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  1. He makes good points. The dogs didn’t choose to be out there. It’s the idiot people who let their dogs go. Yes, spay and neuter them so the problem doesn’t get worse. Many of the soi dogs are lovely creatures who just want a home. I know there are vicious ones, but imagine what they go through? People need to show more humanity to these lovely animals. I’ve met many, many more bad people than bad dogs.
  2. Call me crazy, but is this guy going to run for PM?
  3. brucegoniners

    Thailand makes HUGE changes to its laws on smoking in public

    For those of you making snide comments about this, you’re obviously not a non smoker. If you were you’d understand. This is a public health issue. And for those who said “goodbye Thailand”, don’t let the door hit you on the way out...
  4. brucegoniners

    Do something about the dirty rats of Beach Road Pattaya!

    Oh, real rats. I thought they were talking about some of the people...
  5. brucegoniners

    Searching For a Quality Chiropractor in Thailand

    And guys would it be ok to stick to the topic? I'm looking in Pattaya. Bangkok is a 2 hour drive. If I go to Bangkok I'll go see Dr. Leoni.
  6. brucegoniners

    Searching For a Quality Chiropractor in Thailand

    I've seen Mark when I was in Bangkok. In fact he even treated my dog! Mark is awesome. He's just not in Pattaya. I wish he was.
  7. brucegoniners

    Searching For a Quality Chiropractor in Thailand

    Yes, thanks. Familiar with the differences. A chiropractor can adjust you and you'll leave just fine. With therapy it is usually over a number of sessions.
  8. brucegoniners

    Searching For a Quality Chiropractor in Thailand

    Because I've had tremendous success with chiropractors. Thanks anyway.
  9. brucegoniners

    Searching For a Quality Chiropractor in Thailand

    Physio? It isn't a chiropractor?
  10. I've searched and searched and it seems that Pattaya is very short of chiropractors. I've seen Dr. Pack and never would again. It was a waste of time. I wanted a simple adjustment and he wouldn't do it without X-rays. He was also very, very strange. I just didn't feel comfortable with him. Does anyone know of a good, quality chiropractor in the Pattaya area (preferably American). I'm about ready to go to Bangkok just to get my back adjusted.
  11. Tripled? I shudder when I think about it. The place is already a monstrosity! They didn't need to make it so you have to walk so frikin far already to the gates, through their darn shopping mall! I'm sure they'll make it so big now they'll need an internal train station. That's not such a bad idea to do NOW!
  12. I agree. As a Jew I'm shocked and dismayed that these people are so ignorant about the past. Hitler restaurants and hotels. Kids wearing Nazi costumes. It's sickening.
  13. This is a guy who loves seeing his name in the paper and online, lol
  14. brucegoniners

    Bangkok Hotel Features Hitler Hotel Room

    What a bunch of <deleted>%&ing idiots some of these people are.
  15. I'm a huge dog lover, but many Thais don't take proper care of their dogs. Our dogs stay inside at all times, except on walks, in which case they are on their leashes. Leaving dogs to roam is dangerous for people and the dogs.