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  1. Manchester City

    Is there a point you want to make Ronnie? Or are we going to start posting links to stories of all ex players of every team? He doesn't play for City anymore, we sold the arrogant git, so doesn't warrant a mention on here really
  2. Manchester City

    I didn't often venture outside Manchester except for Derby days at O/T
  3. Chelsea Fc Thread

    I thought but could be wrong, surnames ending in ski (as in the nic Chelski) originated in Poland
  4. Manchester City

    Don't remember the Colin's restaurant but Rio Ferdinand also has (or had) one called Rosso on King St I think it was. Probably many more have investments in some as well. I think Simply Red/Mick Hucknell had/has one but can't remember if a United player invested with him Money earns naff all in the bank, so I think it's fine to invest in something out of your normal core competence, as long as you can trust your partners/employees and be confident they know what they're doing
  5. Manchester City

    New to me that one champers. Didn't know he had one
  6. Liverpool F.c.

    Liverpool 2 - 0 Utd
  7. Manchester City

    I love typical Spanish but not sure of the difference between Spanish and Catalan food. Apparently it is different but don't know by how much
  8. Manchester City

    Changing the subject. Looks like City are taking on United in the restaurant league now. Pep, Txiki and Soriano are all investing in a new Catalan Restaurant called Tast Cuina Catalana on King St, run by Michelin Chef Paco Perez. However, it is going to be aimed at affordable prices This restaurant will be competition to the Spanish Tapas restaurant called Tapeo and Wine which is backed by Juan Mata's father.
  9. Manchester City

    No people with 6 fingers in Rochdale Ronnie
  10. Manchester City

    Steady on putting the blame on City fans. It was the Wigan lot who invaded the pitch and then started goading our fans and attacking our player.
  11. Manchester City

    Nothing wrong with this eh!!
  12. Manchester City

    There were several fans surrounding Aguero and he didn't react till that lad approach him, so he must have done something. Ridiculous behaviour and marred Wigan's win
  13. Manchester City

    I had a dream that we could have discussion's on here without resorting to name calling (different to banter). Alas, I don't think it will ever become a reality.
  14. Manchester City

    Yes......in your dreams matey
  15. Manchester City

    And yet Aguero got studs in the leg/thigh earlier on and their player got away with it. Delph's tackle was a daft one and can't really complain with getting a red for that, although the yellow coming out first caused controversy. Even at 10 men we had plenty of chances to go in front, so can't complain at Wigan making the most of one of their scarce chances. Walker fluffed it but still, a decent goalie would have saved that shot. Really hope Pep puts out his best team on Sunday and plays Ederson but I've got a horrible feeling he'll stick with Bravo. If he does he should let the City fans know early so they can cancel their travel arrangements