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  1. But not to worry - the department sent out someone to collect them and they were now all back where they belonged, in storage, she said. beggars belief what a statement
  2. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov cautioned on Friday that the use of force would be "completely unacceptable." but in the Ukraine its ok then ????
  3. usually find the buckle is choked with sweets crisps dust etc so the clip not work properly
  4. what a load of B*ll*ks
  5. MAINTENANCE now thats a laugh !!!!!!
  6. does anybody out side this closed state, he is a threat to global destruction !!!!
  7. With the ultimate goal of reducing the death toll to zero, that's easy DON"T report any !!!!!!
  8. more like a 500 baht fine and the statement "now let THAT be a lesson to ya "
  9. I made my choice, and should I be unlucky enough to be involved in an accident, my conscience will be clear. BUT IT WILL STILL BE YOUR FAULT IF YOUR A FARANG
  10. damaging the good reputation of Thailand, he is in for it now ???????
  11. or sprits it worked when the pilot of Thai air over shot the runway
  12. Mabe it's taken this long to cut the strings of implication to others in the Hi So ring of corruption
  13. It didn't in the last case ?????? on this den of iniquity
  14. it state's "bitten" which i think is mis spelt means "bite wounds all over " willing to pay thirty thousand baht ( this beggars belief arrogant <deleted>)