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  1. That's probably something to do with ethnic white Londoners are in the minority. Fewer than half the people of London are white British, the 2011 census shows. Latest figures show 45% of Londoners describe themselves as "white British" - a drop from the 58% in 2001.
  2. Talk about a verbose reply, have you run out of words. I have explained I don't like Islam, it's that simple, one should not label other members, you are setting a very dangerous precidence and indeed not on topic.
  3. You have hit the nail on the head, white Londoners are now a minority. Statistics from last year’s census show that 45 per cent of the capital’s 8.2 million population class themselves as white Britons. That compares with a figure of 58 per cent when the last census was compiled in 2001.
  4. Try using your head for once in a while, religeon is not a race, I don't have to google everything I write. I am married to an Asian, hope this helps.
  5. Confusing race and religeon must be very difficult for you, but I suppose it justifies using the race card to help you win an argument.
  6. You obviously don't know what you are talking about, I am not bothered about Indonesia or Malaysia, I am bothered about our men, women and especially our children that are getting murdered in England in the name of Islam, it is an evil religion. You are another person who can't distinguish between race and religion, I cannot, repeat cannot be a racist for not liking Islam, call me an Islamaphobe if you want, but don't you dare call me a racist!
  7. To be honest I don't give a rats tail about what ISIS thinks, the sooner they are dispatched the better.
  8. What do you suggest we do, hold hands and dance around in a circle with daisys in our hair singing 'We Shall Overcome?'
  9. Top and bottom of it is that islam does not belong in our society, muslims do not want to integrate with the west, they bring their backward culture into the west and do not accept our values or culture. They want us to change for them, at the moment I have never seen England so volatile, it's like a tinderbox, maybe this is the start of something alien to us in the UK, like a fight back, who knows. But you can't keep blowing us up, knifing and running us down without someone blowing a gasket (btw I don't condone his actions,) everybody reacts differently to these attrocities. Have you got many Muslim friends?
  10. I am sorry but I am not prepared to except what happened centuries ago for the murder of our children.
  11. I listened to a Mike Hardin interview on Radio Tees on youtube, he said the same, apparently he was a devout catholic. But that all said I've never ever seen such a brilliant raconteur and musician. He had me in stitches and he always came across as a 'simple simon' but he was extremely intelligent and a kind man, spoke to him a few times.
  12. Well that has cleared everything up, might as well close the thread now, btw the last time I looked, Calais is still there.
  13. There are many papers quoting it, in a nutshell McDonald is an idiot. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/817529/Labour-million-march-street-Jeremy-Corbyn-election-result-John-McDonnell
  14. Thats what Trots do, McDonalds ideology is as twisted as a pigs tail.
  15. Whilst the remainers like to go for the scaremongering approach, I tend to stick with reality. Most EU members would like the UK to remain a member, but for people like you it would spoil your heavy handed posts to admit it.