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  1. RoyDee

    Sinéad O'Connor converts to Islam

    Just enjoyed a few long island teas with her in Nana. She's leaning the Buddha way now. Gawd does she look rough !!
  2. Don't forget the chocolate brownie to keep them "relaxed".
  3. They have Art. 44. Re-education in lock down. Sorted !
  4. RoyDee

    Are thai doctors competent ?

    No. Switzerland is best. German doctors migrated there.
  5. RoyDee

    Are thai doctors competent ?

    Excellent reply to a Newbie.
  6. Good questions. Have just discussed this over beers with my elderly Thai mates at my Mom & Pop elite meeting place. They are a bit surprised and confused. In one way they respect the youth for their outrightness but abhor all the dirty slang, much of which they could't understand. I got the feeling that it's a worrying trend. They don't outrightly support the ncpo, but like the "peace and order" status quo.
  7. 555 ... "Happyand Rich" but still depends on social media on a Saturday night. Amusing.
  8. Thai Immigration are in committee about all that. Wait for an official announcement from them. Speculation by we expats is useless. Just enjoy your Saturday night !
  9. Accurate analysis. The dream is over for some. I have a bridge they can sleep under (not free).
  10. Please explain when you were screwed by Thai banks and how. I'm 18 years here and never experienced such (Bangkok Bank). Plus, their e-banking is very professional.
  11. I've just signed in support (although pension income doesn't apply to me personally). But that map link shows just a few scattered locations across UK and none in Central England. Would have thought London would have been represented, but nothing yet. This effort needs a lot more publicity somehow. Good luck.