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  1. noopin2014

    Urology clinic in Phuket town only

    Yeah but in Thailand i already seen urology clinic, ENT clinic...
  2. Hi, i'm looking for a urology clinic (not hospital) in Phuket town. I need to do a ultrasound there too because i have a kidney stone. Thanks ?
  3. Hello, I grow green bean, cantaloupe, watermelon and cucumber. All the leafs are eating by a lot of orange bugs. Do you have any natural and easy solution to repel them ? Thanks
  4. noopin2014

    Urology clinic at korat ?

    Hi there, anyone could recommend me a urology clinic at Korat please ? Cheers
  5. Hi, i'm looking for a few live chicken breed (sussex, rhodes island red, phymouth, australorp...) I'm living at Chaiyaphum but i can go get them also at Korat or Khon Kaen. Do you any place ? Cheers
  6. noopin2014

    Fig tree for sale in Isan ?

    this one is at Chaiyaphum : https://aphitchayanat.wixsite.com/figspierrebaud/blank-5 On facebook around Korat : https://www.facebook.com/สวนมะเดื่อฝรั่ง-โนนแจง-โคราชบ้านเอ๋ง-1760186157328527/ https://www.facebook.com/Sixty-six-figs-farm-1102699516515291/ cheers
  7. noopin2014

    Fig tree for sale in Isan ?

    I found 2 places sold on Facebook many varieties (french and japanese) around Korat and Pak Chong if you are interested tell me but they are quite expensive.
  8. Hi there, I'm looking for fig trees to buy in Isan preferably around Chaiyaphum, Korat or Khon Kaen. Do you know any place please ? Cheers
  9. noopin2014

    vegatables to grow during this season ?

    Great job, thanks djayz !
  10. Hi, We have a 1 rai land in Korat. What kind of vegetables i can start to grow now with the beginning of the rainy season please ? Thanks
  11. Hi there, i would like to raise chicken for my consumption especially Rhode Island Reds, White Leghorn or Plymouth Rock. Anyone know where i can buy pure breed in Isaan. I live in Chaiyaphum but it could be around Khon Kaen or Korat. Thanks
  12. Hi, we need to buy lot of fruit tree for our land in chaiyaphum. Could you advice me a big market or festival in the region. It could in Korat or Khon Kaen too. Thanks