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  1. Elite visa and work

    You can pay 2K baht per time for the perks, anyone can use the elite service.
  2. Elite visa and work

    Being a member without the visa is quite useless by the way.
  3. Buy a car from another province ?

    Ok so I had to go to Bangkok at the transportation office of Sukhumvit, it took 1 hour only. Arrived at 3pm, it was done at 4pm. Then I had to do it all over again in Chonburi, with the same set of papers. 3 days after I got new plates and everything was transfered into my name in Chonburi. The car has to be inspected 2 times. For Bangkok : The seller came with me so the seller had his documents Visa, stamp and arrival card copy Passport copy Residence certificate from the immigration Blue book For Chonburi : Visa, stamp and arrival card copy Passport copy Residence certificate from the immigration Blue book
  4. Hello, I want to buy a car registered in Bangkok, my residency certificate is from Pattaya. What papers do I need ? The idea is to register the car in Pattaya if possible. Thanks.
  5. Can I use that book to answer the questions ?
  6. Wont my certificate of residence and medical test be expired by then ? Is it ok ? Thanks.
  7. They didn't ask for anything else than my lease agreement and 3 photos and 600 thb for 2 residence certificates done in 30 minutes. Arrived in Thailand only 20 days ago.
  8. Hello, I want to make a motorbike driving license in Pattaya, do I need to book ? Can I just show up there ? I have to make it from scratch (theory and driving test). Thanks.
  9. Accounting cost for small companies ?

    We are in the process of closing down the company, I refuse to pay such amounts for accounting.
  10. Hello, I need a residency certificate to buy a car and to make a motorbike driving license. The requierements are different depending on the immigration office and I'm not sure of which documents I need to bring with me to get this done. Thanks Best regards,
  11. The lease was done 2 or 3 yrs after the divorce.
  12. I'm already out of that home, I'm talking about thailand
  13. I left that home years ago, a bunch of dudes came to steal all my stuff, some relatives of her shoot them, police got involded, a lot of things happened, I left in case the relatives of the robbers would come back. Let's say I lose that home, what else can happen to me ? Let's imagine for a moment that she wants to make bad things. What could she do ?
  14. What a joke... last year she sold my car without my consent too, by forging my signature. I didn't care much because it was an old car. Is there something else she can do to make problems to me ? Can she take a loan on my behalf ? Can I end up in jail or without my passport if she sign anything on my behalf ?
  15. The paper states that I have to pay 30K baht per year for 30 years for a total of 900K thb. It was registered by myself and her at the land office in Hua Hin and a paper was attached to the land deed. I myself received another paper with a red stamp. In 2017 I sent way more than 30K, so she can't say that I didn't pay her. We did this WAY after the divorce, maybe 2 or 3 years after. As she was gambling I got worried she might gamble the house and she agreed that some loan sharks might come after the house. So we decided to do this as a protection for both of us. Now she sent me a scan of a paper stating that a mortgage of over 1 million thb was registered on the house at the land office. She will never repay this mortgage. We had an agreement between that I could stay there rent free forever as I paid for everything. But now if the bank takes the home, I will have to pay those 30K thb per year to the bank, will the bank contact me ? How this thing works ?