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  1. I heard that the girl stole 5.000 euros and the men threat her and her family to get their money back
  2. Weird story, i'm agree that it's very surprising that anyone had to pay so much for some weed. There are monthly story on this forum about cannabis and people usually pay 2.000 baht fine only and go home.
  3. hydro/aquaponic gardening

    I'm interested too to know more about these systems. Anybody use it ?
  4. hydro/aquaponic gardening

    THanks Mate, could you tell me so what do you use to cover ?
  5. Fantastic, thanks mate !
  6. Thanks for your reply. No vegetables or fruits like melon, tomatoes, cucumber, zuchini, egg plants, strawberries ? Do you know a reliable website to order seeds please ?
  7. Hi, I just bought a Hydroponic N.F.T. Systems. I would like to grow something else than lettuce, salad. What are the possibilities please ? What kind of vegetables or fruits i can use ? Do you know a reliable website to order a lot of seed varieties ? Thanks for your help Cheers
  8. Gastroenterologist in Hua Hin

    thanks AliasJohn
  9. Gastric reflux treatment ?

    Hi, It's been 1 year i have gastric reflux. Usually i take Sanosec (Omeprazole) but i feel very very tired and it seems that is doesn't work anymore with me. Could you recommend me another drug or molecule please ? Thanks :)
  10. Hi, Could you advice me a gastroenterologist in Hua Hin please ? I just need a new treatment for a gastric reflux and i would like to go another place than Bangkok Hospital. Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm looking for activities (music, sport, art) to do for children resident in Kanchanaburi. What are the possibilities please ?
  12. Hello, Is there anybody grow finger lime / lemon caviar in Thailand ? What kind of species ? Which area ? Where to buy any tree or seed please ? THanks
  13. Hi there, Anyone lives in Thung Lui Lai ? It is in Chaiyaphum province, in this area, there is the Chulaphom lake and agolf. I heard, it's very quiet place but very beautiful and some farang live there. What do you think about it please ? Cheers
  14. Moving to Kanchanaburi - Advice needed

    where is it exactly please ?