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  1. Swan flour in the green bag.
  2. I think Sir Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris would certainly agree with you, and many more. The BBC knew their antics and just turned a blind eye. Whatever credibility the beeb had it certainly doesn't have that now.
  3. I believe you mean Trevor McDonald?
  4. Tell us where you are from and I sure we can think of something to slate you with?
  5. Has anyone heard of this lot, they are saying they have cut subs from 10,000 a year to 4,100 with 7 day catch up?* IPTVUK.CLUB Subscription Prices SLASHED Our Annual subscription was reduced from 10,000 Thai Baht (€275). We then reduced it to 7,000 Baht (€193) BUT Now we have SLASHED our subscription to only 4,100 Baht (€115) per year!!! Now with more than 3,000 TV Stations and over 1,000 Movies on Demand. Complete with 7 Day Catch-Up TV and Series Box Sets. For more info email chris@iptvuk.club or go to our website and subscribe http://iptvuk.club
  6. There is not a law, he was voted in by the Labour Party members (you know, the ones with green hair and rings through their noses) and the unions. Basically the asylum is being run by the lunatics. All his cabinet, well nearly all resigned through lack of confidence of him, leaving only the likes of the lovely Diane Abbott and John O Donnell. Labour is finished as a Socialist party, the only reason Labour won last time because of Tony Blairs right wing policies.
  7. It was a simple vote, stay or go, there were no clauses on the paper. You are only uptight about it because I guess you wanted to remain, if the referendum had gone the other way I doubt you would be spouting about having another vote. And as for the 'ramifications' it may be many years before it is known.
  8. Any action will have ramifications, thats how it works. I can only reiterate that the question was stay or go, we chose to leave, so lets get on with it. Nobody will know the "ramifications" for 2 years to come or even years after that. Do you know the ramifications of leaving the EU yet, of course you don't, nobody does. Lets just be grateful we have a strong leader in Mrs May.
  9. Yeah, not sure whats worst, Thai pitbulls, songkran or Hit Me Baby one more Time.
  10. The British people were not misled, they were asked a very simple question, do you wish to remain within the EU or leave. There was nothing complicated about the question, the majority voted to leave. The only people that are complaining are the people who wished to remain. We all need to get behind Mrs May and give her the full support she truly deserves, instead of all this back stabbing.
  11. Look I have tried to explain to you, you obviously haven't got the nous to take it in, you don't believe me. Sorry I tried to help.
  12. That is your perogative, I think the idea of using redex to new engine is probably ok, but using on a used engine it will de-carbonise it and it will sound like a bag of knackers. But what do I know, I have served my time as a motor mechanic with city and guilds, but I will bow to your superior knowledge.
  13. It is an 'upper cylinder lubricant' it is added at time of filling up with fuel, a squirt at a time in the petrol. Some people say ok, some not, I like to err on the latter.
  14. Do not use redex, it once ruined an engine of mine in the UK.