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  1. Labour needs to put some political space between them and Corbyn, Abbott and McDonnal.
  2. "It’s time for feminists (male or female) to bring some clarity to the debate about the burqa. The discussion at the moment is dominated by two arguments that defend the burqa from criticism, both coming mainly from female Muslim academics who work and publish from comfortable posts in prominent universities in the United States or Europe, who do not live under the constraints of Sharia law." https://newhumanist.org.uk/articles/4199/why-feminists-should-oppose-the-burqa
  3. And what is innacurate of someone saying we are leaving, when we are indeed leaving, are you a controverversialist that likes to disagree when someone is right.
  4. Why bring the Welsh into this, they voted out too, did you write this post when you came in from the pub.
  5. vogie

    3BB VDSL to Fibre - Worth It?

    We went 3BB fibre last week, I haven't noticed a lot/if any difference on my IPTV, but on Kodi I can get movies in better quality. We were on 3BB 50/?, for 700 + tax = 790baht, now with fibre 100/30 it is still the same price plus they gave us a 1000baht back on our old router, a no brainer really.
  6. I am not going to get into a bickering debate over pedantics with you, which all your arguments seem to take. We are leaving, trust me, you won't be staying.
  7. He is quite correct, 'we' did vote out, that is why we are leaving. The people that did not vote out will be leaving too.
  8. vogie


    Yes all android have a MAC address, mine is in Settings.......General.......About Device..........Status Set top box MAC address will be in the box setting but a different number.
  9. vogie

    Don't drink and drive

    Don't you think by saying "It would appear to me that everyone driving here is drunk. They don't know how to drive...period." is a very sweeping statement. A lot of people might think you are ignorant and arrogant. But not me though.
  10. vogie

    Don't drink and drive

    Most of the Thais I know don't drink alcohol, them that do will not if they are driving. You are moving in the wrong circles.
  11. vogie

    Another new tax on wine?

    This article posted in 2014 from the "Big Chill" does answer some of the questions. "According to several importers, fruit wine sold in Thailand is a mixture of grape juice comprising one or more varietals, and juice that’s made from a fruit (often mulberry). There is confusion, however, about the ratio of this mix. Some say it can be as much as 95% grape juice, while others say it is supposed to contain no less than 80% pure grape juice, the rest being fruit concentrate." http://www.thebigchilli.com/news/fruit-wine-is-it-for-real
  12. Reading posts like that makes me proud to be a leaver.
  13. I am sorry 7 by 7 but there are certain members on here who are so entrenched in islam no matter what one says it gets turned around and that member either gets accused of being racist, an islamophobe or preaching hatred. For that reason I try to stay clear of these people, it never ends well. The islamophiles if I may use that expression without being cursed will not listen to anything that anyone with a different opinion to themselves puts forward. There is one islamophile who actually keeps a record of the likes other people impliment againgst his views, and refers to them as "the usual clique" I have read many posts on this subject and even the most experienced/skilled posters get nowhere with the debate, so I will not put myself in a position where I will be reported for incorrectly putting a 'full stop in the wrong place' I think the last time we chose to engage in dialogue we both ended up on holiday. So with all the respect in the world I will not be talking to posters who I consider a risk factor. Regards