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  1. Camping in Kaeng Krachan ?

    It's fantactic already, thanks you so much
  2. Camping in Kaeng Krachan ?

    Thanks mate, very useful informations, so you advice me the east part of the dam, is it true that the park could be close during the rainy season ? If it rains we will go to to hotel, can you advice me a nice boathouse hotel or a resort by the lake ?
  3. Hi friends, Could you recommend me a nice camping to the Kaeng Krachan national park close to the lake ? We would like to rent a tent too... Thanks
  4. Private schools in Chanthaburi area ?

    Hi, i heard that Streemandapitak is good. It's a christian school....
  5. Best area to live in Chanthaburi ?

    I'm interested to know more about Chanthaburi too, what about the northern part of Chanthaburi, is there any nice place to stay please ?
  6. Hi, I haven't any driving license from my own country. Anyone get it in Laos ? What are the conditions and price please ? Thanks
  7. Good English Program school in Rayong ?

    THanks C5VETTE. Any others may be a bit cheaper ?
  8. Hello, I have 2 daughters, one will be in Prathom 1 next year and the other one in Matthayom. Could you advice me a good english program school in Rayong please ? I'm not looking for a international school. Thanks Cheers
  9. durian farm in Isaan ?

    Very interested informations, thanks mate :)
  10. Hi, I would like to cultivate some durian trees. I would to know what it need to grow ? What kind of soil and climate ? Do you think if it's possible to start a farm in Isaan (Chaiyaphum) ? I heard i can do that at the foot of a mountain. Is it true ? Thanks for your advices
  11. Where can i buy any hydroponics mini kit ?

    Thanks Colin, did you try it ?
  12. Hi locals, I would like to grow some vegetables at home, anyone knows where can i buy any hydroponics mini kit ? Thanks
  13. Place to fish in freshwater in Hua Hin ?

    THanks Mates !
  14. Hello, Do you know a nice place for families to fish in freshwater around Hua Hin please ? A fishing park may be ? Thanks