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  1. Thanks Colin, did you try it ?
  2. Hi locals, I would like to grow some vegetables at home, anyone knows where can i buy any hydroponics mini kit ? Thanks
  3. THanks Mates !
  4. Hello, Do you know a nice place for families to fish in freshwater around Hua Hin please ? A fishing park may be ? Thanks
  5. Hi, I stay in Hua Hin, i need a taxi come at home to take me to the bus station in down town. Is there any phone number to call a taxi please ? Thank you so much
  6. well said, thanks for your advice mates !
  7. Hi, Could you tell me if it's possible to buy a land on my daughter name who has the thai nationlity ? She is 5 years old and we don't plan to sell this land in the future. Best regards
  8. Hi Friends, Could you advice a reliable place to do a coating for my new car Cx5 Mazda ? Price please ? Thanks
  9. Hi, Could you tell me where i can get a new car coated in Hua Hin ? Price please ? Thanks
  10. Finally, i have been to another Bankok Bank where the thai residence certificate wasn't required to open a new account. Thanks to everyone
  11. Police station can do it ? How much it cost ?
  12. Thanks JackThompson, yes it's the Bangkok Bank requires this document. I will try another one.
  13. Hi, i need a residence certificate to open a bank account, in Hua Hin immigration office they charge 500 THB. Is it the price ? Thanks
  14. Thanks but i haven't the time for this long trip :)
  15. Thanks Joe, for a new visa exempt entry where is it allowed so ?