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  1. Frenchman shoots himself dead in his wheelchair

    RIP frenchman
  2. Thanks mates, i contacted him yesterday, no answer yet
  3. Thanks, do you know where to buy it please ?
  4. Hi, I own a Mazda Cx5 white, i would like to protect the black exterior vinyl around the tyre and the plastic trim which turn to dark gray. Could you advice me a product i can buy and apply please ? Where to buy it ? Thanks
  5. Hi, i would like to fish at Phuket from the coast, it could from a pier, a beach... Could you advice me a reliable and good quality fishing reels and rods brand name but not so much pricey please ? Thanks
  6. Best area to live in Chanthaburi ?

    Hi mate, thanks for your answer, i'm looking for a house in a town or around but not very far because my kids will go to school to downtown. Yes trully i need to take a look there because there isn't any offer on english or thai website. Cheers.
  7. Best area to live in Chanthaburi ?

    So hard to find a house to rent at Chanthaburi ? Anyone can help ?
  8. Camping in Kaeng Krachan ?

    It's fantactic already, thanks you so much
  9. Camping in Kaeng Krachan ?

  10. Camping in Kaeng Krachan ?

    Thanks mate, very useful informations, so you advice me the east part of the dam, is it true that the park could be close during the rainy season ? If it rains we will go to to hotel, can you advice me a nice boathouse hotel or a resort by the lake ?
  11. Hi friends, Could you recommend me a nice camping to the Kaeng Krachan national park close to the lake ? We would like to rent a tent too... Thanks
  12. Private schools in Chanthaburi area ?

    Hi, i heard that Streemandapitak is good. It's a christian school....
  13. Best area to live in Chanthaburi ?

    I'm interested to know more about Chanthaburi too, what about the northern part of Chanthaburi, is there any nice place to stay please ?
  14. Hi, I haven't any driving license from my own country. Anyone get it in Laos ? What are the conditions and price please ? Thanks