form will not be exactly the same as in her last application. However, any discrepancies will not be intentional. From reading others' post on this subject, it seems that those who deliberately lie have the most problems.
  4. Yes, that was funny. They thew a party for me and had my Thai name written up in large letters. They understood that I had to change my name. Quite funny and embarrassing at the same time.
  5. I was never asked about it again but even if I was there would be no problem as I selected it myself. While no problems with first names, it was my fourth or fifth choice for a family name before I got the all clear. Will remember it to my dying day. Suppachoke Buapailin.
  6. You'd probably end up with a dart in your bum.
  7. The trouble is that now probably more than 80 percent of the strays in Bangkok or other large towns and cities never had an owner. They were born on the street. So while penalizing pet owners may reduce the number of pets being dumped, it does not address the matter of the existing strays.
  8. PM urges Thais to wear period costumes for outings

    Actually those Thai style pants are a perfect fit. Their inherent bagginess successfully hide Prawit and Co'.s adult diapers. It should become the national costume of the Junta, but please leave the rest of us alone.
  9. Yes it was. Apologies. Lets just say we disagree. You would have the status quo remain as is, whereas I would not. I do not believe either the Democrats or Peu Thai are in a situation to take the country out of the morass it finds itself in. I believe a new choice might be the way forward. However, I also believe that the so called elite or people in power will do everything to prevent that. Perhaps, if the junta tried to stay in power longer by further delaying the elections, that would help move things along as more and more people would start to complain. As it is, former supporters are starting to complain. PS Class resentment is already here and the longer the people outside the cities feel disenfranchised the more that resentment is going to burn.
  10. I have heard rumblings myself (that is I know people with family among the upper ranks of the army) . There are a number of generals who are not happy with military involvement in politics. Unfortunately, they do not do anything about it.
  11. That post says it all. All your hypotheses and theories mean nothing in light of your bias against or disdain of the lower classes.
  12. HIV isn't a death sentence any more. And what the hell has HIV got to do with this thread? Comparing animal rabies infection to human HIV infection? Jesus.
  13. So what is the alternative. If no one steps up nothing will change. So isn't at least trying to make a difference better than the current and pre coup situation.
  14. Yes, the odds for that must be out of the world. He should buy a lottery ticket. In 36 years in Thailand I have been bitten once by a dog and once scratched by a cat. Went for shots each time. How the hell do you get bitten 6 times in a year?
  15. Why don't they introduce a "Whistle-blowers" Protection Act" or something on those lines with incentives to report corruption/malfeasance, etc.