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  1. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Never give up grouse, it'll mean we were right all along.
  2. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Are you blaming the lack of apprenticeships on brexit too, I seem to recall we had plenty before we joined the EU/common market?
  3. There is the problem, if you put the patches over your mouth they work. 😊
  4. I agree, but after getting bad news from the doctor, it's usually too late.
  5. Sounds more like a wrexateer expression.
  6. We're obviously singing from different songsheets here. I stick by what I have said, it is very unusual to give money to someone without knowing what you will get in return. You say we can walk away from brexit at any time, I could just as easily say we can walk away from the EU at any time and pay nothing, do you honestly think the EU has nothing to lose by pushing us into that scenario? And I've heard the one about "all brexiteers I meet say it's a disaster" well that is funny because all the people I meet say the contrary. We are never going to agree on this, but I respect your opinion but to carry this on any further purely futile.
  7. I certainly was not accusing the EU of blackmail, I was giving you another interpretation of your "quid pro quo" nothing more nothing less. If you wish to alter my post 'ita sit' If it is your intentention to misquote me 'vale amici mei'
  8. Scrapping brexit is a none starter and saying it is unworkable is your interpretation, not the majority.
  9. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    The general concensus on the news today is that if mutti went for another election, she would likely do even worse.
  10. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Just a shame nobody wants to co-lit with mutti.
  11. We could play with semantics all night, whether rudi is wrong or right is totally immaterial, the post is about the payment for the EU divorce bill. Giving the EU lets say £40 billion without knowing what we will get in return is either blackmail or sheer stupidity. But I suppose it all depends which side of the fence you are sitting, maybe our european cousins are feeling a little peeved at the UK leaving and want to hurt the UK, but any Brit should want what is best for the country, unless they are a wrexateer.
  12. This is getting hard work, you were the one that stated "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." Check your post 15.
  13. You are wrong, if you wish to ignore the alternative meanings because it doesn't suit you that's fine. But I find it very amusing that you seem to think that the EU is scratching the UKs back, I find the opposite!
  14. Quid pro quo can refer to an illegal transaction such as blackmail.
  15. Quid pro quo can mean blackmail, is that what you are referring to?