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  1. Yes, I tried to register tonight, and basically what you said. 😔
  2. Yeah, I think it is a great set up, and now he has put Sky sports 1& 2 on catch up, if he puts Sky sports 3 & 4, which he said he will, it will be ideal for me.
  3. No it's a question mark, first time you've seen one?
  4. I served with them in Bahrain in 1970, they certainly march very fast.
  5. I have got Chris to add Sky sport 1 and 2 to catchup, he said it will take 7 days to receive the full 7 days catchup. He said he will add some more next week.
  6. He said he would keep nuclear weapons but he would never use them, what sort of deterrent is that? Nice to see he is keeping John McDonald and the lovely Diane Abbott under wraps, they are a bigger embarressment than he is. Labour Party RIP.
  7. Yes, got it all sussed now, chris sent me a directive how to operate, I think most channels have catch up, but he says if there are any channels you want adding he will do it for us. It seems you have mastered the catch up too, if you're not too sure can send you the instructions he sent me?
  8. Yes been playing with it and getting more familiar with it, got the programs to work now, have you managed to find the 7 day catchup menu? On first impressions it looks a good set up.
  9. Yes I have done all that and have successfully achieved the EPG, but I can't get any programs to work, I have just emailed Chris to see if he has any ideas.
  10. Good to hear that. What have you got it installed on, Kodi or Android. I have to set my free trial up today. He said the app will change my Android box into a Mag box?
  11. Which party would he join, seeing most of the country hates him, where do you think he would fit in. Is there a party called Ulie or maybe Ufib?
  12. And we believe what Tone says don't we, he is a bigger liar than Tom Pepper!
  13. Swan flour in the green bag.
  14. I think Sir Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris would certainly agree with you, and many more. The BBC knew their antics and just turned a blind eye. Whatever credibility the beeb had it certainly doesn't have that now.