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  1. Have you seen these Russians? Phangan police and hotels want a word

    i think he means departure card
  2. to busy buying tanks etc toys for the boys to worry about those pesky tourists
  3. looks like there won't be a coop in five years this time, this lot will still be there
  4. must get paid by the word with so much delusional BS, he's got to be wealthy
  5. At least they recognise that there is a mafia problem, maybe soon they will admit their is a home grown issue as well, instead of just blaming it on those pesky foreiners
  6. apparently not in (Lala land)
  7. so why use a lighter if you DONT know its flammable,if this happened to your child i doubt you would be so forgiving
  8. Prawit tells Yingluck to come out

    and the red-bull heir is duly forgotten what a smoke screen !!!!!! seem =s to be a vendetta
  9. One killed, 10 injured in Chon Buri crash

    inthe back of a pick up truck ?????
  10. No alcohol sales for 9 days in Hua Hin??????

    go to boom boom .com all alchol bans are listed
  11. anyone told the chinese yet.that there presence (money) is demanded by TAT to ensure they don't lose face again in setting out stupid predictions as always
  12. brand new plough and brand new clothes depicts a hard working farmer exactly
  13. got some vietnamese dong if you want 55555
  14. thailand today the news is out there,for everyone to see(except TAT) no ones coming we have no booking at all here in Cha-am everywhere is dead