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  1. Manchester City

    Some good points there Champers. Never thought of reducing the subs bench before.
  2. Manchester City

    A upon busters could be there I reckon. Liverpool and Everton aren't nailed on IMO
  3. Manchester City

    Good article that. Cheers Jelly.
  4. Premier Prediction Comp

  5. Manchester City

    No underkerstand
  6. England women's team boss sacked

    I reckon he's been stitched up Ronnie. All because he didn't pick that woman from Chelsea. Blokes are better off staying out of womens football. Leave em to it
  7. Manchester City

    Did the job last night with a totally different team and some rusty players. We totally dominated the first half but let them get back into it, don't think Pep was happy they let up on the pressure. WBA could have equalised again and even got in front, that's probably why he didn't play any of the youngsters. Shame that. The first goal was amazing team play. West Brom couldn't get the ball off us and we ended up having it for over 2 minutes, stringing together about 52 passes before Sane put it in the net.
  8. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Couldn't agree more
  9. Chelsea Fc Thread

    I'm also hoping he'll give him a run out. Very bright prospect that lad
  10. Manchester City

    Tom Cleverley who played 64 minutes for Watford commenting on the match on Saturday. http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/sport/watfordfc/watfordfcnews/15540072.Cleverley__City_performance_one_of_the_best_I_ve_seen/
  11. Manchester City

    No, no, no, please don't. I know the point you are making Ronnie, I am just trying to explain that at the moment it doesn't look as if our defence is as dodgey as you would like to believe
  12. Manchester City

    Vinny has been out for 3 games now and we haven't let a goal in yet. Oh and scored 15 whilst he's been out
  13. Liverpool F.c.

    I posted this back in May. I honestly reckon you could do with a finisher like him at the moment
  14. Manchester City

    I'm a realist Rc so not bursting any bubbles here bud. Of course there is a long way to go but I'm really happy with the way we are playing and the depth of our squad.
  15. Manchester City

    Might be wrong but he's only 2 or 3 off breaking City's all time best. What really annoys me is that he doesn't get the credit he truly deserves. I know it's early but if Silva, KdB and Aguero get overlooked this season I'd be amazed