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  1. Unless you are going for high-end luxury homes, found that you can do better for yourself. When dealing directly with the owner you can get some real savings for longer term. IMHO
  2. Agree with khunPer, stop by their office next to Bangkok Hospital they are helpful. In addition to methods to provide residency on Samui, a friend was able to get the card by showing their home lease that was over a year old. Good luck
  3. All great responses so far, but look at Choeng Mon. Has all that you are looking for
  4. IKEA Samuii

    I looked into this. They can ship to Phuket for free, and you can arrange your own shipping to pick up and deliver to KP. I was going to do that with a 89K bt order but found better source in Surat.
  5. Motorbike hire at Airport

    Actually there are a couple of motorbike rental shops close by arrivals here at the Samui airport. There are no rental shops at the airport itself but can walk to shops in less than 10 minutes with one just 5 minutes or less. The closest one is out through arrivals to the corner with a Family Mart on the left and 7-11 on the right, turn right on this road and about 100 meters on the left down this road is a massage shop that rents motorbikes. There are two others that are to the left from the same arrivals exit but farther walk one about 200 meters on the right and the other about 600 meters on the right. I don't know these shops and can not vouch for them, only that they are near to arrivals. But be careful when walking on this road, it is very busy and the road is busy. Walk towards oncoming traffic. Good luck.
  6. Sun halo and it was a pretty good one for a long time.
  7. Thaifriendly date wants to meet.....

    Before you made a date with her, did you find out anything about her? Is the date in early evening? There are a lot of banks and other big businesses in that immediate area. Also close to the interchange between MRT and BTS that a lot of people travel through. Time to talk to her, get to know her a little before the date. But what you have to lose? T21 food court is inexpensive, give it a shot.
  8. We have looked all over the island received quotations, even looked at Ikea in Bangkok based on other suggestions. We ended up having our kitchen designed at Boonthavorn in Surat. They do have English speaking staff, but best if your wife/GF/friend can help translate. The price was 40% less than anywhere else we looked and the work is great.