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  1. They need to allow foreign tour guides until they have enough trained Thais to handle those positions
  2. What happens to the Farang after he reports about a corrupt official ?
  3. Yes you should have started this a while ago, you have all your company docs to produce, your DBD cannot be older than 1 month & there is always another paper that they require
  4. I don't see any point, rumour has it that the Chinese owner opened a NEW company & bought ALL the boats, buses & anything else he wanted - BACK Same thing will happen here, he should NEVER be allowed to operate here again
  5. As an Owner of a Padi dive center & a boat owner in Phuket, I see a lot of new Instructors coming & going. There are a lot more great Instructors here than bad ones, they care about a customers knowledge base & go to extra lengths to make sure that they are competent before they get their certification. There are unfortunately accidents, but that happens all over the world & not only in diving, but also skydiving, sailing, football, snow skiing, etc etc. Here there are very few accidents in the teaching phase, compared to the huge no of certifications issued in Thailand. I am sorry to say there are more accidents involving speedboats than there are in the actual teaching of our customers & that is a huge concern to us.
  6. I signed up for platinum before Xmas & now they take all the channels away & give you bloody repeats, repeats, REPEATS Typical of these companies
  7. These guys go WAY TOO FAST !!! I won't use them They are dangerous
  8. This is 2 x 5 year visas not a 10 year visa & what about those of us with a Work Permit ?
  9. For a start it's only 22 wheels (Not 24) & Harada is correct. These guys have not been taught properly, as a retired professional driver in OZ if you are coming to a hill go to the lowest gear you can & leave it there, these guys cannot read the terrain or traffic & as a consequence don't do anything till it's too damm late & this happens
  10. That is definitely the through way at the Aussie bar, I would say the bouncers are NOT from the aussie bar as I know the owner & he would NOT tolerate that kind of violence at his establishment. The bouncers would be from the WHITE ROOM at the rear. That kind of violence deserves the sacking of the security team
  11. As an owner of a diving company, all of us in this community hope that she has a speedy recovery Accidents happen in all walks of life, I don't know the full story other than what I read here. It looks as though she may have been run over by a speed boat, if the captain of that boat did indeed do a runner We take certified divers in pairs accompanied by a qualified Dive master to dive and novice divers with a fully qualified Instructor. all the time when we surface we use marker bouys inflated and released upwards from the bottom and do not surface straight away we do what is known as a decompression stop, even with novices, to teach them the correct safety procedures. Obviously in this situation something has gone wrong Don't be so quick to make STUPID assertions without knowing the circumstances
  12. It is a very sad day when one of our own loses a boat My thoughts go to the owner David and his staff at Andaman Ocean Safari Ric Similan Queen Diving