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  1. GarryP

    Junta never tires of tough-guy games

    Perhaps the silver lining to this cloud of repression is that the more the Junta uses its heavy handed tactics, the more people start to hate them. I know there have been bad governments in the past, but I never felt the loathing towards them that I feel towards this bunch (and I have been here since Prem Tinsulananda was Prime Minister). I want to see the power hungry generals brought down and removed. They are taking this country backwards.
  2. GarryP

    Junta never tires of tough-guy games

    Southampton FC better watch out if they ever come here to play. They'd all be arrested except the goalie.
  3. Well it is certainly doubtful that he could do any worse.
  4. The patent has expired on Cialis, so the generic versions should now or soon be available at much lower prices.
  5. Smack on the button. Trump won because Dems pushed Hilary Clinton. Neither are really presidential material.
  6. Colors of the Thai flag, missing the color blue. Nuff said.
  7. Pol Col Chinkorn Jaikla. Great family name for a policeman. Bet he wasn't born with that name.
  8. They are called Snapping Turtles for a reason!
  9. GarryP

    Lasik v. replacement lens?

    Thanks for the link. Much appreciated. I did not realize there were so many options. I have already done a bit of reading on the topic but was hoping a poster or posters who have had it done for the same reasons could chip in. In any case, I obviously need to do a lot more research and your link is a great starting point.
  10. Sorry, you lost me there. What does that have to do with whether contingency arrangements are possible or not in Thailand?
  11. Theoretically that is correct. Does not mean it does not happen. Anyway, legal fees here would not be that high.
  12. Working on a contingency basis probably. So no need to dole out any money.
  13. He came before didn't he. And there is already talk about developing charging stations for electric cars in Thailand. Not very good PR for a company trying to enter new markets.
  14. GarryP

    Lasik v. replacement lens?

    How about in a case like mine? I am now long sighted and started wearing glasses about 7 or 8 years ago when I turned 46 or 47 for reading, using my computer and other close up stuff. I am forever putting on and taking off my glasses and wonder whether Lasik would allow me to do away with glasses. Since I started using glasses my eyesight hasn't got much worse so has probably stabilized. One of the staff in my office has worn glasses since she was small, not being able to see far or close up clearly, but now everything is very clear for her. She wishes she hadn't waited so long. She had it done at Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Hospital a.k.a Klang Hospital. On the other hand one of the bosses had it done about 10 years ago and suffers from dry eyes.