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  1. You can invest in my Dive company & have an annual income, for life
  2. Miserable Studying Thai in Bangkok

    Call Arkom on 0926982639, he is Thai at KPLS in Phuket & speaks very good English & German having lived there for 20 years He does lessons by Skype to Switzerland so BKK should be no problem. Great teacher & never misses a class
  3. Self-checkout in TOPS

    I refuse to use them in Australia, because it's just getting you to help them, get rid of staff I don't care if it works properly or not I refuse to use them
  4. You will both need a Work Permit sooner or later. Iif you don't want trouble in any form, it's safest to be legal It's not difficult, it can be a little costly but not overly so
  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Died from the cold ? From Oslo Norway Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  6. GREAT another holiday to send business's to the wall !
  7. Rotator cuff tear surgery costs

    I just dislocated my right shoulder & had surgery which cost 450-500K in BKK Inter Hospital Would have been cheaper to go back to OZ & get it done, I think
  8. They need to allow foreign tour guides until they have enough trained Thais to handle those positions
  9. What happens to the Farang after he reports about a corrupt official ?
  10. Yes you should have started this a while ago, you have all your company docs to produce, your DBD cannot be older than 1 month & there is always another paper that they require
  11. I don't see any point, rumour has it that the Chinese owner opened a NEW company & bought ALL the boats, buses & anything else he wanted - BACK Same thing will happen here, he should NEVER be allowed to operate here again
  12. As an Owner of a Padi dive center & a boat owner in Phuket, I see a lot of new Instructors coming & going. There are a lot more great Instructors here than bad ones, they care about a customers knowledge base & go to extra lengths to make sure that they are competent before they get their certification. There are unfortunately accidents, but that happens all over the world & not only in diving, but also skydiving, sailing, football, snow skiing, etc etc. Here there are very few accidents in the teaching phase, compared to the huge no of certifications issued in Thailand. I am sorry to say there are more accidents involving speedboats than there are in the actual teaching of our customers & that is a huge concern to us.
  13. I signed up for platinum before Xmas & now they take all the channels away & give you bloody repeats, repeats, REPEATS Typical of these companies