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  1. mrbojangles

    World Cup predictions.

    Oh and earlier, ex city "shoot at anything" Kolorov scored a superb free kick
  2. mrbojangles

    World Cup predictions.

    And then ex Liverpool maestro Coutinho scores a scorcher. It set off about 3 foot ouside the post and curled back in
  3. mrbojangles

    World Cup predictions.

    Well that was a surprise. Teach em not to take Sane or play Gundogan
  4. mrbojangles

    VAR catastrophe

    "Nonsense" is in your opinion but not in mine. Funny how you say "dump it" and then go on to say "either use it in very penalty or drop it". Bit of a mixed view there. You also have to remember, VAR was never intended to totally take over from the ref, it's just to "assist". And the "it slows down play" bit is getting a bit old now. It's improving all the time and the stoppages were hardly noticed
  5. mrbojangles

    VAR catastrophe

    You're off your rocker Ronnie. The decision's that have been reviewed thus far, have been correct and just as important, they have been quick. Hardly noticed a delay and it is improving all the time. Don't know why the incident Jelly mentioned wasn't reviewed but I can't see why VAR is blamed when it didn't even go to VAR. Oh wait a minute, you must be blaming the ref's decision, which is what VAR is trying to help out with. The anti VAR brigade will criticize every incident against VAR and then moan when a ref get's it wrong. Look how much goal line tech is totally accepted now, nobody argues if the ball was over or not as it showed with Pogba. Full VAR is Work-in-progress guys, work-in-progress.
  6. mrbojangles

    Manchester City

    I love how on this forum, when you state a fact it's regarded as getting excuses in. It's not only City, several teams will have players coming back late for pre-season training and some of those players may not be 100% for the start of the season. The other clubs should try and take full advantage of that.
  7. mrbojangles

    Manchester City

    Thank you. You don't know how much that means to me
  8. mrbojangles

    Manchester City

    Don't forget that 16 players from our squad will be missing from pre-season (or the majority of pre-season)
  9. mrbojangles

    Footy on the Telly

    Cheers bud
  10. mrbojangles

    Manchester City

    Could have wished for an easier game than Arsenal away for the first game
  11. mrbojangles

    World Cup predictions.

    On another note. I arranged a sweep with work mates last night but wanted to give it a twist and make it interesting for those who pick out rubbish teams. So I made the prize breakdown for the team to get the first red card, first team to miss a penalty and the first team to officially be named as unable to qualify. Then the world cup winner, runners up and the third place play off winner. I got England (so a chance for the missed penalty!!) and Spain. The Mrs got Brazil
  12. mrbojangles

    World Cup predictions.

    You make a good point. Totally passed us by this time as normally it's a right ol merry go round concerning the WAGS. Might do a search to see if there are any lookers
  13. mrbojangles

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    Just looked on wiki and it says:-
  14. Hang on. In the article it first said “Rubiales on Wednesday announced that he had sacked Julen Lopetegui” and then it said “His resignation”. so which is it, resigned or sacked?
  15. mrbojangles

    THE England thread

    Oldie but a goldie stevie