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  1. Ive heard of a dog with two dicks ?? maybe this customer was very lucky (at least till he got caught that is ) ??????
  2. and don't forget the big guns as well for the marines
  3. it should be in every country "if you commit a serious crime" then you are automatically deported case closed and no re-entry
  4. two legged type maybe ????
  5. probably bitten by the resident soi dog living in the waiting room Cha-am has got one
  6. which ones the whale ???????
  7. solving crime!!! no getting convictions yes
  8. i think this problem is wide spread in Cha-am there is a road that seems to be dedicated to fly tipping even though there is a land fill site at the other end of the road. it saddens me to see this. i bet these fly tippers piss in there own bath water while having a bath
  9. it diden't it struck the tree and jumped to earth through them and the tree, they would have been safer to be out on the beach in the open curled up in a ball, but how many people know this in Thailand
  10. so your child is going to go through life with an over bearing parent who thinks she\he is made of glass mollie-coddling your kid will be counter productive read it again the student want's to do this and its a Thai culture going back years you must have been bought up wrapped in cotton wool in your child years take your blinkers off see it for what it is not what you think
  11. err reporting the obvious on Thai visa and gossip lines, don't you think there will be an uproar if the police welch on this proposal
  12. well they have at least admitted there IS a mafia problem here
  13. the only place in the world where being ignorant actually stands as a defence
  14. champagne ideas on beer money !!!!!!