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  1. Like it or not we are the second largest contributors, no ifs or buts. Poland has a population of nearly 40 million people, but doesn't pay a penny, infact receives about 5 billion a year from the EU, so how does population come into it. It has to be about how much a nation pays. "According to an internal Finance Ministry report in September, Germany may have to contribute an extra 4.5 billion euros in 2019 and 2020, after Britain leaves." I'm not sure how much extra France will have pay to make up the deficit when the UK leaves, but there are some 'states' that have said they will not pay anymore after brexit, so figures could be even higher. Interesting times ahead.
  2. Maybe if they measured it by the amount of wooden clogs people own, the Dutch would come out top?
  3. Which ever way you look at it the UK is the second highest contributor, unless it doesn't suit your agenda of course.
  4. In another 617 days and 13 hours they will be a even bigger contributor.
  5. Ooh I say.
  6. Maybe your country will not give you a choice whether to stay or remain within the EU. The British Goverment gave the electorate of the UK that choice and they chose to leave, you will get over it I'm sure.
  7. Yes we will be eternally grateful for the help of the Americans, and everybody else for that matter. But lets not lose sight of the fact that it was a world war, a lot of countrys were fighting for their own existance. Hitler had declared war on the USA in 1941, so as well as helping Europe they were securing their own future too, lets not forget this.
  8. Yorkshire sends its finest negotiators to confront Michel Barmy Eh.
  9. In all fairness, he did have his 4 way flashers going to warn other drivers he was driving like an idiot, so not his fault?
  10. A Labour MP talking sense.
  11. Just for clarity, are you blaming this on brexit, the pension bit, not gerbil?
  12. You have never been to York, you have never been to the Lake District, I am betting you have not seen much of your country of birth, yet you have the gall to call the country that gave you a start in life "a grotty hole" it says so much about you, you don't sound totally thick, so your 'country' must have gave you a good education for you to have acheived so much in life. You should be ashamed of yourself and the people that gave you 'likes' should be ashamed too. The UK is better off without people like you!
  13. Shipping from abroad is normally quite quick, my order should arrive between the 28th July to the 1st of Aug, 10 days is not too bad. But these are only estimates, I have had goods ordered from abroad arrive earlier than projected dates.
  14. These are for sale on Lazada, 130 baht for 4. Have just ordered a set.