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  1. Tottenham Thread

    Yeah and Bayern will also be in that second place mix as well.
  2. Manchester City

    Wasn't the best we have seen of City this season but with 7 changes from the weekend game against Leicester and from the "regular" starting 11, I suppose that is to be expected. Pep wanted to put out a team to win the game but to also rest some of the regulars. Job done in that respect. Really nice to see 2 teenagers getting their Champions League debuts, Foden and Diaz. Foden is a huge City fan which is also great to see. It's also nice to see another clean sheet, even without Kompany, Stones and Mendy If we beat Shakhtar, I think that will be the first time an English team has got maximum points in the group stage. However, Shakhtar need at least a point from that game to progress themselves, so it'll be a tough one. 17 wins on the bounce now
  3. Liverpool F.c.

    No need for the name calling ES. I don't recall ever calling you names. I wasn't "sniping" I was responding to Bob's post, which is what you do on a forum. We are all allowed our opinion and after Sanemax said Hazard was better than KdB, I responded (very politely) as to why because I would rather have KdB. Simples. I may go and respond on the Chelsea thread but think it will be fruitless as you Chelsea supporters have decided Chelsea's strategy was right. There seems to be little point in attempting to debate the subject. It seems Liverpool are very happy with Salah and Man City are ecstatic with KdB, so thanks for offloading Chelsea
  4. Liverpool F.c.

    Yeah, I'm not getting that. Every team/manager has made an error of judgement in the past and sold a player(s) they later regretted and yet the Chelsea guys are convincing themselves that they were and still are, the right decisions. Confused as to the logic
  5. Chelsea Fc Thread

    You said comparing players is absolute insane and then.......you went on to compare them
  6. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Football is about opinions and you are entitled to yours but what do you think Hazard excels at better than KdB? Hazard is a great player but my opinion is that I'd have KdB over Hazard
  7. Tottenham Thread

    Mr Pickering is carrying some extra timber though
  8. Tottenham Thread

    Let's not let the banter go too far eh lads
  9. Manchester City

    Might have
  10. Phil Neville is driving me nuts

    It all sounds the same to people from the outside area. Uneducated lot
  11. Manchester City

    Just watched Leeds V Boro. About 7 minutes stoppage over an incident in the box. Players complaining and ref consulting with the linesman. Result:- Penalty to Boro. 7 minutes stoppage and the wrong decision reached. VAR would have got the right decision, in a fraction of the time.
  12. Manchester City

    If the ref believed he was the last man and Vardy had a clear goal scoring opportunity, Vinny would have got a red. A different ref, on a different day, at a different time in the match may have given a red. This ref didn't and so the game was played 11 V 11 and we won quite convincingly. I doubt even Leicester fans are blaming Vinny not being given a red for their defeat.
  13. Manchester City

    That's just the Italians for you jelly. They like to take a break whenever possible. Think it's called a riposo or pisolino. Surprised they don't break out the Olives during any stoppages
  14. Manchester United

    Pep is also moaning about the useage of John Stones. Stones was one of only 3 players to have played the full 90 minutes in both friendlies and Pep reckons that played a part in his injury yesterday.
  15. Manchester City

    Seems to working well in the Bundesliga this season jelly. Few hiccups initially, as to be expected but looking positive with minimal stoppage time.