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  1. I refer the honourable gentleman to my tin of beans post.
  2. They would still be voting for JC, the UK is still very orientated by the leaders charisma, but having said that, the young appear to find him very charismatic, they believe everything he says, troubling times.
  3. I have no problem with Labour, Labour have some fine MPs, I would struggle to find any in JCs cabinet at the moment. Don't forget when JC was voted in to the leaders job, nobody but nobody wanted to work with him, only misfits Dianne Abbott and John Mcdonnall. Do not forget JC has been saying for all his political career how much he hates the EU, now all of a sudden he's a born again europhile, "all brexit options are on the table" I just wonder sometimes if he is being worked from behind by Kier Starmer.
  4. Yes, May to blame again, to say she messed up the General Election would be an understatement. JC and the rest of the Marxist movement should be history. When she needed the support of the country she decided to up taxes, mess about with the pensions whilst J Corbyn was offering free everything (Corbynomics). She listened to her advisors, who was promptly sacked after the election, she has been the worst PM in history (probably), she has lied and not fulfilled her promises. Now she won't listen to anybody, I just hope for the countrys sake she is replaced very soon, but in the back of my mind, I fear she will linger on.
  5. Many would question the attraction of JC, DA and of course JM.
  6. Have you seen the opposition, however bad May is the country still has more faith in her than JC.
  7. I still think there might be a sting in the tail yet aright.
  8. Hiya RR, where ya bin. Yes been down that road in the past, its been explained about JRM if people choose not to believe it, up to them.
  9. I think the remainers and their friends are getting very desperate when they have to make things up.
  10. I think this says it better than anyone, the genius of Bob Newhart.
  11. A man with class, who says it better than anyone else.
  12. I think you are better quoting Piers Morgan than the 'I'll stab you in back' Ken Clarke.
  13. Trust me, he lost all credibility after he shared a stage with Ken Livingstone.
  14. Whips have been summoned to return, there's rumours of a no confidence vote in PM May.