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  1. Windows 10 updates

    Creator's update took 3 hours and has ironed out loads of problems on my ancient ACER laptop. Very happy so far.
  2. Sky New Live Stream YouTube Gone

    It's dumbed down media garbage. Unfortunately, It's still on my TOT iPTV box.
  3. 'to park easy and fast' is not why Thai drunkards drive them. Watch the vdo again ... "Oh my car very Expensive".
  4. Sky news blacked out

    Still no problem with TOT and my iPTV box. But Sky News is just gossip and vanilla (especially all the bitching on morning 'news'). I prefer English versions of DW (German) and, shock, (TV France) on the TOT box - like to see their alternative views on Brexit, plus they have some good documentaries on current affairs.
  5. In post #10 he said it's not possible for him to do this time (reason not given). Imho best option is to go with visa run van and let them take care of it all. Pity the OP isn't giving any feedback.
  6. Well, TIT and few, if any, procedures are set in stone. As I implied in post #16, the Thai IOs are well aware of the system and certainly do not take offence as it is a daily occurrence (I am referring to the Pong Nam Ron-Prum/Prom border which the OP asked about). I have used that border several times (last was a couple of weeks ago on 2 August when I drove there myself) and nothing has changed. As Steve mentioned in post #8, there is a big new Thai immigration building under construction there now; maybe things will change once it opens, who knows. To the OP: you say you are unwell - I assume you know Thai roads - need to be fully alert with 360 deg. awareness at all times. Maybe consider extending permission to stay at your local immig office or go with a visa run company instead?
  7. True. But you are sitting waiting in full view of the Thai immig folks, so the 'runners around' will have made an 'acceptable arrangement' with the Thai officials. You are effectively in no-man's-land without a passport - but only for a short while. That service is mostly used by the visa-run vans, but independent aliens can use it too.
  8. U-Tapao to Ban Phe

    I picked up a mate incoming from Udon a few days ago (used my car). There's a line of counters in arrivals for shuttle buses, vans and taxis - didn't check the prices though. You could have also considered Uber. My mate booked Uber (new car, smart polite driver, no bs) from Ban Chang to Pattaya. Not that many Uber cars in/around Ban Chang yet, but, checking car locations on their site map, he found one fairly easily.
  9. Bang Chang Night out .

    Camel had dynamic Sean with big visions to revitalise Camel a few months ago ... tried hard ... keen lad ...Heineken 99/pint happy hour, new menu, etc. Didn't last long ... back to 130/pint again today and the girls back looking Facebook. TIT
  10. Analysis of wind direction data over 8 years (June 2009 to July 2017) shows prevailing direction on the Rayong coastline is from SSW according to this link: https://www.windfinder.com/windstatistics/rayong
  11. Can't Get Torrents

    Re para 2 to WandaSloan: fully agree with Barry. Database was always a must-read for me - was always full of good advice and tips. Pity there is nothing that comes close to it any more.
  12. Getting a Thai Drivers License

    I'll be going to get my first 5-year licence before the end of this month and will post an up-to-date report on here soon after.
  13. Getting a Thai Drivers License

    I agree with most of Eff1n2ret's informative post. I live in Ban Chang, have a UK licence, a Non-O visa and obtained my first Thai licence (Temporary valid 2 years) almost 2 years ago at the Department of Land Transportation (DLT), Rayong. I'm almost certain you can only use the Land Transport Department office of the province noted in your certificate of residence. As you have a work permit, it might not be necessary to show a certificate of residence ( I assume that is recorded in the WP documents), but other TV members might turn up here to clarify. I arrived at the DLT alone at about 08:00 (far too late) - that open pavilion was already crowded with Thai applicants (officer told me they have 150-200 applicants per day, Rayong being the busiest province due to all the factories/industry here). Most of the applicants wanted motorbike licences but car drivers have to join the crowd as there's no separate service. I presented my UK licence, passport, medical certificate (about 100 Baht from any clinic), certificate of residence (which I was obliged to get from Brit Embassy, Bangkok because at that time Rayong Immigration [Maptaphut] office were not issuing res certs) - signed copies of all docs are required. They then kindly filled in the application form(s) for me (as noted above, all signs and forms are in Thai language only - no real surprise) and I completed the simple colour recognition and speed of reaction tests. That was all I had to do. Then upstairs to the licence issuing office, got licence and checked for any mistakes. Did not have to see a video or sit an exam or sit in a car. Best of luck. Dress smartly, be polite and just go with the flow.