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  1. vogie

    Error 520

    Not often, but being a mechanic I would fix myself, if it kept breaking down I would get another car, can you see where I'm going with this?
  2. vogie

    Error 520

    I do not read ads also, I can't imagine many that do, nor will I be jumping off any balconys, the point is if someone has a website it should be fully functual for all and sundry, this will keep the sponsors and the members happy.
  3. vogie

    Error 520

    But without us there wouldn't be any sponsors, who would sponsor a site that no-one reads (rhetorical).
  4. vogie

    Error 520

    It appears to be working quite normal now, apart from when I click on my notifications the fridge door opens and plays the 'Star Spangled Banner.'
  5. vogie

    Error 520

    In all fairness it has not affected my enjoyment of all the adverts.
  6. Do you think the Scots should be consulted on this?
  7. What are recent events, the last general election where one third of the SNP lost their seats, including many big guns. The Scots are not going anywhere, they have more sense.
  8. There is just one flaw in your post, the Scots don't want to leave the Union.
  9. Brexit for the many, not just the few.
  10. Bahtsold usually has some secondhand ones for sale.
  11. vogie

    Error 520

    I keep getting the error 520 page all morning, infact I had to reload TV to access this topic.
  12. It's not often you are wrong, but you are wrong again. Most Brits that emigrate do so to find employment, only 20% of those that leave do so to retire.