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  1. He writing a sequel book about his time in a UK prison called 'A Life of Reilly.'
  2. She's freezing under the duvet in bed whilst you are sweating like a prized porker on top of the bed.
  3. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Hi, I'm new to Ali Express, but a quick check shows that most of their goods come from China, I know the price is shown in dollars but when you order an item it is in baht. Maybe someone more knowledgable experience can concur. I have ordered about 6 items and have confirmation that the items have been shipped. There is a TV topic already running on AliExpress.
  4. Chato's Land with Charles Bronson at his best, great old western.
  5. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Bill, I have just recently discovered Ali Express, I have just searched for sausage string and they sell it at 27 baht, it won't let me provide a link unfortunately. Many other items to do with sausages, might be worth a look.
  6. Most taxi drivers couldn't give a toss, at least he did!
  7. Tony maybe be clever but Joe Public can see through him, here is a graph of his support.
  8. Yes you're quite correct, the EU doesn't have to fire a shot to take other countrys over, very clever.
  9. "If the Brexit vote wins again, there is no longer doubt and Brexit can go ahead in full speed." The only doubters are the remainers, why should we cater for a minority. If the UK decided to have another referendum (opinion poll for remainers) and one of the choices was 'walk away and pay nothing' if that choice was chosen by the British people, I think a lot of the remaining EU countrys would have to have their contributions increased dramatically. So maybe it might not be in your interests for the UK to go down the another referendum route. Sounds fair?
  10. Out of interest, would it be possible to apply for a new passport via post to our country of origin (UK)?
  11. stop feeding street dogs

    Your posts on this topic have really become meaningless, how is it possible to have a rational debate with someone that prefers dogs over children.
  12. stop feeding street dogs

    Why was it planned, I don't think the little girl was acting.
  13. stop feeding street dogs

    I give most of your posts the contempt they deserve.
  14. stop feeding street dogs

    Do these dogs just attack children. Don't you honestly think that it's the dogs that need supervision. Don't you think people whether a child or an adult should be able to go about their business without worrying about these creatures. Dogs in packs revert to their natural instincs. BTW these are rhetorical questions, I really don't want to listen to excuses.