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  1. Since I came to Thailand I waste more and more plastic, I get plastic bags everywhere, even for a straw.
  2. It's the end of crypto in Thailand, the 7% VAT is ridiculous. Nobody will trade. Everybody is liquidating their positions today. The 15% on profit was ok and enough.
  3. I'm not a receipt guy, all my receipts are in the trash, even for stuff bought last week. Most of my stuff is old but valuable, macbook pro, high end phone, high end watch, high end tablet, high end camera.
  4. Hello, How to declare our goods before leaving ? Has anyone done it yet ? I don't want to pay taxes again on my stuff that I already own. Thanks
  5. JohnnyBKK

    Elite visa and work

    You can pay 2K baht per time for the perks, anyone can use the elite service.
  6. JohnnyBKK

    Elite visa and work

    Being a member without the visa is quite useless by the way.
  7. JohnnyBKK

    Buy a car from another province ?

    Ok so I had to go to Bangkok at the transportation office of Sukhumvit, it took 1 hour only. Arrived at 3pm, it was done at 4pm. Then I had to do it all over again in Chonburi, with the same set of papers. 3 days after I got new plates and everything was transfered into my name in Chonburi. The car has to be inspected 2 times. For Bangkok : The seller came with me so the seller had his documents Visa, stamp and arrival card copy Passport copy Residence certificate from the immigration Blue book For Chonburi : Visa, stamp and arrival card copy Passport copy Residence certificate from the immigration Blue book
  8. Hello, I want to buy a car registered in Bangkok, my residency certificate is from Pattaya. What papers do I need ? The idea is to register the car in Pattaya if possible. Thanks.
  9. Can I use that book to answer the questions ?
  10. Wont my certificate of residence and medical test be expired by then ? Is it ok ? Thanks.
  11. They didn't ask for anything else than my lease agreement and 3 photos and 600 thb for 2 residence certificates done in 30 minutes. Arrived in Thailand only 20 days ago.
  12. Hello, I want to make a motorbike driving license in Pattaya, do I need to book ? Can I just show up there ? I have to make it from scratch (theory and driving test). Thanks.
  13. JohnnyBKK

    Accounting cost for small companies ?

    We are in the process of closing down the company, I refuse to pay such amounts for accounting.
  14. Hello, I need a residency certificate to buy a car and to make a motorbike driving license. The requierements are different depending on the immigration office and I'm not sure of which documents I need to bring with me to get this done. Thanks Best regards,
  15. The lease was done 2 or 3 yrs after the divorce.