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  1. Thanks mate, i should do it even is didn't paid any tax ?
  2. Thanks, the report should be done within 24hrs of the guest's arrival, but the tenant check in 2 months ago. Should i do it anyway ?
  3. Hi, I own a condo rented to a foreigner. Do you know if it's possible to report online the stay of the foreign tenant ? If not, what is the list of documents i have to provide to do it at the office directly ? Many thanks
  4. We are living in Hua Hin and we plan to move in april or may 2018 to Kanchanaburi and we want to rent a house for 1 year minimum. It must be furnished with 2-3 bedrooms.
  5. In case of i don't register the tenant. What is the penalty. Who have to pay it please ?
  6. Thanks Peter, so i provide to my tenant only the TM30 signed by myself and the copy of my the blue book, no need any passport copy ?
  7. Hi, I own a condo a Phuket rented to a non-thai national. I heard that i have to register the tenant at the immigration office. I live now in north of Thailand. Is the tenant can register himself at Phuket immigration office ? What kind of document i have to provide him please ? Thanks a bunch !
  8. Frenchman shoots himself dead in his wheelchair

    RIP frenchman
  9. Thanks mates, i contacted him yesterday, no answer yet
  10. Thanks, do you know where to buy it please ?
  11. Hi, I own a Mazda Cx5 white, i would like to protect the black exterior vinyl around the tyre and the plastic trim which turn to dark gray. Could you advice me a product i can buy and apply please ? Where to buy it ? Thanks
  12. Hi, i would like to fish at Phuket from the coast, it could from a pier, a beach... Could you advice me a reliable and good quality fishing reels and rods brand name but not so much pricey please ? Thanks