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  1. And give the non-smoking public clean smoke free air to breathe and cleaner beaches to enjoy. the way things are going there wont be any smokers to fine, high baht, low exchange rate, priorities all wrong= no tourists (well of any caliber) flash in the pan id'e say just like the smoking ban in Pattaya mentioned earlier ???
  2. 983 foreigners busted for overstays in 3 days

    maybe most just had to pay a fine and given their passports back, maybe these are the ones ready for the grand boot out
  3. 983 foreigners busted for overstays in 3 days

    looks like 8 mate ?????
  4. looks like they are already dead or soon will be ???? left in those bags in the sun like that !!!!
  5. Four die as UK light aircraft and helicopter collide mid-air

    because its so rare ???
  6. with no pockets for tea money
  7. its not the hill its the driving skills (or lack of) that are the problem i think these drivers are also on piece work low gear is a must so you don't burn out the brakes
  8. and the number crunching was done by international agencies (not falsified thai accounting)
  9. lets see if this scum bag goes to be a monk to make merit !!!!!
  10. and what about the van driver ????
  11. North Korea says sanctions hurting women, children

    another leader thinking his country is doing well, i bet these kids eat sh1t every day dressed in rags eat with their hands when no officials are visiting
  12. He conceded that he was part of the National Council for Peace and Order, having worked for the council under its committee for reform. so worked in the NCPO but never met prayut, hmmmm have i stepped in something ????
  13. PM Prayut slammed for six questions

    and if you answer my questions wrong there is a holiday waiting for you in the attitude adjustment camp
  14. Army Officer Road Rage Video Goes Viral

    clean beaches etc conscript dogsbodies
  15. where does it say there were burn marks on the body ??