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  1. I think the buffoons were the people that believed him, the brexiters had the nous not to believe Osborne!
  2. Yes tried again yesterday, got the same reply, the only thing that has changed since my last on-line reply is a change of address. It's no big deal going down to the immigration office, but the on-line service is so much easier.
  3. Slow or no loading on Thai Visa

    Last two days have been very slow.
  4. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Like poop shelf toilets?
  5. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Berlin Wanderers?
  6. Just filled my on-line report out, it comes back saying "for further information regarding the 90 day report service contact immigration branch office in your residence area." My report is on the 2nd of Oct.
  7. You are fortunate not to have joined the club, but living under the Swiss flag must be a big plus.
  8. Was your boss a green grocer, were you in the banana or the cucumber dept?
  9. The irony of it is you can call swede a turnip if put in a Cornish Pasty, but if you put real turnip in a Cornish pasty you would be breaking EU regs. Is it me?
  10. Sorry to dissapoint you SW, but one of your colleagues asked for examples of stupid EU regs/directives, I simply provided a few of the many inane laws. Even you must admit the stupidity of laws?
  11. Are you making this up as you go along, the EU also stated that a swede may be called a turnip as long as it's in a Cornish pasty. Can you catagorically say, with your hand on your heart that these rules/directives are so trite they are totally unbelievable, only a numpty would think otherwise.
  12. I can't remember the British being too bothered about bendy bananas and curved cucumbers before we joined the common market, infact we always thought that these fruits were of a curved structure anyway. The EU ruling on cucumbers states that they "Under the present regulations, Class 1 cucumbers must be "practically straight" and be bent by a gradient of no more than 1/10." Now correct me if I'm wrong but don't you think that this is a tad over the top? And as to the EU rulings, we will fight them on the peaches!
  13. Neigh, there is nothing wrong with horse meat, but the point is, is pet horse meat tainted or something by giving it too many sugar lumps, compared to the other type of horses.
  14. What's your take on misshaped bananas, are they more likely to get caught in the osaphagus on the way down? Are straight bananas a less of an health and safety risk?